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A Tale of Two Cows, A Tribute to MooMoos, Bovine Descenders, Cattle-a-GoGo., Colorado Cow Camp, Cow Photos and Jokes, Cow Therapy, Cow's Are the Cutest, Cows Anonymous, CowVideo.com
Frog Animations, Funny Frogs, Kermit Inspiration, The Frog Dance!, The Froggy Dance
Llama Cam, The Great Llama Fan Site, The Naked Dancing Llama Homepage, The Original Anti-Llama League Homepage, Vote Llama
Ape-O-Naut, Cockmonkey, Digital Banana, Everybody Loves Monkeys, Lucius M Monkey, Monkey Day, Monkey Mania, Monkey Mania Primate Soundspage, Monkey Squad, Primative Perspective
Anti-Squirrels, Albino Squirrel Preservation Society, Grey Squirrel's Page of Silliness, Protection League Against the Extinction of Blue S, Psycho Squirrels, Site of the Wiggy Woo, Squirrel Attack Prevention Program, Squirrel Fishing, Squirrel Fishing, Squirrel Hazing -- The Untold Story, SquirrelJumper.com
A Proper Sendoff
Digital pet funeral parlor, where bereaved virtual pet owners can give their digitally departed pals a proper sendoff. Eulogies, dirges, and mourners.
Adventures of Mr. Wombat
Holiday photos from this toy marsupial's trips around the world.
Altered Animal Photos
See all kinds of animals when they smile.
Alyce The Sheep
An online soap opera starring a stuffed sheep. With stories, photos and links.
Animal Advice
Images of humorous animal antics with statements of encouragement and wisdom for everyday life.
Animal Madness
The humorous writing of Felice Prager covers all sorts of domestic pets, bugs and other animals.
Animal Mafia
Site advising people of the sinister badger conspiracy and its current progress. Includes news and photos.
Animal Reviews
Different members of the animal kingdom reviewed and rated. Submissions accepted.
Images, photographs, and humor relating to this unusual mammal.
Bob's Animal Fights
Attempts to find the answer to the question of which animal would come out on top if they all fought each other.
Chicken Freaks
Stupid chicken news and interviews, jokes, comics, and photos.
Cold Wet Nose
Urban legends, myths and humor about what pets get up to.
A large collection of cute animal pictures.
Ducks Are Not Evil
Attempting to make the case that these are nice creatures, and are not actually plotting to take over the world.
Eddy Lizzard's Genetically Modified Flying Pe
A collection of unusual, artificially created beasts made from mixing up different DNA.
Everybody Loves Monkeys
Here you'll find pictures, stories, news and anything else monkey related.
Fat Ginger Mice
The new menace. Protect your family, friends and yourself.
Father Sean's Elephant Jokes
Pachyderm jokes and a sermon on the spiritual significance of this type of humor.
Found A Duck
Alaska-based worldwide rubber duck race. Visitors can report found ducks, or track the progress of their favorite artificial waterfowl.
Funny Pet Photos
A collection of pictures and jokes.
Funny Pet Pictures
Humorous animal pictures, sorted by type and rated.
Funny Pets
Gallery of pet pictures, jokes and greeting cards.
Funny Video Clips of Cats and Kittens
A collection of video clips featuring amusing cat behavior.
Collection of clean funny animal jokes including birds, cats, dogs, and elephants.
Goat Mania
Site featuring funny goat sounds.
Goats Online
Clothes, accessories and other items for the Goat community.
Gopher jokes by category, plus downloads, and games.
Pictures, stories and trivia about pigs.
Hamster for President
Campaign to vote Hamster in the 2004 Presidential elections.
Hamster Liberation Front
A site dedicated to the freeing of hamsters throughout the world.
Harold Reynolds' Humour Collection
Home of the Bad Kitty and Bad Dog lists, and other pet humor.
i-pets.com: Pet Humor
Jokes and humorous stories, as well as quotes and trivia.
Killer Guppies Awareness Council
Researching of killer Guppies. See various warnings here.
Live Sheep Camera
Live camera of sheep updated every 5 minutes.
Look It's a Badger
Features images and photographs of badgers with things.
Marry Your Pet
Specialists in catering for those who would like to demonstrate a long-term commitment to their pet.
Mr. Hamster
Funny Page for all hamster lovers. Photos, stories, links.
Murrow's Homepage
The homepage of a purple penguin-puffin with a liking of travelling and ladies.
Pet Humor
Dog and Cat Humor from around the world. Funnies, poems, and stories. Add your stories to the ever growing list.
Pet Recipes
A humorous look at alternative uses for housepets and other animals.
Ponty Bears
The humorous adventures of six American "bears" living in Wales.
Puppy Piercing
Get your puppy pierced. You'll think it is for real. With wacky photos.
Rocky the Mustang
Includes the life story of Rocky, a wild mustang, with pictures, a goofy gift shop, music, humorous references, and his resume.
Save The Pig
Information about the pig that wants to start a Pig Revolution. Includes wallpapers and e-cards.
Save The Roof Rats
The mysterious world of lofty rodents.
Sheep Emporium
Virtual sheep to adopt, play with or admire.
Including a sheep translator, problem page, articles and other ovine topics.
A collection of jokes, video clips, brainteasers and cat humor.
Silly Animals
Animal humor, pet pictures, jokes and links.
Slug Nation
Jokes and cartoons about slugs, to attempt to create a more popular image for this garden invertebrate.
The Adventures of Goose
Follow this cement goose on his special trips.
The Adventures of Happy Hamster
Comic strip adventures about a happy little rodent.
The Black Pussy's Cafe
Feline, Christmas and Halloween humor.
The Humor Archives - Animals
The Animal Category of The Humor Archives with a collection of animal jokes.
The Press Pack Diary
Two black labradors tell of everyday life as "staff" on a small-town local newspaper. Compilation of their diary entries as published in The Aldeburgh Gazette.
The Roof Rat's Tale
Dedicated to the life and adventures of Rudy the roof rat.
The World of Mice
Also featuring lambs and polar bears.
The Worlds Funniest Budgie
Hear audio samples of a joke-telling budgie.
Totally Kangaroo
Kangaroo jokes, animations and humorous photos.
Commando bears.
Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?
Answers to the age old question, plus games, funny sounds, and the chicken dance.
Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?
An archive of chicken jokes.
Zany Zoo
Comic strip featuring animals eating their visitors.
Zoological Zanifest
Animal Comedy following the adventures of Timmy the seal, Lady the dog, Des the dik-dik and Ray the rhino.