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Chats and Forums
Usenet, Abandoned Forum, Asylum Forums, BGBi, Duckshit.com, FaceHole, Far2Cool, Fight or Flight, Flamevault Forums, Gagzilla, Geohumor.com
16 Color Cinema
Make and share shockwave cartoon movies.
Adventures of Brian, The Confused Mail Clerk
A humorous story, written by its own readers.
Amazing Baconizer, The
Online version of the Kevin Bacon game shows degrees of separation between unlikely bedfellows in books, movies, music, games and software. Search by category, popularity, or simple text entry.
An Interactive Journey
Inter-active journeys ranging from a prehistoric hike to an intersteller cruise.
Are You A Freak?
Find out how unique you feel you need to be with this online quiz.
Astro Joe
Funny interactive flash cartoons and games.
Bizarre Rumour Generator
Writes a random, sometimes senseless, customizable accusation, similar to an insult generator.
Cartman Interactive
South Park fan site featuring animation and sound.
Cartoon Magic
Visitors can create personalised interactive Flash cartoons by uploading photographs of friends, famous people or family.
Archives of humorous pictures, audio and video clips, a messageboard, and weekly polls. Win prizes.
Don't Be A Dork
The ultimate adventure game. Join in on the comic caption contest or see who is the dork of the month.
Dope Game
Trade illegal drugs throughout European capitals.
Dress-Up Games
Dress up celebrities, nerds, historical figures and many others. Also a dress-up site for kids.
Eating New Yorkers
Interactive story where the visitor plays the part of a monster eating people in New York.
Eddie Crush Predicts
A virtual folding paper future predicting thing.
Electric Park
Includes egglatin, electronic cardshop, chienworks chat, and the ersatz dictionary.
eLouai's Smiley Creator
Visitors can create their own smiley faces from a variety of expressions and accessories.
English-to-12-Year-Old-AOLer Translator
An online form translating English to 3NGLISH.
Interactive games, stories, and magic cards.
Fight Fantasy
Vote for who would win in a fight between famous fictional and real people.
An amusing web diversion where the user is asked to select the monkey from among several images given.
Fishing For Love
An interactive comedy featuring a misfit filing clerk and a smart girl from the 10th floor.
Flash Interactive
Silly flash games to play and download, including celebrity spank, the excuses database and links.
Fun Interactive
Interactive Humor, riddles and image posts.
Fun Interactive
Users can create a personalised funny site with jokes and pictures through a control panel.
Funky Afro
Give expanding roster of animated individuals cliched haircuts, or just watch them dance.
Funny Pages
Hundreds of funny interactive pages to send to friend or relatives, ranging from greetings pages to insults.
Get Your Star at Hollywood Boulevard
Enter your name in the URL and see a photograph of your own star.
Insanity Club
This quiz will help you determine and deal with your sanity.
Interactive Humor
Humor and fun served with jokes, games, interactive polls, and parodies.
Makes insane remarks, stupid noises and even tells jokes, all randomly generated by a single "beep" of his red nose. Requires Flash.
Lauderlis Semaphore
Interactive cartoons, galleries, e-cards and point-and-chat. In English, German and French.
Read jokes, send free postcards to friends, or play madlibs or other interactive games. Jokes updated Daily.
Madame Karma's Karmatorium
Your destiny revealed free online with Madame Karma's easy-to-use fortune-telling aids.
Madness Test
An interactive but probably inaccurate way to see if you are mad, or not.
Slime volleyball, optical illusions, a sanity test and humorous pictures.
Take it in turns with other site users to draw hideous monsters, one section at a time.
Mystery Pics: Funny Captions and Pictures
Funny captions accompany humorous photos. Submit a picture or your own caption.
Netstupidity Network
Flash and Shockwave games, plus a discussion forum. Some content available for syndication.
Never Ending Story
Read the story, then add your own. New content on every visit. Write your own chapter.
No. Go Away.
Visitors must answer a series of taxing questions to find what lies beyond.
Surprise a friend by sending them a virtual fortune cookie.
Original Sanity Test
Answer these questions to get an evaluation of your sanity.
Visitors can vote for their favorite cola, and read comments from other cola drinkers.
Phone Spell
Find out what the letters associated with your phone number spell out.
Convert telephone numbers into words or convert words into telephone numbers.
Converts numeric phone numbers into words.
Psychic Test
Test out your psychic abilities, and see how well you do on the psychic quiz.
Psychic Webline
Online psychic readings and ESP tests.
Pub Quiz
Pit your wits against an alcohol-fixated quiz machine.
Rancid Ass
Interactive toys and games plus humourous columns, free screensavers, wallpaper and links.
Rear Blowhole
Videos, outrageous photos, games, chat and links.
Scott Pakin's Automatic Complaint Letter Gene
Automatically generate humorous complaint letters. Just tell it whom to complain about, and the automatic complaint-letter generator will do the rest.
Shoot It
Visitors can upload a picture of someone they don't like and then blow holes in it. Requires Flash.
Where anyone can submit skit-comedy that they have written. The best will be made into a TV show.
Virtual bubble wrap.
Take part in a virtual staring contest with the computer.
Take a break, laugh, and bust stress with interactive cartoons, jokes, games, funny videos, and pictures.
Switchback Fair
Satirical comment and parodies set in an environment that visitors navigate as if it were a fairground.
T-bone's Stress Relief Aquarium
Subject a defenseless fish to a variety of hardships in the name of stress relief.
Tell The Wizard
Got a rant? Leave it here, and read others.
The Beanie Baby Blaster
Tired of those cute little monsters? Kill a beanie today.
The Bitch Test
Calculate just how much of a bitch you really are using our completely unscientific testing system.
The Comedy Robot
Visitors can rate jokes told by an animated robot.
The Cyborg Name Generator
Visitors can find what acronymn their name would stand for if they were a cybernetic organism.
The Joe Cartoon Co.
Site featuring a variety of interactive Flash cartoons.
The Lieutenant Black Mysteries
Visitors can practise their cunning lateral thinking in this send up of detective mysteries.
The Spud.com
Twisted interactive humor covering everything from dating to politics.
The Wiseacre'sCcorner
An interactive humor competition featuring funny questions and answers, aphorisms, jokes and poems.
Virtual Bubble Wrap
Pop the virtual bubbles in the wrap to help relieve virtual tension.
Add humorous captions to various images and photographs, and view the submissions of others.
Weebls Stuff
Offbeat and unusual games, cartoons, art and comment.
What What
Visit a variety of characters in this offbeat site.
Who Would You Kill?
An online game which allows you to kill off famous personalities and justify why you did it.
Would You Rather
A collection of absurd and distressing dilemmas for visitors to ponder over and vote on.
WWWF Grudge Match
Fictional send-ups pitting two cultural icons facing off for supremacy.
Young Justice
A wide assortment of fan-fiction, interactive games, trivia, polls, and links.
A variety of applications and games to play with, plus other assorted humor and multimedia.