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Email Forwards
3dge, Andrew's Funny Forwards, Archive of Email Forwards, Bigarse, Don't Forward, Email Files, Emuse, FunEHumor.com, httpjoke, Humour4u.net
Image Galleries
Amused, Celebrity Cartoon, Eat Liver, Eclectech, Funny Album, Funny Signs, Funnypics.cc, Funnypop.com, GameQueen, Get Funny Pictures
Features jokes, lists, poetry, and other text humor collected since 1993.
Videos, pictures, online games, jokes and hot links.
Fun, original and useful excuses for all kinds of occasions, for use at home, work, school, and life.
Collection of political and general jokes, humorous images and cartoons.
Offers daily flash animations, jokes, greetings, and games.
A huge collection of All Your Base Are Belong to Us images and videos, along with a detailed history of the fad. Also features funny pictures and original sketch comedy.
Archives of thousands of funny pictures, jokes, flash files, greeting cards, comics and other fun stuff.
Features jokes in categories, videos, funny sounds, and pictures.
A collection of funny, amusing, interesting, strange, and occasionally rude names from the phone book.
Funny pictures gallery, Flash animation collection, and diverse joke archive.
Humor Bug
Collection includes funny jokes, pictures, links, and daily email.
Humor Guru
Archives of humor columnists.
Humor on the Internet
A distillation of humor collected from around the Internet, including computer jokes, sci-fi, sports and pets.
A collection of original songs, movies, and cartoons.
Images, articles, games and animation plus links to selected funny sites.
Jokes Gallery
Funny jokes, pictures and flash movies.
Daily jokes, stories, poems and quotes, plus jokes archive and mailing list.
Joshua's Internet Humor Archive
A selection of email forwards, edited for ease of reading, and credited to original creators where known.
Keepers of Lists
A large archive of amusing lists. Lists can be created, added to and voted on by the public.
Humor archive arranged by category.
Life Support USA
Humor, stories, quotes and trivia on a variety of topics including religion, business, relationships, and people.
Features galleries of funny Flash animations, fun pages, and interactive games.
Made Me Laugh
A collection of funny pictures, videos and jokes.
A collection of animated fun and illustrated jokes.
A daily updated archive of geeky digital humor.
Humorous news, movies, animations, pictures, links, and interactive games.
Features include pictures, flash, jokes, music and videos.
One Million Humor
Collected jokes, humorous pictures, movies and links.
Pass The Fun
Features newsletters, games, short animations and jokes.
A collection of jokes, funny pictures and cartoons and captioned photos.
Poopy Joe's
Features archive of pictures, games and movies dedicated to scatology.
Including humor about cartoon characters, gender, nationality and pets.
Silly Humor
Jokes, pictures, ecards and dancing pages.
Collected jokes, pictures and trivia.
Funny pictures, jokes and cartoons.
Humorous pictures, videos, sounds and downloads. Many in ZIP format. Requires Flash.
Contains jokes, quizzes, games and original pictures.
Offers an assortment of people, animals, vehicles, and political parodies.
The Humor Source
Funny pictures, jokes, downloads, and weird news. Submit comments and votes. Includes newsletter.
The Jubilation Station
Humor lists, jokes, pranks and pick-up lines.
The Mother of All Excuses Place
Over 900 excuses to not go to work or school, police and accidents, breaking dates, doctor, missing church, diet, and taxes.
TSSK Fun Files
Cartoons, jokes, sound files, video clips, games and poetry.
Pictures, jokes and audio and video clips.
Victoria Station
Nostalgic art with quotes, clean jokes and original cartoons.
Collection of tall tales, jokes, and stories with special areas for genies, light bulbs, and Murphy's Laws.
Werners Place
Offers jokes, useless facts, pictures, videos, sounds, quotes, and stories.
White Elf
Optical illusions, video clips and emoticons.
Collections of strange, funny, and weird pictures, jokes, and movies.