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1911 Style
ADC, BigBore Custom Firearms, Custom Made Ivory Grips for Colt Automatics, M-1911, The Sight M1911A1
AK, AKS, Kalashnikov
Kalashnikov Site, Valery Shilin's Gun Club
Ballistic Review, Glock Talk, The Glock FAQ, The Hard Glock Cafe, The Official Glock Sports Shooting Foundation
Heckler and Koch
Chris's Unofficial H&K P7 Website, Heckler and Koch USA, Inc., HK91.com, HKPro.com, Mark23 Owners Guild
M1, M14, M16, AR Styles
300 Whisper Page, AR-15.com, AR/M1 - Tank's Rifle Shop, Battle Rifles Forum, Freds warehouse, Guns,Rifles,Accessories, John C. Garand (1888-1974), M1 - Garand Collectors Association, M1 - Review of Fulton Armory M1 Garand Rifle Upgra, M1 Carbine Collectors Forum - Message Index
Mauser M93-98 and M1903-1903A3 Springfields
1903 Springfield Parts and Accessories, Dayton Traister Inc., Mauser Shooting Society, Mitchell's Mausers, Peter Paul Mauser, World War II Tribute
Browning Firearms, Gun Reviews and Gun Accessories
The full range of Browning's Browning's full range of firearms, guns and gun accessories
CMR International Arms Company (UK)
C96 Mauser Broomhandle and Luger pistol specialists. Buy and sell.
Desert Eagle Pistol Knowledge Database
FAQ, cleaning and maintenance, ammunition reviews, other magnum semiautomatic reviews.
Remington 597 Site
A site devoted to sharing information on the Remington 597 rifle.
Ruger 10-22 and Tikka Master Sporter rifles
Ruger 10-22 and Tikka Master Sporter rifles
Ruger P-Series Autoloading Handguns - P90 Series
Ruger P-Series autoloading pistol specifications. P90, P93 and P94.
The Unofficial Tommy Gun Page
History, graphics, links and information on the Thompson submachine gun.