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All Things Dunkin' Donuts
Blog about the chain's donuts and coffee, including news and reader comments.
Online reviews of burgers (meat and vegetarian), recipes, nutritional information and news in UK.
Crazy About Pizza
Collection of pizza factoids and jokes.
Fast Food Facts
Nutritional information on over 1,000 fast food items in a searchable database, plus fast food news, chat and discussion forum.
Fast Food Fever
Illustrated guides to making new cuisines from fast food.
Fast Food Knowledge
Nutritional information, ingredient lists, menus, and website links to popular fast food restaurant chains.
Fast Food Tips
A fastfood worker provides tips on how not to irritate him too much.
Hot Dogs
Personal survey of hot dogs around the Scandinavian countries.
Interactive Fast Food Finder
Search database for fast foods fitting your description.
Jayson's Donut Destination
Donut movie quotes and links to related websites.
Junk Food News
News about McDonald's, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Wendy's, as well as industry news. Photos, statistics, and articles available.
Menu Mania
A collection of images of menus from small takeaway restaurants in the United Kingdom, classified by cuisine and searchable.
Restaurant Warning
News about fast food restaurant and the health effects of eating fast food, from holistic nutritionist Mike Adams.
Roy Rogers
Tribute with listing of Roy Rogers locations in the United States, history of the chain, current and past logos, and related news.
Slow Food
International movement opposing fast food and promoting dining as a source of pleasure. Newsletter, events, and membership information.
Read or add user ratings of Taco Bell restaurants.
The Chick-Fil-A Experience
Essays by Jason J. Jones on working at a Chick-Fil-A restaurant.
The Fast Food Nutrition Fact Explorer
A searchable database containing the nutritional information of the world's most popular fast food restaurants.
The Great Donut Incident: Krispy Kreme vs. Winchel
A semi-scientific comparison of Krispy Kreme and Winchell's donuts.
The History of Farrell's
A history of America's well-loved ice cream parlour, from 1963 to present.
The Pizza Review Site
Pizza review site with frozen, takeaway and restaurant pizza reviews.
Wake Forest University Drive Thru Diet
Look up the nutritional information of the twelve largest fast food chains in America.
Who Bought That Burger?
Documents the interlocking ownerships of U.S. fast food chains.