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ABC for MBAs
Stuff you don't learn at Harvard.
Alabama Pacific University
A parody of for-profit colleges featuring a small southern university with grand aspirations.
All Scottish Teachers
A collection of school stories from teachers in Scotland and all over the world
Contains personality tests, pop culture, jokes, polls, columns, urban myths, comic strips, quizzes.
Camridge Global University
Offers parody of a diploma mill.
College Boredom
Contains funny away messages, what's hot what's not, movie reviews, flash movies, dorm room layouts, boredom busters.
Dack University
Spoof education establishment with links to shopping, athletics, and car racing.
Dot Com University
Spoof school offering courses in how to run an unsuccessful business.
eDoktor University
Spoof online educational establishment. Contains eDiploma, FBI memo, eStore.
Education Humor
Excerpts from answers on high-school history exams, worst analogies used in papers, science exams, and science misconceptions.
College spring break pictures, alcohol recipes and tips for the perfect party.
Generates a random essay on a topic of the visitor's choice.
A site dedicated to ending literacy in the United States. Contains press releases, angry letters, quotes, photo gallery, editorials.
Funnies for Teachers and Parents
Jokes, stories and anecdotes about the lives of students, parents and teachers.
Geography Humor
Several different jokes related to geography.
Illiana State University
Satirical site in tribute to music educators at Indiana University and nearby Ball State.
Martini University
Spoof site offering a way to drink yourself to a university degree.
Sayings relevant to modern and past educational experience by a fictional character who is part ancient philosopher, part comic strip character.
Mostly Amphigory
Magazine written by college students in Australia. Contains news, articles, information about the local radio station, and forums.
Nasty School
Admissions test, jokes, rules, staff and location pictures.
North American Association of Unaccredited College
Educational body for institutions whose standards do not meet the overly drastic and unreasonable demands of the recognized accreditation boards.
Ofsted AGHH
Contains jokes, quotes, and cartoons.
Oxford Global University
A satirical highly-efficient twenty-first century degree factory.
Pooch's World
Funny pictures, photos, articles, downloads, polls, forum, links.
Practical University
Courses ranging from golf for doctors to guitar smashing.
School Jokes
Jokes and humor about schools, teachers, pupils, lessons and school life.
So You Want to be a Teacher
Humorous poems and articles about teaching in British schools.
Sorry You Asked
Humorous writing and articles about educational establishments.
Studio 15 Direct
Silly site documenting the weight gain of new college students.
Teacher Humor
Collection of teacher jokes and cartoons, sorted into categories.
Teacher's Handbook of Dirty Tricks
Excerpts from underground parody on the teaching profession.
Forum to exchange classroom humor and amusing stories related to teaching.
Ten Minute College
Attend the school of your dreams, and graduate in 10-minutes.
The Dead Grandmother/Exam Syndrome and the Potenti
The week prior to an exam is an extremely dangerous time for the relatives of students. Here's why and what schools should do about it.
The Math Forum: Humor
Various forum threads relating to mathematics containing jokes, anecdotes and stories.
The Spotted Pear
Online newspaper that contains humor and parodies of all the events at Thomas Jefferson High School.
The humorous stories of a group of students at the University of Florida.
Universal Grade Change Form
Students can earn a different mark with this ready made request.
Universe Centra Le Sahara
Educational institution allegedly based in the middle of the Sahara Desert.
University of Psychogenic Fugue
A parody American university with 15 majors and hundreds of classes, clubs, and scholarships.
Which IB book are you?
From sixth areas to sciences, see how International Baccalaureate has affected your life.
Wrong Answers
A collection of silly answers to common questions.