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Law Enforcement
Behind the Badge - Police Humor, Bozo Criminal of the Day, Buzz Art Cartoons, Citizen's Self-Arrest Form, Clumsy Crooks, CuffemnStuffem.com, Dumb Criminal Acts, Dumb Crooks, Funny Police Photos, Humorinlaw
'Lectric Law Library, A Criminal Waste of Space, Gavel2Gavel, Grudge Match, I Can't Believe it's a Law Firm, James Fuqua's Law Jokes, Laughing Lawyer, Law Laughs, Lawhaha.com, LawHumor.com
A is for Army
Humor by army cadets, for army cadets.
Jokes about accounting and book-keeping.
Accounting Info
Contains jokes and news about accountants and taxes.
Accounting Jokes
Humor about accounting, banking and finance.
Architecture Jokes
Jokes about architecture, building and construction. Visitors can rate jokes for quality or submit their own.
At Work and Bored
A selection of work and non-work related humor to stave off boredom, plus a panic button in case the boss visits.
Bad Managers
Real-life horror stories of disastrous projects and egotistic managers. Updated weekly.
Barber Humor
A collection of quotes and funny sayings relating to the business of cutting hair.
Being A Pizza Delivery Driver
A humorous list of things that customers should do to make the job of a pizza delivery driver easier.
Bo Mallow
An original cartoon character reflecting the life of a person being laid off. Job resources, wallpapers, comics available. Requires Flash.
Business and Safety Cartoons by Ted Goff
Business cartoons searchable by keyword or topic.
Business Buzzword Bingo
Randomly generated cards to print out and take to meetings.
Call Center Comics
Cartoons and funny situations from life in a call center.
Click Your Heels Together 3 Times
A look at the funny side of being unemployed.
Collection of stupid quotes from customers and clients. Accepts submissions.
Contractor City Construction Jokes
Construction and building trades-related jokes and humor.
Corporate Cliches
A dictionary of over-used business terms and their true meanings.
Corporate Dump
An office aid to wasting company time, featuring humor, games, pictures and a "boss" button.
First it was cubicles, Then they found the reams of pink paper. This is what happens when almost everyone in a business is "let go".
Customers Suck
The reason why those in retail think customers suck, and what you can do to stop it.
Don's Boss Page
Hide from your boss with this fake spreadsheet. Stealth surfing tips, and worker-friendly sites.
Drink at Work
Weekly career advice for the professionally disinclined.
Provides a full list of rules to observe when riding an elevator.
Financial Humor, Investment Fun and Jokes
Jokes related to financial services and economics
Frustrated At Work
Stories from the front lines of employment, struggling with bosses and coping with coworkers.
Visitors can share their awful work experiences at jobs they'd like to quit.
Fun at work
Humorous jokes, and cartoons about the workplace for executives, management, and human resources professionals.
Get a Job
The jobs are real,the classified ads are real, the applications and the responses are all real.
Goin' Postal
A look at life at the post office in a humourous way through cartoons.
Gone to Blazes
Firefighter jokes and humor and extracts from an upcoming book of firefighter humor.
Hate Your Job
An irreverant look at work including rotten managers, subversive staff, and jargon.
Hire Me Dumbass
Prank cover letters and various other items relating to work and unemployment. Includes online sale of book and merchandise.
Advice, inspiration and excuses for not going into work. Submit your favorite hooky story.
How Not to Promote Financial Planning Services
Slogans and ad campaigns that didn't quite make it.
Humorous Office Memo's
Humorous company memo's that have been collected over the last 30 years of office life.
I Despise my Job
Stories about toxic jobs and psychotic employers, plus career advice learned the hard way.
I Love Boxes
Stories of experiences working in a glorified box factory with a collection of social misfits.
I Should Be Working
Look busy while you slack off and play games or read jokes on this site.
Insanity At Work
For the employees of the customer service industry. Do not visit if you believe the customer is always right.
Read, vent or share anonymous work related stories about foolish coworkers and bosses.
Job Trapping
Stories and humor about job hunting and unemployment.
Jobs That Suck
Some jobs that suck and some that don't. Work place and telephone humor.
Jokes relating to different jobs and professions, plus some general humor.
Kill Our Boss
An office humour web site by slaves, for slaves.
Laid Off: A No Nothing Production
An animated story of Odd Todd's life after he has been laid off from his job. Includes downloads, personal thoughts, and related links. Tip jar accepts PayPal donations.
Life in the Weeds
Humor for waiters, waitresses, bartenders, and other restaurant staff.
MadKane - Career Humor
Workplace humor from columnist Madeleine Begun Kane.
MBA Writer
Automatically generates buzz-laden MBA-speak sentences for insertion into your business plan or office memo.
Midnight Plumbers
News, plumbing advice and horse racing tips.
Military Jokes
Jokes about and for members of the armed forces.
Military Jokes and Humor
Including murphys laws of combat, funny military quotes, and humorous stories from the armed forces.
Mindless Jobs of America
A collection of stories that people have submitted about their extremely dull jobs.
Minimum Wage Superhero
The story of a fast food restaurant worker blessed with superhuman powers.
My Barge
Photographs of the stuggles and triumphs of a construction barge in West Africa. Features lots of rats.
An e-zine devoted to real-life cubicle warriors.
Not My Desk
Views on the workplace and life from a jobbing temp.
Occupational Hazards - Job Jokes
Jokes by profession including doctor, lawyer, dentist, scientist, engineer, and truck driver.
Oddly Enough Engineering
Dedicated to engineering and construction humor.
Off The Boss Online
How to survive working for a Bonehead Boss.
Office Ball Games
Overview of games designed for office environment. Large selection of quotations plus references to internet money making schemes.
Office Diversions
Diversions, games, humor and chat aimed at lowering productivity.
Office Funnies
Share office whines, woes, and frustration. Includes copier madness, a sound-off forum, and harmless software.
Office Humor
On line joke book containing cartoons, one liners, comical recipes, funny poetry, and true stories.
Office Olympics
Video clips of workplace sporting events.
Office Thoughts
Humerous clips and caption-balloons with everyday office antics, insults, rants and chatter.
A collection of jokes, funny stories and images aimed at office workers.
Overnight Stories
Stories from working on the night shift.
A collection of jokes, pranks, scripts, and exectutables about wasting time at work.
Profession Jokes
Jokes classified according to professions including actuaries, farmers, programmers, and doctors.
Real Taxi Stories
A site about taxi driving with real stories, and pictures.
Receptionist Rage
Rantings of a receptionist to let off steam.
Retirement Joke
A small collection of jokes dealing with old age and retirement.
Quotes and tales from the author's days as a waitress. Visitors can also contribute their own experiences.
Shop Talk 101
Humorous observations from the front lines of the retail industry.
Stars 'n Toads
Comic strip based in the offices of the fictional WorkRFun Inc, staffed entirely by animals.
A collection of humorous tales from the workplace around the globe.
Rantings of people who work in the technology sector.
The 213 Things Skippy Is No Longer Allowed To Do I
An offbeat list of forbidden things to do in the military.
The Airline Dispatcher Home Page
Heffernan Dispatch Federation, for the experienced aircraft dispatcher.
The Aviation Humour Collection
A collection of jokes and stories from the lighter side of aviation.
The Beandog Abduction
One dude's efforts to stop a good engineer from leaving the company.
The Covert Comic
CIA-related humor by a true CIA officer.
The Cynical Parrot
Humorous phrases and animations for office workers. Visitors can rate the phrases and make submissions.
The Daily Grin
Office humor, pranks, thoughts and excuses.
The Diary of Mad Workers
Complaints of people who work in customer service.
The Glasscollector Union
Home of the overworked and underpaid purloiners of drinks.
The Mother of All Excuses Place
Read or submit excuses for not going to work, school, being stopped by the police, breaking dates, doctor excuses and other topics.
The Sassy Secretaries Secret Society
Humorous tips, resources, and rants for the underappreciated administrative assistant.
The Wacky World of Wally World
A journal of all the insane things encountered while working at Wal-Mart.
This Job Sucks
A place to get work off your chest and share experiences with others.
Totally Off The Record
Anonymous work stories from the virtual water cooler
Unitapioca, Inc.
The happy employee handbook, designed to help new workers become part of the "Unitapioca way of doing things".
Universal Questionnaire Response Form
A questionnaire to send back to people who send out questionnaires.
Wal-Mart Cart Crew
Funny stories, information and pictures from the crew from Supercenter 0766.
Why Work Sucks
Workplace coping techniques, including the 'Wheel of Policy' feature, and a quiz to see if you're management material.
Work Haiku
Poetry to allow office workers to release their pent-up frustrations.
Work or Spoon?
Attempting to find the answer to the question - which is more painful, going to work or gouging your eye out with a spoon?
Working Wounded
Advice that adds insight to injury including the workplace confessional, weekly contests, and download degrees.
Workplace Humor - Suite101.com
Selection of workplace related humor sites.