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Advice Lord
Offers advice with straight-forward answers and humor.
Free advice from romance to jobs. Free greeting cards, and links.
Analysts Anonymous
Free analysis on subjects of your choice. Includes forum and message boards.
Ask Dodgy Mike
An un-trained, un-qualified idiot who will be of no help whatsoever.
Ask Dog
Love and relationship advice column with a humorous twist.
Ask Dr. Eldritch
Uncommon advice for those who find themselves in extraordinary circumstances.
Ask Jeez
The Son of God operates this advice driven search engine.
Ask Ken!
Offers advice on any subject to anyone for free.
Ask Mr. Universe
Answers to questions of cosmic importance.
Ask Peeves
Get personal advice from a very angry person.
Ask Sister Rossetta
Nuns, clergy, and regular sinners like you ask questions of the lavender nun.
Ask Skippy
Hundreds of dumb questions and answers.
Ask Spacefem
Questions about women, relationships, and the random weirdness of our world.
Ask Taco
Advice from Taco on relationships, sex, or just about anything under the sun.
Ask the Big Brain
Funny answers to questions submitted to "The Big Brain".
Ask The Mighty Thor
Advice column featuring hopeless questions and ruthless responses.
Ask Uncle Ralph
Humorous advice for trailer trash.
Ask any question for a humorous and sometimes correct answer.
Dear Aunt Nettie
America's oldest Internet guru tells it like it is.
Dear Cupid
Fun love advice, relationship help and tips.
Dear Reid
Utterly useless advice from a completely unqualified guy.
Don't Throw a Brick Straight Up
Advice and tips to help the stupid cope with life.
Duct Tape Guys
Jim and Tim explore implausible uses of the sticky gray stuff in books and appearances on stage and television. Drop-down list with dozens of use categories.
Endless Agony
Advice on life, love, travel and other topics.
Includes advice column, letters, information about their book, profile, rhetorical questions and links.
Fire Kills
Featuring somewhat tongue-in-cheek safety advice.
Forum 2010
Artificial intelligence matrix answers questions posed by the public.
Fun Advice
Forum offering humorous advice on life and relationships. Free membership.
Generic Answer
Random answers to troubling questions.
Gorm the Wired Viking
Choose your topic and be rewarded with an "ancient" Viking proverb, or help to create new proverbs in Gorm's Olde Proverb Factory.
Grumpy Llama
Guidance from an unhappy member of the Camelidae family.
Guru Jeff's Page of Truth
An illustrated guide to ass-kissing, take on online quiz to see if you are enlightened, or discover the truth about men.
Hot Potato
Advice on relationships and moral dilemmas.
How To Become a Successful Super Villain
A step-by-step guide to world domination.
I'm Right You're Wrong
Resolve issues with lovers, friends or family by taking them to court, or join a jury and pry into the affairs of others. Most features require registration.
Just for the Halibut
Humorous quotes and strange advice for everyday life.
Married to Mommy
The "Professors of Matrimony" explore the marital metamorphosis of women into their mothers.
Mean Mug
Guidance on how to be mean, rude, obnoxious and selfish.
Miss Abigail's Time Warp Advice
Old advice for contemporary dilemmas, covering the age-old topics of dating, love, living together, puberty, marriage, sex, etiquette, housekeeping, and even home repairs.
Mr. Joel's Hollywood Beauty Tips
Mr. Joel of Hollywood offers humorous Hollywood gossip, beauty tips, and sexual advice to women.
My Magic Baby
Seek answers to difficult questions from a baby in a hat.
Nanna Online
Warm, fuzzy advice and computer tips.
Pickled Pauline's Problems Page
Warped advice from an inebriated agony aunt.
Humorous relationship advice, consumer information, and celebrity revenge.
Shitty Advice
Badly thought out advice. Read an archive of visitor's problems and see the suggested poor solutions.
Shut Up and Date
Relationship advice for men from a charismatic romance professional.
Stupid Question
Sometimes serious, and sometimes humorous answers to seemingly trivial questions covering all mannger of topics.
Stupid Questions Answered
Submit your dumb question here. No question too dumb. Lots of dumb answers, too.
Swami Baktanimbin
Chat with the Swami Baktanimbin. Let the Swami relieve you of the heavy burden of your wallet.
The Ask Crystal Show
Spoof interactive advice show.
The Bastards Handbook
Guidance on how to be unpleasant.
The Bitter Single Guy's Relationship Advice S
Real advice with a fun twist from a guy who's been dumped too many times.
The Conversatron
Interact with pop culture, fictional characters, and weird stuff.
The Macking Manual
A guide for the young macks out there, the players, and the veterans.
The Moral Minority
Irrelevant answers to your most important questions.
The Naked Dancing Llama
A tangoing, frolicking, peanut spitting llama who is here to help you with your problems.
The Truth
The truth about life's big mysteries and senseless little annoyances.
True Meaning of Life
Advice from videogame and pop culture icons.
Wise Babe Advice
Social commentary and humorous advice that focuses on fashion. Submit your social questions.