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2 Funny Videos, 500+ Sound Bites, AllWavs.com, Bad Humor, Big-boys.com, BoFunk! Entertainment, Bore Me, budster.co.uk, Caught On Video, ClassicComedy.net
All Funny Mpeg
Includes movies in various categories, including animal, cartoon, accident, cinema, and commercial.
Attention Deficit Theater
Audio comedy bits and videos from this Indiana-based comedy troupe.
C.R.A.P. Radio
Comedy audio and video sketch shows.
Innovative Comedy with Andy and Tom, including audio files, scripts, and live broadcasts.
Colossal Theatre
Original comedy sketches, funny videos, and "mini movies" available for download.
Comedy Bytes
Episodic comedy webshow featuring original material.
Goofy songs, silly commercials and stories in RealAudio. Some mature content.
Core Of Monkos
Dark and surreal original comedy, with audio and video clips.
Data Radio
MP3 samples of this Canadian comedy outfit.
Delta Park Project
Weekly audio show made up of comedy bits and funny banter.
Doodie Humor Video Clips
Outrageous comedy sketches. Free video clips.
Electronic Sickness
Twisted animations including dog and cat scat vignette.
Extremely Refreshing
At www.extremelyrefreshing.com you can easily become an extreme sporter in just three minutes. Create an extreme sports video starring you. Wannabe extremely refreshing too?
Goodie Bag TV
Short, live-action comedy videos with attitude. Windows Media and QuickTime.
Gummi World
Anything and everything Gummi Bear related. Including Gummi Bear Mating Rituals.
Hoyst Gnip
The misadventures of a puppet and his pals.
Human Dog Productions
Series of experimental comedy videos.
Insightful Riot
Comedy troupe site with RealAudio clips from the comedians.
Little Yellow Bird dot Com
The adventures of a small, brightly colored film star.
Loading Ready Run
Collection of short and amusing videos on a variety of subjects.
Logan Walker
Original comedy sketches on a variety of topics. Windows Media format.
Comedy animation, audio sketches and prose.
Lupo's Waws
A collection of wav files from movies and cartoons.
Mad For It
Video captures from comedy shows, audio, Flash animations and pictures.
Mangy Dog Productions
The punchline to the decline of Western Civilization. Sketch comedy videos and regular columns.
Mike 'n Tim
Features a live comedy show in audio format.
Real Audio streams and MP3's of professional comedians.
Office Olympics
Olympic like events parodied in the office environment.
Official Random Acts Productions
Original video material including a sketch comedy show, a sitcom, and a news & talk show.
Online Sketch Comedy
Online sketch comedy, improvised short films ready for download. Requires RealPlayer.
Paul Tourville's Home-Grown Bogus Commercials
A collection of parody radio commercials. Original material.
Radon Brothers
Audio and video comedy Tom Green style but done with a twist of Radon.
Red vs Blue
Comedians write scripts and then use videogames to act them out.
Rigged Productions
Original and funny film and video, cartoons, songs, and stories.
See It Or Not
Crashes and comedy pictures and videos.
Picture and animation gallery, covering visual and sheep-related humor.
Sled Fred Dead
Free movies and other downloads featuring Sled Fred Dead.
Steam Powered Comedy
Sketch comedy troupe.
The Lonely Island
A group of aspiring film makers funny home videos.
The Mike & Ben Show
Comedy sketches and animations.
The Minor Prophets
Selection of comedy sketches as well as other creative writings, latest shows and news about The Minor Prophets.
The Mr. Bonko Show
An advance screening of "The Mr. Bonko Show" [Quicktime]
The Oval Show
Features comedy, cult, drama, musical and documentary video clips.
The Rowby Fan Club
Streaming media comedy adventures featuring Rowby and The Green Thing. Special Guest Star: The Evil Ducky.
The Stupid Show
Multimedia site of skits, pranks, cartoons, and observational humor in video form.
The Timpacalypse
Stupid stunts, collected videos, downloads and a forum.
Those Guys Online
Video, Animation, and Music Comedy by Those Guys
Turtle TV
A collection of videos using real turtles to parody TV, and movies.
Twisted Humorous Media
Sketch-comedy videos include 'Toilet Bowl Cornflakes.'
Velveeta Underground
Examples of time wasted in amateur filmmaking.
Video Fu
Original, slightly surreal, video clips.
Voice Mail Greetings
Original, quality answerphone greetings for your home phone callers.
Videos on various topics by Jason O'Malley and Dave Rock.
A fake radio show available to listen to online, plus a gallery and bios.
You Wanna Know
Webertainment site with video sketches, advice columns and games.
Ads for products that don't exist.