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Advice and Information
Black Powder & Muzzleloading, History of the Kentucky Longrifle, Learning to Use a Flintlock, Muzzleloaders' Discussion Group, Ol' Buffalo Muzzleloader Guide, Old Guns, Paper patching for muzzleloaders, Sighting in a Muzzleloader, Sighting-In the Black Powder Rifle, Tal's Muzzleloading Site
Clubs and Associations
10th Illinois Rifle Team Info and Schedule, Alabama State Muzzleloader Association, American Longrifles, CA - San Diego County Muzzle Loaders, CA - San Luis Obispo Muzzleloaders Shooting Club, Civil War Skirmish Association, Dutch Muzzleloaders, Floyd Blackpowder Blast, Fort Hill Ramrods Blackpowder Club, Kentucky Corps of Longriflemen
Manufacturers and Gunsmiths
Adolphsen Bros Custom Muzzleloading firearms, Al Edge, Albion Small Arms, Axtell Rifle Company/The Riflesmith, Battery Gun Company, Bill Shipman - Gunmaker, Black Hart Long Arms, Black Jack Creek Muzzleloading, Black Powder Gun Shop, BlackpowderArms.com
Powder and Gun Parts
Antique Shooting Tool Collector's Association, Big Bore Express Ltd, Black Powder Net., Black Powder SPG, Black Widow Bullet Company, Clean Shot - Black Powder Substitute, Dixon Muzzleloading Shop, Elephant Black Powder, Flying Cloud Trading Co., GOEX, Inc.
Black Powder Online Magazine, Blackpowder Guns & Hunting, Blackpowder Hunting, Muzzleloader Magazine
Blackpowder Site Ring
Web ring of blackpowder shooters and related sites.
BPR Black Powder Gunsmithing Tutorials
Black powder gunsmithing tips, forum with knowledgable advisors, and helpful links to supplies and sources.
Handguns of the Civil War
Explore the many different pistols, and revolvers or handguns as they were called at the time, used throughout the Civil War.
International Blackpowder Map and Shooters
Unofficial homepage of the Oldguns Blackpowder Listserver.
Muzzle Loader Mailing List
Sign up for the Muzzle Loader Mailing List here - an active mailing list dedicated to "traditional" black powder shooting. This web site includes additional articles and references.
Muzzle Loading Pistol Shooting in the UK
An introduction to owning and shooting muzzle loading handguns with particular reference to the United Kingdom.
Norwegian Blackpowder Site in English
Information about blackpowdershooting in Norway. Articles covering muzzleloading and cartridge guns,
The Bisley Antique and Classic Arms Fair
Show at Bisley Surrey for antique firearms and accessories at shootings premier venue. Located in UK.