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Bao Sheng Durian Farm
Farm in Penang, Malaysia, presents information about the tree and its cultivation, the fruit (which it offers in all-you-can-eat buffets), and descriptions of several varieties.
Chat11.com: Durian Fruit
Presents odd facts, trivia, and quotations, descriptions of the smell, and a folktale relating to the fruit.
Daniel Eats Durian Fruit
Daniel Greenhouse describes his experiences eating the fruit in Bali and Paris, illustrated with photos.
An expat in Singapore describes his personal experiences, from early avoidance to an enthusiastic embrace.
Short description of the fruit, its flavor and fragrance, and typical uses.
Durian - The Real Forbidden Fruit
Article from the Brooklyn Botanic Garden offers background information and a personal experience sampling a specimen purchased from an Asian fruit market.
Durian and Mangosteens
Article on the two tropical fruits, with purchasing tips, storage and handling information, and a few recipes.
Durian OnLine
A little bit of everything about the fruit: information, recipes, quotations, photos, art, nutrition, cultivation, and crop statistics.
Durian Palace
This resource site for the legendary fruit, includes information on botany, cultivation, selecting, and culinary tips, festivals, news, links, message board, classifieds and a photo gallery.
Empirical Aesthetics, Or, Eating a Durian Fruit
A story in photos and words of a group of Texans purchasing, smelling, and sampling a large durian.
The Crop of the day: Durian
Provides basic information about the tree, its fruit, and nutritional information.
Wikipedia: Durian
Reference article providing information on the tree and fruit, along with pointers on purchasing, selecting, and opening fruits.