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Comedy Groups
3 Strings Short, Bitchintat Records, Bob Miller & Crazy Psycho Lords, Captain Knockers and the Islamic Goat Herders of D, Chipmunks Limited, Endangered Feces, Grandpa Griffith, Hanky Park, Monkey Throw Feces, my-grandma.co.uk
Musical Instrument Jokes
AirGuitar Home Page, Canonical List of Banjo jokes, Instrument Jokes, MasterBlasto Air Guitar Company, Music Humor, Music Jokes, Music Prank, No Accounting For Bad Taste, OXymoron Humour Archive: Music, Piano Jokes
Pop Artists
Fear His Penis: A Rob Thomas Humor Site, Guys Night Out!, Just Give It Up, Just Ride 'Em, Laugh At *NSYNC, Laughing My Ass Off At Nsync, MC Virginity, No One Else Comes Close, No Pants Attached, NoiseMonkey
Song Parodies
DeROK Goes Platinum, Home of the Dialing Dragonz Song Parodies, Mother Goose Rocks, Novak n Goode Music, Parody Songs, Red Songbook, Saddam: The Pig Who Never Returned, Secret Pastry, The Parody Game, Vancouver Raging Grannies
Baseball Songs
Humorous songs about baseball teams and famous players. Streaming audio available.
Bin Laden Rap
Listen to Bin Laden do a little freestyle.
Canonical Guide to Weird Band Names
Alphabetic list of humorous band names and links to some of them.
Cheesy Mike's Cheesy Music
A collection of strange of bizarre music titles, many with a dairy theme.
Crack Money Records
A thugged-out band of gangsters who rap about overweight women and make fun of dirty south rappers. Includes games, MP3's, and links.
Digital Fever
Pop related humor including pics, stories, links and mocking. Featuring 'N Sync, BSB and Britney
Domestic Engineering
Promotion of a facetious CD, complete with reviews and an interview with the artist.
Donna Kay Honey
Irreverent blue collar musical comedy for trailer trash lovers, weenie dog owners, and trailer trash fans. Features profiles of band members, calendar and contact details.
Drunken Hero
Explores the not-so-fascinating world of the everyday musician.
Download and listen to some zany, bizarre recordings.
Families Passover Parody
A jewish passover is parodied to the tune of Hotel California. Includes a sing-along tune.
God of Guitar
Spoof advice from two self-styled hard rock guitarists.
Silly songs, "yucky" songs, childrens stories, nuclear waste books, curmudgeon corner and do-it-yourself roadmap for change.
Great Name for a Band
Generates random band names along with word definitions and search engine links.
IT Anthems
Catalog of corporate anthems, including commentary and reviews of the merit.
Loony Music
Parodies and humorous songs, plus general comedy and cartoons.
Mad Moooo Music
A humorous look a one hit wonders, annoying hits, comedy songs and records that probably should never have been made, plus music trivia.
MIDI or Virtuoso?
Determine whether a sound clip is played by human or machine. Requires RealAudio.
Mrs. Miller's World Fan Club
The story behind the voice. Elva Miller as you have never seen her before. Complete with quicktime videos.
Museum of Bad Album Covers.
A categorised collection of some of the worst album covers ever released. Visitors can vote for the most awful.
Music Matters
Humorous look at musicians in the news.
Jokes about musicians, by musicians.
Pop news and obsessively violent cynicism.
Nod The Dog Productions
A humorous take at self-published musicians who record songs in their own homes.
Ode To Band
Band humor, including musical instrument jokes, 200+ ways you know you're a band nerd, a band bible, and links.
Off the Wall Band Names
Proving that a vivid imagination and everday conversations are the key to producing an extensive list of possible band names.
P11 Midi Karaoke Kocktails
Make cocktails and other alcoholic drinks perform a variety of songs. Requires Flash.
Philharmonic Phunnies
Cartoons and other funny stuff about the world of classical music.
Pop Culture Madness
A look at some of the humorous areas of pop culture, including a large section featuring the best and worst records from various years.
Weblog-style humorous comment on pop music and artists.
Random Thoughts on the Manic Street Preachers
Satirical humour about the Manic Street Preachers and the obsessive fan culture surrounding them.
Redwood Songs
Environmentally correct spoofs of popular songs.
Rock And Roll Confidential
Skewering band promotional photographs.
Song Crossfire
Song interpretations by people who think way outside the box.
Discussion group featuring song parodies and related topics.
Super Karate Monkey Death Car
A list of potential band names culled from the popular media.
Tay-G's Rock Appreciation page with jokes on
A funny site with semi-in-depth rock album reviews, a humor page, magic page, and pages that make fun of stuff.
The Audio BS Page
Loads of information about the crazy things believed and written by audiophiles.
The Holy Queeble
The word according to Queen.
The Truck Driver's Gear Change Hall Of Shame
Musically documenting the world's most unnecessary key changes.
Touch Tone Tunes
Listen to and learn how to play songs with your touch tone phone.
Touch-Tone Phone Songs
The number-strings you need to play various songs on your touch-tone phone.
The world's interactive, animated singing page.
Zong of the Week
Satirical and humorous songs available to download.