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Air Cannons of the Internet
Features object-projecting shooters with focus on potato launchers.
Air-Power Spudgun Picture Database
Spudgun picture database. Post or view pictures from many contributors. Many intereting launchers. Includes forum.
Burnt Latke - Kosher Spud Guns
Spud launcher construction and safety at Burnt Latke. Step by step photo illustrations, propane injection, stun gun ignition and spreadsheet calculators.
Crackhead's Funhouse
Dedicated to design of potato cannons. Spud gun launcher enthusiasts can submit data. Provides plans, theory, and stories.
Mitchell's Spud Guns
Provides tips for making potato gun cannons. Pictures, plans, tools needed, and types of spud launchers.
Potato Cannons of the Internet Webring
Offers webring for owners of potato cannon and spud launcher websites. Includes related links.
Potato Guns
Provides pictures and instructions for building a variety of different potato launchers, including materials needed.
PVC In Taterland
Plans for building spud guns. Includes pictures, parts, descriptions, calculations, and potato launcher sounds.
Scott's Page
Features information on how to build a spud launcher. Includes links.
Spud Gun Central
Provides plans for creating simple combustion or pneumatic potato guns. Includes survey, gallery, and links.
Spud Gun Chat Forum
Potato spud gun launcher message and chat forum for potato cannon enthusiast.
Spud Launchers
Offers sale of handcrafted potato cannons. Includes pictures, and links.
Features pneumatic spudguns such as Spudchucker1. Interesting designs, and unique problem solving.
ST Cannons
Offers sale of potato launchers including combustion and pneumatic cannons. Includes descriptions, and pictures.
The Spud Cannon Database
Includes many plans, how-tos, and pictures of various setups and launchers. There is a wide variety of subjects and contributions.
The Spud Gun Technology Center
Specializing in pneumatic and combustion-based launchers including a variety of types, styles, sizes, and feature levels for potato vectoring. Includes chat forum.
The Spud Launcher
Describes how to make a potato spud cannon without misfires. Includes pictures, and firing tips.
Tony's Spud Gun Page
Plans and pictures to build potato spud launchers.
World Championship Punkin Chunkin
Features information on the annual championship including dates, history of the chunk, registration of a pumpkin machine, spectator pictures, and pumpkin cannon safety rules.