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AR - Concealed Handgun Licensing
One day class for Arkansas residents wishing to obtain a concealed handgun permit. State Police and N.R.A. certified. Arkadelphia, AR.
Armed American
Firearm safety, training and membership organization. Information about new laws, products, training, safety and membership.
Australia - Firearms Information Accreditation &am
Firearms information, security licence accreditation, revolver and semi-auto reaccreditation, for New South Wales Category H licence, ACT Class H licence, Victoria handgun licence.
AZ - Arizona Concealed Carry Weapon Permit
CCW renewal classes, Defensive handgun training and firearm safety.
AZ - Collier's Ex-Caliber Inc.
We train responsible people in the fields of safety, security and personal protection including firearm use and the Arizona Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) training courses.
AZ - TacTrain Skill at Arms Development
Professional defensive training for law enforcement, military, civilians and personal protection personnel. Classes for pistol, carbine, rifle and shotgun. Phoenix, Arizona.
Basic Firearms Safety
Safe firearms handling do's and don'ts.
CA - AllSafe Defense Systems - TJ Johnston
AllSafe offers basic and advanced training in unarmed self defense and tactical firearms training. Orange, California.
CA - Bay Area Firearms Instruction
Courses in home firearm safety, basic pistol, shot gun, handgun safety certificate, and other introductory classes. San Francisco Bay Area, California.
CA - Bay Area Professionals for Firearms Safety
Offers classes in firearms safety, basic pistol, and personal protection. Objective is to educate and train the public in the safe ownership, use, and storage of firearms. San Francisco Bay Area, California.
CA - BullsEye Tactical Firearms Training
Firearms training in the Basic Handgun Safety, Personal Protection (CCW), Advanced Handgun, Basic Rifle Safety, Assault Rifleman, and Precision Marksman courses. Shasta County, California.
CA - Chabot Gun Club
Offering a large selection of hunter education courses and special firearms training and safety programs. San Francisco Bay Area, California.
CA - Dean Gamburd Firearms Consultant firearm trai
Firearms consultant, training, instruction, safety class, training course, self defense. Los Angeles, California.
CA - Firearms Training at The Top Gun Training Cen
Conducting specialized self defense firearms courses since 1983. San Bernardino County, California.
CA - George Reppas, Sr.
Shotgun shooting instruction. Fees and schedules of classes and private lessons. Dublin, California.
CA - Inland Empire Firearms Training
California hunter safety, basic pistol, personal protection, gun safety, shooting sports, home firearms safety, and NRA instructor's courses provided.
CA - International Tactical Training Seminars, Inc
Firearms training, technical advisement, expert witness testimony in use of force cases, security, law enforcement training, executive protection. Los Angeles, California.
CA - Self Defense Firearms Training - Greg Block
Basic intermediate and advanced handgun, situation tactics handgun, concealed carry courses, low-light shooting, shotgun and rifle defense courses. Huntington Beach, California.
CA - Sierra Firearms Training
Offers two courses required by the El Dorado County Sheriffs Department prior to the issuance or renewal of a CCW permit. Placerville, California.
Canada - Canadian Firearms Training
Information on Canadian firearm laws and licenses as well as services related to the Canadian firearms safety courses and exams.
Canada - International Academy of Tactical Trainin
Courses in personal defense and use of firearms e.g., pressure point control, knife defense, defensive pistol and shotgun, Canadian restricted firearms safety, and Saskatchewan law enforcement services security.
Certified Firearm Training
Instruction on the safe use of semi-auto and revolvers. Classroom and live fire training at you schedule. Serving Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.
Chrisbatha.com - Wing and Clay Shooting Instructo
Wing and clay shooting instructor provides schooling and instruction in seminars conducted all over the United States.
CO - Colorado Gun Training
Training for concealed carry permits for Colorado, Florida, and permits covering a range of states. Custom firearms training available, as well as and links to other instructors.
CO - Colorado Safearms Academy - CSA
Training by NRA Certified Instructors in the safe and efficient use of firearms for both recreational shooting and personal protection.
CO - Defense Training International, Inc.
Defensive handgun, shotgun and rifle training. Fundamentals of defensive shooting for women and advanced defensive handgun courses also offered.(LaPorte, CO)
CO - ESI Bodyguard Training Academy
Executive protection, and bodyguard training academy. Offers an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Criminal Justice or Certification with a major in Dignitary and Executive Protection, Personal Protection, Security Specialist or Protective Intelligence Operations. Rifle, Colorado
CT - Defense Associates
Self-defense firearms training and lethal force management. Courses created by Chuck Taylor's ASAA and Massad Ayoob's Lethal Force Institute.
D&L Training Academy
Texas Concealed Handgun Certification class. Guaranteed to pass or your money back. Located in Flower Mound TX and serving the DFW metroplex.
Dan Mitchell's Wingshooting School
Instruction in instinctive shooting and competitive shooting. Learn how to increase your accuracy with a shotgun.
Entity International
Information on ISSF style shooting psychology and mental shooting technique.
Firearms Training Site
Launching point for finding the shooting schools and for detailed information on "how and when" to shoot.
FL - Frank Garcia
The practical shooting school's training is designed for beginners, new shooters, intermediate, or advanced shooters wishing to increase their skill, confidence, knowledge and performance in handgun, shotgun or rifle shooting.
FL - Rogers Shooting School
Instruction with handguns, sub-guns, shotguns, and rifles.
Front Sight Firearms Training Course Certificates
If you plan on attending Front Sight Firearms Training Institute. Save money and purchase Front Sight Course Certificates from FSCerts.com
Gun Lock Safety Program
Informative materials for program administrators interested in gun lock safety programs. Information may be copied and used to promote gun lock safety programs in your area.
Gun Safety
Gun safety, gun safety in the home, children and guns.
Handgun Certification Permit Training Course in WV
Class information for Certification for carrying concealed handgun in WV. Training provided for individuals or groups.
Heritage Shooting, Inc.
Heritage Shooting, Inc. is non-profit (501(C)3) corporation organized to promote interest, education, and safety in all shooting sports. Safety, Responsibility, and Truth of Our Inherent Right to Keep and Bear Arms.
IL- NITac - Northern Illinois Tactical Shooting Cl
We are NITac, a private shooting organization, whose goal is to make better shooters of all of our members. We specialize in " tactical/combat " - scenerios involving steel / reactive targets, silhouette targets as well as no-light or low-light shooting.
IL-The Site Firearms Training Center
Our purpose is to train law enforcement, military and qualified civilians in the proper fundamentals of operating a firearm during a life threatening situation. The facility is located 90 Min. NW of Chicago, IL.
Israel - CONDOR
The Security & Combat Academy (Israel defense training) is licensed by the Israeli Ministry of Defense to engage in the training and consulting of the security field, including Antiterrorism, V.I.P. Protection, Security Management, Combat Personnel and Professional Training and Equipment.
Safe storage campaign, a public awareness program about the importance of the safe storage of firearms.
MI - Personal Protection & Concealed Carry Co
Beginning & Advanced shooters Personal Protection, Basic Pistol & Home Firearm Safety courses. NRA Certified Instructors. Courses meet all stipulations set forth by Michigan C.C.W. licensing law.
MI - Eagle Personal Protection
Professional firearms and personal protection training and related products. Mio, Michigan
MI - Firearm Safety and Training Courses in Michig
NRA Certified Firearm Instructors in Michigan. Includes CCW training courses, firearm links, and public community bulletin boards.
MI - Handgun Training
Handgun training. CCW certification. Mount Clemens, Michigan.
MI - MCRGO - Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gu
This site promotes responsible legal ownership and usage of firearms in Michigan. They include many links to training organizations and general firearm related material.
MI - Stephen E. Ellis, Firearms Safety Instructor
Firearms Safety Instruction and Information. Basic Pistol, Personal Protection, Home Firearm Safety, and Basic Shotgun courses provided. (St. Paul, MN, US)
MI - Tactical Shooting Technology - Barnhart Compe
Competition classes now forming. Oxford, Michigan.
MN - Custom Defense Solutions
Specializing in concealed carry and pistol lessons. Beginner through advanced lessons as well as custom designed training solutions. Rosemount, Minnesota.
MN - Final Option
Advanced firearms training instruction and specialized tactical training for law enforcement agencies, military, counter-terrorism personnel and qualified civilains.
MN - Plane Cents Self-Defense
Minnesota Permit to Carry training courses taught by AACFI certified instructors. Emphasis on the legal aspects associated with carrying a hand gun.
MO - Chapman Academy of Practical Shooting
Providing advanced tactical and defensive pistol training to civilians, law enforcement and military, in three day weekend and five day classes. Hallsville, MO.
National Rifle Association - MyNRA
Everything firearm related. The site includes information on Second Amendment rights, NRA Training and Education, Politics and Legislation pertaining to gun rights.
NC - North Carolina Gun Trainers
State and NRA certified firearms training, specializing in concealed carry weapons permits and private protective services armed guard permits. Private or group classes available.
NC - Trigger Time Firearms Training
Provides firearms training to federal agencies, the defense department, state and local police, and the security industry. Carthage, North Carolina, serving Moore County.
NH - SIGARMS Academy
Courses in Personal Protection, Gun Safety, as well as expert law enforcement training. Epping, New Hampshire.
NJ - New Jersey Firearms Academy
Courses in the promotion of firearm safety and marksmanship education.
NRA Certified Firearms Instructor Course General I
TX - Operational support services provides National Rifle Association (NRA). Basic Firearm Instructor certifications.
NRA Headquarters: Safety, Education & Public S
Site section for educating the young about guns not being toys. The purpose of the Eddie Eagle Program promotes the protection and safety of children.
NRA Rifle & Shotgun Instructor Course Informat
Operational Support Services' provides firearms training to Boy Scout leaders. Take training for the National Rifle Association to become a NRA Certified Instructor able to teach Venture Crews for the Ranger Award. OSS offers NRA Certified Instructor, NRA Assistant Instructor, and NRA Apprentice Instructor ratings.
NRA/HQ - Safety, Education & Public Service
At the NRA, we're dedicated to the lawful, effective, responsible and above all safe use of firearms.
NV - Progressive F.O.R.C.E. Concepts
Provides modern firearms and self-defense training for personal combat by integrating tactical pistol instruction, edged weapons and unarmed combat tactics. Las Vegas.
NV - UT - CCW Forums
Have a question about carrying a concealed firearm? Ask Here. We have Instructors from all over the country and the world that can offer advice.
NV - UT - GMJ Enterprises
NRA Firearms Training and Concealed Carry Classes for Nevada and Utah.
NY - CCW - Pistol Licensing Service
A personalized, professional service for those seeking a pistol license for home/business protection, concealed carry, target shooting/hunting or armed guard employment.
NY - Sportsmen's Association for Firearms Edu
New York organization concerned with the rights of firearms owners. Reviews proposed legislation from federal to local levals that affect same.
NY - The James Dinan School
Specializing in advanced pistol marksmanship, safety and New York penal law. Certified to teach all NRA courses, including instructor and training counselor workshops. East Islip, New York.
OH - Brenzovich Firearms and Training Center
Home firearm safety; Advanced and basic handgun, shotgun and rifle; personal protection and pepper spray training. Other related activities are also conducted.
OH - Targething Firearms Training
Certified firearms training classes. Beginner, intermediate, advanced, carry concealed, personal protection, and state mandated. Wayland, Ohio.
OK - Paul Abel's Shoot-N-Iron, Inc.
Practical Shooting and Training Academy is located 4 miles west of Shawnee, Oklahoma in the Bethel Acres community--35 miles east of Oklahoma City and close to Interstate 40.
OK - Shoot-N-Iron Practical Shooting and Training
Defensive and competitive handgun, rifle, and shotgun training classes. Personal self-defense weapons instruction. Small arms civilian, law enforcement, and military self defense, tactical, and marksmanship training.
Olympic champion Lanny Bassham's site on Ment
A system of mental training used to improve sports competition.
PA - Lethal Weapons Training Academy
Firearms training for the novice, experienced shooter or professional law enforcement officer.
Personal Defense Training
GA - Basic to advanced training in shooting, unarmed self-defense and edged weapons to individuals, corporations and law enforcement/military personnel.
Project HomeSafe - Putting a Lock on Safety
Project HomeSafe is a nationwide program, sponsored by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), whose purpose is to promote safe firearms handling and storage practices among all firearms owners through safety education messages and the distribution of free gun locking devices.
Real Guns
Providing information about gun licensing, safety, control and other related items.
SC - Concealed Weapons Permit Training
Training for basic firearms and personal protection by NRA and S.L.E.D. Cerified Instructor. Hartsville, South Carolina.
TN - Cumberland Tactics
"You won't rise to the occasion - you'll default to your level of training." Handgun, shotgun, rifle and law enforcement classes. Mobile training facility.
TN - Firearm Fundamentals with George Kontis
Firearm operating principles are explained in an easy-to-understand format. Subjects include: interior & exterior ballistics, recoil, barrel wear, headspace, and muzzle devices.
TN - Personal Responsibility, Inc. - Nashville
PRI is a private facility in Nashville, Tennessee, that trains people who wish to improve their firearms skills or to obtain a license.
TN - Rangemaster
Full-service shooting range in Memphis, TN. Full educational program, from basic pistol instruction for the State handgun carry permit to advanced tactical classes.
TN - Tactical Response Defense Training
Pistol, shotgun, carbine, precision rifle, baton, knife, empty hand; classes in all areas of personal defense. Big Sandy, Tennessee.
Turnipseed Technique Firearms Instruction
Bio-mechanically correct shooting method. Reduces felt recoil tremendously allowing accurate rapid-fire. Body indexing for aimed but unsighted accuracy. Ideal for realistic close-quarters defense. Los Angeles, CA and Phoenix AZ.
TX - Cleverdon Shooting Clinic
Instruction for: Bird Hunters Of All Levels, Trap, Skeet, Sporting Clays, Rifle & Pistol, Men, Women, Children (12yr +). (Houston, TX)
TX - Collin County Gun Range
A full-service public shooting & training facility serving the North Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex area.
TX - Concealed Handgun License - Texas
Concealed handgun license training by certified instructors. The Texas CHL course includes use of force, non-violent dispute resolution, and basic marksmanship in Austin, Texas.
TX - Houston's finest indoor a/c shooting ran
Top Gun of Texas is the finest indoor shooting range in Texas. They offer the Texas concealed handgun license and renewal courses. They teach private lessons,defensive handgun ,shotgun, and rifle training.
TX - Jim Pruett's Guns and Ammo Texas CHL Cla
Provides Texas CHL concealed handgun clases training and instruction. Class instuction includes firearms training, certification, non-violent dispute resolution, firearms safety, and laws regarding the use of deadly force.
TX - KR Training Inc.
Gun training courses for competition and self-defense. Course descriptions and schedule. IPSC FAQ, reference articles, match and course photos, instructor bios.
TX - North Texas Shooting Academy
Learn to shoot your pistol for self-defense, concealed-carry, law enforcement, or competition using the most advanced techniques available. NTSA is located in McKinney, Texas, north of Dallas.
TX - Pistol Prowess Handgun Personalized Instructi
Providing handgun instruction with an emphasis on safety, education, and fun. Group and individual classes are available from an NRA certified instructor. Houston, Texas.
TX - Thunder Ranch
Thunder Ranch, a 2400-acre world-class firearms training facility, has redefined the meaning of firearms training in the United States and possibly the world. Many courses. (Mountain Home)
UK - Albert Cochrane Shooting School
Professional shooting tuition around the UK by a founder member of the Guild of Shooting Instructors and Fellow of the APSI.
UK - Ladyswood Shooting School
Lady's Wood welcomes all, the young entry whose parents wish him or her to be taught to become a safe, competent and well-mannered shot, and adults seeking some advice for improving their shooting.
US - NRA Education & Training Division
Whether you are a new gun owner or shooter or hunter in search of training, NRA's Education & Training Division is here to help you.
UT - Zion's Defense Institute
Firearm training for personal and home defense. Handgun tactics. Lehi, Utah.
VA - Blackwater USA
Self-defense, survival, and firearms training for citizens and law enforcement.
VA - Gun Training in Alexandria, Virginia
Small arms, pistol, rifle, shotgun classes satisfy education requirements for a Concealed Carry Permit (CCW). Reloading evening sessions and weekend sessions available and individual consultations by appointment. Alexandria, Virginia.
VA - Gunner's Place, Inc.
Classes for both personal and professional defense and security. Virginia Beach.
VA - Preceptive Instinct
Offers basic instruction plus courses in safety and markmanship. Includes calendar and photos.
VA - Protective Hospitality, L.L.C.
Advanced tactics in executive self protection, including firearms safety and use training. Williamsburg, Virginia.
VA - Tactical Shooting Academy
Improve your scores and street survivability.
VA - The BB Shooting Gallery
Private one on one lessons or family and small group classes in Home Firearms Safety, Basic Pistol Marksmanship, Rifle First Steps. Dale City, Virginia.
WA - Firearms Academy of Seattle, Inc.
Self-defense firearms training and lethal force management. Also offers special seminars with experts like Massad Ayoob, Chuck Taylor, and Ken Hackathorn.
Western Missouri Shooters Alliance
WMSA is a not-for-profit corporation created to inform concerned Missouri citizens about legislation that affects their rights. WMSA conducts NRA certified Basic Pistol Safety and Personal Protection Courses
WV - Storm Mountain Training Center
Courses vary from the entry-level Defensive Handgun courses to advanced sniping and CQB. Courses include: edged weapons, non-lethal combatives, basic/advanced/tactical carbine, sub-machine gun, shotgun, rifle, sniper, SWAT tactics, and others.