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ASK Jello
College students find meaning in attempting to make a 100-gallon bowl of jello.
Dyeing With Jello
Explains how to dye your hair.
How Jell-O Killed the Dinosaurs
Explains what *really* happened to the dinosaurs. Includes pictures.
A rambling poem.
Jello On A Stick
Offers different Jello information.
Krafts official site. Offers recipes, history, and pictures.
Mad Martian: Fun with Jell-O!
Contains pictures from the Jell-o Art Show, held at the Maude Kerns Art Gallery.
My Page Dedicated to Jello
Contains several poems and some links.
Peter Cooper and the Invention of Jell-O
Contains pictures and information about the beginning of gelatin desserts.
The Gallery of Regrettable Food: Jell-O
Traces the decline and fall of western civilization as seen through the medium of Jell-O ads of the 1930s and '40s. Part of James Lileks' humorous and nostalgic site.
The Jello On My Fork
Contains a poem.
The Truth Behind Lime Green Jello
Attempts to explain the misrepresentation of Jell-o.
Where Does Jello Come From?
Briefly explains the Jell-o making process.