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Annoying Things That Suck
Features rants about various annoyances. Also allows users to submit their own rants.
Australia is Useless
All about insulting Australians.
Bitter and Sarcastic
A canonical list of generally bitter, cynical, and sarcastic away messages for messaging.
Chingas Gate
Dedicated to the dark art of verbal abuse, this site features a forum to voice insults.
Conk Humor Community
The famous Conk headlines, over 90 newspaper comics and original humor fuel this community on the Web. Its refreshed every week day.
CraMet Space
Humor, jokes, gags, politically correct insults. Jokes about about dumb blondes, rednecks, yo mamma, and you are so fat.
Random insult generator capable of millions of different abusive phrases which can be emailed to a target of your choice.
Durbnpoisn Insult Generator
Very brutal random insult generator plus a screensaver. Requires Shockware.
Insults archive and pages to send an insult-a-mail to your friends.
Get Even at The Finger
This site is about getting even in real time, shout out loud and let the world know.
Hate Mail Generator
Generates a poison pen letter for the victim of the visitor's choice.
I Am Better Than You
All about being better than others and telling them so.
Insult machine
Generates insults based user profile.
Uses a complex algorithm to generate classic, Shakespearean, and a variety of other insults.
Hundred of insults, insulting quotes, and acidic sayings from all walks of life in lots of categories. Random insults generator.
Let Little Freak tell your friends how you really feel.
Low-Brow Insult Generator
Extremely vulgar but to-the-point random insults.
Mail an Insult
Suggested responses to junk mail.
Mind Your Own Business
Site dedicated to proving that male etiquette is not an oxymoron.
My World O' Fun
Click on hard to find links for instant insults.
Oscar and Ben's Javascript Random Insulter
Random insult generator with apt links to related sites.
Rush68: Random Insults
Random and usually insane insults.
Serious Sarcasm
For the professional sarcastic insulter in you.
Sheena's Insult Generator
Makes up random Shakespearean insults.
Swear and Curse
An opportunity to vent anger by swearing and cursing online. Best comments are posted for all to see.
SwearMaster 3000
Generating multi-syllabic swears and insults since 1999.
The Brawl Hall
An online insult community devoted to the game of flaming and trolling. [mature content]
WebSiphon Tutorial: Shakespearean Insult Generator
Short Perl tutorial to creating your own automated Web insult generator.
You're Probably Lost
Remind someone of a painful experience or an embarrassing failure with original content added monthly.
Your Driver Is
Ideas for insulting your driver.
Your Mother
Demonstrating how to insult other peoples' mothers in a humorous way.
Your Personalized Shakespeare Insult
Every time a new and personalized insult, in an imitation of the Bard.