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Australian Natural Highs FAQ
Everything about natural drugs down under.
Legalization FAQ
'Alternatives to the War on Drugs'; definitions of decriminalization, harm reduction and other policy-reform options.
Informative FAQ on lysergic acid diethylamide-25, also known as LSD.
Informative FAQ on MDMA, also called E, X, XTC, and Ecstasy.
Morning Glory
FAQ on how to make Morning Glory wine, getting the LA-111 out of the seeds.
The official N2O FAQ, also called Nitrous and Laughing Gas..
Natural Highs FAQ
Mushrooms, cacti, hawaiian baby woodrose seeds, nutmeg, and datura.
Excerpts about nutmeg and its active constituent, myristicin.
Psychedelic Experience FAQ
Guide which suggests ways to enhance trips, including through set and setting.
San Pedro
FAQ on the potency of this mescaline-bearing cactus.
Shamanism General Overview FAQ
An extensive compendium of distilled Usenet knowledge of Shamanism.
Tryptamine Carriers FAQ
Chemical makeup and information. Includes source data on fungi, animals and plants.