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A Doctor's Blooper List
Medical bloopers, humor, videos and jokes.
Alternative Medical Dictionary
Humorous definition of terms from A to Z.
Doctor Jokes
Medical jokes arranged by popularity or served at random.
Doctor Jokes
Medical jokes from the people at Humor Vault which includes 90 pages of jokes.
Jokes, quotes, cartoons, funny stories, tips and trivia related mainly to women's health.
Funny tales from doctors, nurses, and patients hospitals and clinics. Visitors can submit their own stories.
Favorite Doctor Jokes
Includes doctor jokes. All on one page. Includes stories, short jokes and an alternative medical dictionary.
Satire and humorous articles aimed at residents, medical students and healthcare professionals, plus T-shirts in exchange for charitable donations.
Humor Page : Medical
Includes medical humor and jokes including lists and stories.
Jerry's Emergency Medical Humor Pages
A medical humor site written by a paramedic. Includes humor pages such as "You may be a firefighter if...." and two "stupid" questions FAQ pages.
Managed Care Jokes
Jokes, cartoons poking fun at managed care and the business side of medicine.
Medical Humor
A small collection of medical jokes.
Medical Jokes
A collection of medical humor, including funny stories, jokes, and links.
Medical Jokes
A collection of medical and doctor jokes.
Medical Jokes
About doctors, dentists, psychiatrists, and riddles.
Medical Student Ploys
A list of ploys used by medical students use in the operating room when they don't know the answer to a question.
Medical humor website with jokes and funny photos.
Mediclicks - Medical Cartoon Archive
Features a collection of medical cartoons.
Medindia - Medical Humor
Medical jokes, satire, newspaper misprints and cartoons.
MPN Medical Humor and Cartoon Directory
Medical jokes, doctor jokes and cartoons sorted into categories by medical specialty.
Diabolical plastic surgery for the stars.
Nurse and Medical Cartoons
Original humorous illustrations pertaining to the medical professions. Artwork may be licensed for use elsewhere.
Personal Observations on Life as a Paramedic
A site based on 15 years of experience as a paramedic on the ground in the air and at sea.
Profession Jokes : Doctors
Contains humor specific to the doctoring profession. All on one page. Includes lists, lightbulb jokes and Doctor Doctor jokes.
Q Fever
A medical humor and satire website for healthcare professionals.
Quacks's Medical World
Funny cartoons and animations in color from the medical world.
Rx Laughs
Weekly cartoons poking fun at the retail pharmacy industry with archives dating to 1997.
Seniors Guide To Health
Old people funny jokes.
The Medicaster
Comment on medicine and health matters from a physician.
TheLaughWeb - Medical Humor
Medical jokes and cartoons.
To Be or Not to Be
Subtitled "How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Barium Enema".
Viagra Humor
Features jokes and cartoons on the popular drug.
Make your buddies ill - send them anything from a nose bleed to the plague.