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Association for Research in International Adoption
Parenting humor by Mary Priester.
Brain Sediment
A weekly column dedicated to the life of a married family man, by writer Chuck Smith.
Daddy On Board
Humorous weblog chronicling the struggle to become a adequate father, by newspaper columnist Christopher Smith.
Family Daze
Debbie Farmer's weekly humor column gives parents a chance to laugh and make sense of the chaos of raising a family.
Frazzled Families
A forum for those who love their children but hate parenting to share stories and experiences, plus recipes and other related articles.
The book by Grace Witwer Housholder. You can also subscribe to a free email column.
Home Team
A weekly comic strip about the Mayham Family featuring proud parents of five daughters, ranging in age from 2 to 14 years.
Humorous articles and journal relating to parenthood, plus a forum covering diverse parenting-related topics.
Humor and articles from a stay-at-home-mom.
Laughing Parents
Parents can share humorous stories, get advice and gain perspective on parenting issues.
Minivan Moms
A precision marching group of Moms present a photo-essay of their adventures.
Parenting humor by Susan Kawa featuring 'UG the caveman', a parenting expert.
More Things Learned at Mother's Knee
Memorable quotes and sayings passed down from mother to child.
Notes From a Housewife
Columns about life as a young, suburban housewife living in the South, plus practical parenting tips.
Parent and Children Funnies
Humor about everyday occurrences with children and parents with many stories, poems, and jokes.
Parenting Family Humor
Stories and essays.
Parenting Humor
Jokes, stories, funny excuses and cartoons about bringing up children.
Parenting Quotes, Quips, and Rhymes
Humor about parenting and family life.
Parenting, with or without losing your mind
A humorous guide to parenting written by author, humorist and beleaguered parent, Marilyn D. Davis.
Parents Help Line
Humorous advice on surviving having teenage children.
Perplexing Times
Online newspaper written from the point of view of an infant, detailing all the things that irritate little people.
Quoted From Erma Bombeck
Memorable excerpts from one of the all-time greatest parenting humorists.
Real Life for Moms at Myria
Real life adventures for and by moms who have been there.
Real Mom Club
Satirical forum for mothers to cope with kids through stories, animation, and stick figure cartoons.
Sanity Central
Dedicated to providing what parents need in their day; namely, a laughter time out.
Stupid Children
Satirical and irreverent comment on children and parenthood.
Suburban Bliss
A mother of two small children struggles to keep her brains from oozing out.
Suite 101 Humor
Advice for fathers-to-be from a father-that-was, by Greg Holbrook.
The Family Corner
Giving "Time-Out" a new meaning. Featuring a monthly parenting humor column.
The Fine Art of Mumming
A collection of brief tales from the parenting front.
The Zero Boss
The confessions of a reluctant father.
Tyler and Dalton's Place
A tongue-in-cheek look at parenting for moms everywhere.