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Dead Pools
Celebrity Dead Pool, Celebrity Death Game, Celebrity Pools, Ghoulpool, The Ghoul Pool, The Great Below, The Troy McClure Memorial Dead Pool, Wayland Dead Pool, Yarm Dead Pool, You Bet Their Life
Baldwinization Centers of America
Surgical centers transforming customers into the Baldwin brother of their choice.
Ben's Soundboard
Features celebrity sound bites from stars like Adam Sandler and Norm McDonald.
Big-Headed Pygmies
Rants about the height of various stars.
Carbon Copy Celebs
Features look alikes and comparisons.
Caricature Online
Cartoon caricatures of celebrities and other famous people. Includes a mailing list.
Celebrities Eating
Totally uncut photographs of celebrities enjoying their favorite foods.
Celebrity Primer
Advice for would-be celebrities.
Pit your favorite celebrities against each other in head to head battles. You help ranks celebrities in battles such as who would win in a fight, which girl or guy is hotter and who is the dumber political figure.
Chronicles the famous and their bad attitudes.
Chretien or Pumpkin?
Devoted to the Prime Minister of Canada. Features pictures and polls.
Citizens against stupid celebrities
Funny and original pics of celebrities like:leonardo, Hanson, N' Sync, and also a lot of games to play on the site.
Dame Edna Everage
Picture site devoted to this celebrity.
Dirty Remarks
News and commentary, featuring facetious bulletins and stories.
Fun with image editing on famous faces.
Elvis Hunter
Features sightings, information and the conspiracy.
Photos of Dutch and International personalities.
Fat Lane Online
Collection of altered images of Anna Nicole Smith.
Film Fight
A wry look at character match ups.
George Clooney's Ass
A rare photograph of this movie star.
Go Fug Yourself
Commentary on celebrities with unfortunate dress sense.
Photographs of the eponymous Ian with celebrities and ordinary people.
Mugshots featuring celebrities, sports personalities, hardened criminals and unusual looking people.
Pear Harbour
Lampooning films and movie star lives.
Police Mugshots Of Celebrities
Features incarceration photos of Hollywood and sports stars.
Popped Clogs
Free obituaries of recently deceased celebrities, delivered by e-mail.
Scott's Soundboards
Popular celebrities speak some well-known lines.
Catty comment about famous people.
Spacky Races
Steven Hawking and Christopher Reeves battle it out. Interactive.
Star Wars
US and European celebrities go head-to-head to see who is the hottest.
Stupid Australian Personalities
Analysis of small and big-time Aussie stars from television, music, broadcasting and sport. Visitors can also add comments.
Subversive Celebrity Dossier
A list of modern stars are reviewed in a McCarthy-like fashion.
The Born Again Rat Packer
This is a site honoring the passing of the Rat Pack, only for people with a sense of humor.
The Des Lynam Page
A collection of Des Lynam quotes and jokes.
The Donald Sucks
Satrical examination into the live and business of Donald Trump.
The Gorskys Celebrity pictures
Pictures of The Gorskys with some of the worlds most famous celebrities.
The Just Plain Strange Column
Letterman, Leno and others pitched head-to-head to come up with the best quotes.
The Scriptorium
Guide to Samuel West films and a collection of stories about British actors.
The Trailer Trash
Toungue-in-cheek reviews of movie trailers.
They Died in Florida
Guess which of these celebrities died in Florida.
Weird Images Celebrities
Funny pictures of celebrities with strange diseases like Big Head Syndrome.