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Applied Penguistics, Bambi Killers, Centre for Flying Pink Elephants, Chickenworld, Cliche Kitty, Dante's Big Adventure, Dave's Roadkill Cafe, Duckcat, Fatfish, Flying Onion
Furby Autopsy, FurbyTech, Mission Briefing: FUBAR Furby, Stomp Furby, The Furby Nightmare
Dancing Pages
A, B, C, D, Dancing Baby, E, F, G, H, I
Antifart.com, Australians Against Flatuphobia, BumFart Web Site, Bung's Ripper Fart Page, Burning Farts, Burps and Farts, CreateFarts.com, Facts on Farts, FART - HUMOR, Fart Names
Anti Banana Society, Breadmonkey.com, Herman's Heaven, Insect Recipes, Nude Man Carrot, Potato God Worship Center, Ralph and Beulah's Online Cuisine for the Adv, The Sparking Grapes, Trifle-Hut, Watch Me Eat a Hot Dog
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Stick Figure Deaths
Alex Animation, Alex's Stick Death Theatre, Bald Guy With a Hat, Big Hed's Studio, Blood Kings, Bob's Sticks o' Death, CheeseDeath, Darkion Production, Deaths of a Skaterboy, DHL's Violent Stickmen Page
Bathroom Jokes, Bathroom Survey, BathroomLife.com, Crap Machine, Crappers Quarterly, Pee Names, Porcelain Poetry, PubToilets.com, Tales from the Tank, The Toilet Museum
Original and classic weird comedy, featuring political comment, the worst of the web, spoof interviews and comment on sports, current events and celebrities.
Offbeat comment on news and celebrities, parodies and links to selected funny sites.
Adventures of Buddy Christ
Galleries of photos featuring a plastic Jesus that has gone where none have gone before. Includes a forum.
Am I Wasted?
Rate how wasted various people look. Visitors can submit their own photographs.
Arm of Elvis
Help find Elvis' arm. Post messages and pictures, send ransom demands, or play games.
Art and Entropy
Dark humor and other disturbing content, including articles, serial killers and bizarre illustrations.
Computer generated encyclopaedia, giving randomly collected definitions to words and concepts.
Avery Ant
A stop motion ranting ant gives his opinions. Requires Flash.
Badical Extreme
The name says it all.
Beer Can Bob
Soliciting stupid photos of Bob on a global scale.
Belching Bob
Amusing ways to let off a gaseous stomach.
Belly Dancing Fun And Frolic
Jokes, cartoons and animations, silly poems and songs, and other mayhem related to belly dancing.
Interactive entertainment; odd articles, short stories, poetry, amazing facts and commentary.
Big Gay Bear
Bizarre, offcolor humor and links, spoof articles and a forum.
Bill is Barney
The truth about Bill Gates and Barney the Dinosaur.
Bizarre Abyss
Features an 'evil name' generator, virtual drug dealer, message boards, bizarre news and photos.
Bizarre Occurrences and Weirdology Network
InnerArt cyberzine presents Harry Farkas' columns Bizarre Occurrences and Weirdology Network.
Weird and unusual news from around the world.
Blue Shite
Humour, ramblings and funny links. Lots of toy destruction.
Bog Goblin
Ask questions, piss on people you hate, and find out about things you'd never consider.
Attempting to prove that being sick can be fun.
Random humor, bizarre stories, links and squid.
Caged Elf
Original cartoons, daily weird news, and other assorted oddities.
Catalogue Of Ridiculous Records
A list of ridiculous world records.
Catch This, Professor!
A mix of cartoons, stories and offbeat humor, plus a real estate agent for the recently deceased.
Center for Shopping Cart Abuse Prevention
One-stop shopping for all information regarding the pervasiveness and pervertedness of shopping cart abuse.
Cheesy Wotsits
Observational comedy, interviews, bizarre movies, strange photographs, quizzes and experiments.
Highlights weird news, strange events and odd sites.
Clown Hunter
Poking fun at clowns, and giving guidance on how their kind can be stopped humanely..
The original site for those who have an aversion to the grease-painted ones.
Coke or Cleaner?
Challenges visitors to tell the difference between narcotics and household chemicals.
Assorted strange links, humorous comment and videos.
Cracked Egg Donor Page.
A series of bizarre answering machine messages and emails from mother to son.
Crackpots On The Internet
Insolitology, the facetious study of oddity and weird sites on the web, from Alex Chiu to Scientology.
Offbeat news, video clips and games.
Dave's Daily
Strange, funny, and bizarre news stories and pictures.
Dead Diseased Baby
The disturbing adventures of an abandoned, rotten baby doll found in the Georgia Woods.
Dead People.Com
A stupid religion for those who insist on being led.
Visitors can trade souls online.
Music, offroading, trucks, mullets, duct tape, winches, and anything else Derd.
Disaster Magnet Central
Humorous and morbid tales from the lives of disaster magnets.
50% canine - 50% explosive - 100% bizarre.
Duct Tape Guys
Humor and satire from wrapped and warped characters.
Duct Tape News
Headlines covering every use for this strong adhesive material imaginable.
Earl Vickers Museum of Conceptual Art
Featuring projects such as the Bible in Pig Latin, a random self-abuse synonym generator, prank letters, and the Church of the Almighty Dollar.
Fables, mangled by translation software.
Stories, poems, music, and short films covering a variety of concerns from Big Foot to Killer Ken dolls and the corruption of spelling bees.
Fat Chicks in Party Hats
Images with commentary, hate mail, forum, multimedia, fan club, and press.
Fred Society
Dedicated to preserving and upholding the honorable name of Fred for all posterity. News, museum, a list of famous Fred's, and a directory of members.
Frozen Dead Guy
Frozen in dry ice since 1993. Here is the "story" of the Cryonics of Grandpa Bredo.
Random humor, rants and sustance abuse.
A small, mobile museum of the insane and unusual.
Garbage House
A collection of original humor, fake news stories, shocking pictures and bizarre website links.
Flash animations, humorous images, video clips, chat stuff and online games.
Get Offended
Graphic humor, salty language, a glossary of perversion, joke of the Day, and archives.
Tons of funny and bizarre pictures and videos, along with a side of hot models.
Features smashing rage on a random objects. Includes photos.
HogWild Comedy
Topical and offbeat jokes, pictures and rants.
Holy Lemon
Disturbing Flash animations and videos.
Funny photographs, cartoons, parodies, weird signs, wacky advertisements, and animals.
I Hate Oven Mitt
Tale of one person's attempt to torture the Arby's oven mitt mascot.
I-Mockery's Rom Hack Reviews
Humorous reviews that take an in-depth look at some of the strangest video game rom hacks ever created. Includes bizarre screenshots, animations & downloads.
Institute of Druidic Technology
Institute devoted to uncovering the links between archaeology and computer science.
Institute of Official Cheer
Chipper, spiffy, feather-light post-modern commentary on commercial culture.
International Center for Bathroom Etiquette
Bathroom do's and don'ts.
John Fanzine
Guaranteed to be the funniest free site on the web - or your money back
Jolene's Trailer Park Haven
Learn about trailer park living.
Leon's Random Site
This site generates band names and song lyrics randomly from a database of words.
LeRoy TeleVision
A trip in the world of LeRoy TeleVision.
Links to weird web sites and off-beat news stories, updated daily.
Confusing information and guidance, horrorscopes, and bizarre dress-up paper dolls.
Lucifer Has Fallen
Strange trip into a sea of weird links. Photos and guestbook.
Lunatic's Fridge
The refrigerator of a harmless idiot, with rejected writings and surreal scrawlings posted seemingly at random.
Mad Martian Museum of Modern Madness
Dedicated to eyeballs, brains, insects, Jell-O, Godzilla, and other oddities. Includes gift shop and online ordering.
Wacky editorials, jokes, photos, and links.
Offbeat look at shopping centers and other photos.
Masturbating to Skid Row
The true story of John Norwood and his masturbation addiction to 80's rock.
Mate in a State
Funny pictures of peoples' mates in total states.
Mike's Jollython
Hear humorous audio files, read stale jokes, and peruse Mike's insights and observations.
Mondale and Ferraro Institute
A karaoke experiment.
Morty's Twisted World
A directory of dark and twisted humor sites, strange pictures and jokes, and discussions on frightening things.
Mr. Smarty Pants Knows
Search through Mr. Smarty Pants' vast base of knowledge about accordions, flan, Texas, and washaterias.
MSNBC - News of the Weird
Bizarre, but true news from around the world.
My Stupid Website
Commentary and essays on pointless issues, movie reviews, and the Badass of the Week.
Nihilist Glee Club Comics
Weird comics from the other side of the fence.
Not Free Sex Pics
Noisy parody of a soft pornography site.
Off the Deep End
"Off the Deep End," humor columns by Steve Dunham that have appeared in Commuter Weekly.
Oomphoophoo's House of Strangeosity
Our monkey-faced goddess of love takes us on a tour of some common oddities.
Owls on Whistling Wheels
Surreal writing, including tales of a furniture-zapping submarine, and a machine that bales car crushers.
A Wiki-Site containing a set of bizarre, interlinked stores.
Paradise Is Lost
Puke art gallery, cooking drunk, crack smokers, Christopher Morgan, original music and video.
Offbeat animations, humor and rants, plus the saga of the lawyer from MasterCard.
Perpetual Bubblewrap
This stuff comes right back as soon as you've popped it.
Phoons from Around the World
Invites people from around the world send in pictures standing on one foot in interesting settings.
Planet Boredom
Jokes, adult humor, grunge photos, and links.
Plush Animals Gone Wild
Soft toys committing lewd acts.
Pool Cleaners from Distant Planets
Aliens give reviews of pop culture, rants, opinions, and answers to questions.
Poor Is
Grim money saving tips for the hard up.
Rancid Bob's E-zine
A stupid 'zine with stupid content.
Real Ultimate Power: The Official Ninja Webpage
Obsessive, widely parodied ninja-related humor
RealCaos Gratification Research
Weird video clips, wallpaper and downloads.
Restrooms of the Future
Compilation of humorous articles about toilets.
Investigations into occult conspiracies, with an archive of stories and gallery of artifacts.
Satan Says
A investigation into to role of the occult and diabolical in the lives of the famous.
Scampton Manor Veterinary Optician, The
A curious collection of absurd art, ludicrous language courses, crazy conjectures plus a weird weekly poem.
Sensory Deprivation
The things your mother never told you about - from organ trading to Scientology to facial hair of the future.
A rant against all that is skanky, stupid or just plain rubbish.
Offbeat animation and dark fiction.
Sloar Society
Evil organization devoted to causing suffering and the end of the world.
Society for the Attainment of Total Abstinence
A web-wide organization helping people develop a personal relationship with Abstinence.
Covering diverse topics, including legless horses, insect battledrome and stunted napoleons.
Photographs and commentary about people interefering with statues in an obscene manner.
Humor about gaseous elements and francophones.
Stumpy Moose
Features, reviews and links, optimized for people with too much time on their hands.
System Studios
Creators of a very amateurish robot suit with a gallery of adventures.
Temple ov thee Lemur
Parodies, comics and bizarre humor.
The Best Deal
Hear an audio file conversation of a real parrot making a joke about frying its mate on a frying pan.
The Big Shit List
A comprehensive list of different types of human excrement.
The DUBBINternet
The world's only website devoted to the worship of dubbin.
The Federated States of Cheeseland
Features a virtual country called Cheeseland, of which one can become a citizen, and interact with other members.
The Freak
A repository of over 200 photographs of freaks.
The Freakatorium
A floor-by-floor virtual tour of freaks.
The Insane Asylum
A site dedicated to overall strangeness, but in a useful sort of way.
The Insane Society
A society made by and for the insane person.
The Lair of the Crab
The Guru answers all questions on any issue whatsoever. Includes shockwave games and links.
The Mold Cam
Gaze at coffee cups as they mold at the office.
The New Site of the Weird
Strange is spoken here. Weird photos, links, and message boards.
The No Clown Zone
A website for people who are afraid of, or just plain hate, creepy, evil clowns.
The Nsane
Comics and random humor, including pictures, quotes and videogame reviews.
The Official Outhouses of America Tour
Tour of outhouses of America.
the Ofishul Pauly C Paiyje
Dedicated to the laziest man alive.
The Pig War Appreciation Society
Tongue-in-cheek re-enactment of the Pig War that took place on San Juan Island.
The Team Fishcake Cyber Sanitorium
Surreal, satirical, original, British humor.
The Third Nipple
A humor site dedicated to Triple Nipples and people who have them.
The Thirteenth Dimension
The home of bizarre postcards for friends and loved ones, a goofy comic strip series, and an odd collection of original haiku.
The Thunder Chunder Page
A definitive list of synonyms about being sick.
The Vomitorium
Stories and pictures of drunken vomiting escapades.
Animations, writings, tales of the London Underground, disturbing journals and badgers.
Toy Destruction
Movies and pictures of destroyed toys, from furbies to stuffed animals, plus a discussion board.
Traffic Cone Preservation Society
A humorous study of traffic cones. Field guide, pictorial history, evolution, popular culture, membership information and links.
Try This At Home
Storyboard of some lego figures building a giant joint.
Uncle Hungry's Truckstop
Featuring mindvomit, travel, trepanation, defenestration, booze, pirates and truck driver Jesus. Focusing on New Zealand, America and the UK.
Unusual Museums of the Internet Webring
A variety of strange museums and collections.
Urban Housework
See urban 'hoovering,' extreme ironing, inner-city clothes drying and suburban mop jousting. With videos and photos. [flash]
Vanity License Plates
List of vanity plates from personal observations, people's submissions and also from postings in the usenet newsgroup.
Virtual Bubblewrap
All about this versatile wrapping material, the etiquette of how to use it, plus virtual bubblewrap to pop against the clock.
Wacky Hospitality Sites
A collection of links to strange and bizarre sites dealing with food, hotels, travel and entertainment.
Wacky Labels
Free downloadable printable novelty labels.
Weird Crap
Strange diversions, original stories, games and comics.
A collection of slightly offbeat humor.
A site for the wendleburgers of the world.
Offbeat articles, fictional interviews, satire and comment, plus infrequently asked questions and bogus advice.
World Control Headquarters
A one-world society ruled by a corporation, not government. Complete information source, including employment.
Yay For The Website
Offbeat humor, comedy animations, images, games and random quotes.