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Fan Pages
Chicks with Dicks, Dr. Evil's Tribute to All Tribute Sites, Joeman's Jennifer Lopez Stalker Site, Maulers, Pirate Monkeys Inc., Stupid Ring!, Tahoma Infatuation, The Death Eater's Lounge
News and Media
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Amtrek, Button Valley, Montana, Guaroville, LLBI, OvenReady Does The Conch Republic, South London Airlines
Brand building robots. Spoof of cutting-edge technology offer.
A HorrorScope
Parody of late Jeane Dixon's "Your Horroscope".
A Wasted Education
A distraction for all of us that are wasting our educations.
All World Knowledge
Offers articles on every technology, every human discovery or endeavor, every social and artistic achievement and every natural phenomenon since the universe began. Includes author profiles.
American Lifestyle Survey
Offers a humor poll that tracks American culture. Includes opportunities to voice an opinion on all the things that do not matter.
An Office Memo We Will Never See
Spoof of inter-office memo at Stuart Silk Architects regarding administrative, business, human resources, and ethical changes.
Company offers many things that make life worth living. Includes news, research, employment opportunities, employee lounge, FAQ and a virtual tour.
Firm gives you the dog, and then sells you the food.
Biker Fox
The Official Home of Biker Fox, a humorous bicycle enthusiast dedicated to safer bike crashing techniques.
Bloomdale Jiffies
Megalomaniacal fictional corporation. Featuring strange artworks, unusual military hardware and unorthodox business products.
Brampton Folk Festival
Spoof British folk song and dance event. Includes artists, workshops and news.
Captain Safety
Super-Hero presents hints for avoiding death, guilt, and responsibility. All things Super-Hero and Super-Villian
College is Easy
Parodies of ad campaigns plus original humor short films.
Confucius Say
Pseudo-quotes attributed to the Chinese sage.
Offers motivational posters in PDF format. Includes Internet postcards.
Auctions babies at discount prices. Includes bidding and selling instructions.
Offers an online farmer's auction. Features news and special services.
Offers an authoratative guide to digital living. Includes movies, interviews and a diet guide.
Offers spoofs of cultural poetry.
Offers a network of fiends who are into boring each other or who want to make new fiends quickly. Includes a virtual tour, FAQ and testimonials.
A parody of pseudo-pharmaceutical cure-all remedies.
Food Safety Music
Offers rewritten rock and roll songs with food safety lyrics. Includes video clips.
God Hates Figs
Offers proof that figs are the source of all the world's evil. Includes propaganda, resources and FAQ.
Fantastic and unbelievable gadgets and accessories for the home.
Placing Canadian men on the cutting edge of the mail order groom business. Includes resumes, photos, and videos.
Gun-Control Network
Works to convince lawmakers that they must not be swayed by the self-centered interests of commoners. Includes membership information and a complaint department.
Guten Morgen Deutschland
Morning show pokes fun at Nazi Germany. Includes archives, a dictionary, map, forum and chat room.
Handgun Control Inc.
Discusses gun control as it relates to private ownership, the government and the gun lobby. Includes polls and games.
Has Grigory Efimovich Rasputin Returned?
Provides evidence that Rasputin has returned, and is working as a hacker. Includes photographs.
Different parody minisites presented in a fake 1990's Yahoo-style interface. Includes FAQ.
Hellkom.co.za - Poking fun at Telkom South Africa
Hellkom is a parody site about Telkom, South Africa's telecommunications provider. There are logo's pics, jokes and daily news about the internet landscape in SA.
Holyland Theme Park
Spoof of the Orlando, Florida amusement park. Includes attractions.
This e-business marketing agency knows how to market itself. Explaining the importance of an expensive table and knowing when to roll up your shirt sleeves.
Hummer Dinger
The Sierra Club offers a spoof of the Hummer Web site. Includes advice columns, news and an animated advertisement.
A humorous horoscope by Ron Lunde. Available daily or weekly.
No matter what system your business runs, no matter what your databand needs, iCyberserve will be there.
Insect Rights Activists
A parody of extremist animal rights activists. The original home page of the Insect Rights Activists.
Invert Parody
Explore the world of PH Corporation and its CEO, Karla Fidora.
It Came From English 101
Poking fun at high school English essays and various other types of prose, written in the style of Mystery Science Theater 3000.
It's Time to... save Michael See.com!
Spoof of personal Internet begging scams.
Jackass College
Recruiting for a possibly fictional educational institution.
Aiming to put the fun back into funerals.
Knight Trading Group
An unauthorized resource of information, multimedia and parody for the Knight Trading Group investor.
Laze's Diet Plan
Never has there been such a fast way to lose weight...
Lens Cap Cam
Three different web cams, the possibility to control a camera yourself and an archive with images and a downloadable video. I wonder what's behind that lens cap?
Leopold's House of Ugly
Parody, animations, and just a dash of adult content.
Lip Balm Anonymous
Save yourself from lip balm addiction. Find out if you have a problem, learn from others in recovery, and find out more about the Industry of Addiction.
LordCo Centre
Blasphemous and sacrilegious products designed to mock religious beliefs.
Lunacy Toons
Animated Lunacy Toons cartoons feature outlandish humor. Original artwork in Flash 5 with political, environmental, religious, toilet and other warped humor.
Claiming to be the market leader in mail order male spouses.
A parody of the site with Martha Stewart's proclamation of innocence.
Mazey Gardens, R.I.P.
M. Wartella's spoof web page for the "Original Outlaw" country singer and his Brick Hit House Band. Includes ordering information for 45 rpm record, "Calling In Dead."
Men In Kilts
Poems and jokes related to and celebrities wearing kilts.
Merlin's Corners
This site features parodies, soothsayers, commentary, Lord Buckley, auto racing, Sin-Sim, airbrushes, frogs, toads, turtles, chilies, and other insanities.
Mexicans in Black
Investigates the appearance of illegal aliens in the New Mexico desert. Includes agent profiles and weapon information.
Spoof pages on a variety of topics.
Mothers Against Peeing Standing Up
Concerned individuals who want to stop peeing standing up, support the victims (those who have to clean up), and prevent unnecessary urine stream fragmentation.
NAAWP - National Association for the Advancement o
A satirical take on racist organizations.
National Lawn Care Now
A grassroots movement for social justice offering equal lawns for all.
National Organization to Outlaw Cellphones
Movement to rid the world of cellphones and save people from phone dependency.
National R-CIS Foundation of America
Spoof medical organization fighting Recto-Cranial Inversion Syndrome.
National Rifle Association Christian Bible Choir
Christians who take patriotism one stage too far.
NOPAL - The Official Home
Popular culture spoofs including NOPAL, Mexicans in Black, the M-Files, and The Studio.
Not The Bible
A short bible parody site including stories about the early life of Jesus, a quiz to determine if you are a Sodomite, and the secret of the miracles explained.
Official Site of the Goliath Corporation
Humorous site of a vast literary multinational as found in Jasper Fforde's books "The Eyre Affair" and "Lost in a Good Book."
Pajahmo Research Center
Parody of a huge research center. Funny pics and stories. Check out tip of the month and get your questions answered by the researchers.
Parody Pages
Spoof movies, advertisements, celebrities, companies and products.
Spoof auction site with humorous listing for ghastly tat.
PCU George Washington
Parody site dedicated to the "crankowners" who began a bogus Navy adventue in Newport News Shipyard in preparation for an aircraft carrier which was being built to replace "The Love Boat."
Pea City News & Events
Pea City, Landsfill County's guide to real estate, careers, finance, and opportunities.
Peterson's Parodies
Original parodies of lyrics to well-known songs.
Phatboy's House of Phat
This site is so phat that it should go on a diet.
Planet of the Apes - funkified!
A parody of the classic sci-fi film.
Postcard Madness
A lampoon of the practice of sending travel postcards while on vacation as a not-so-subtle means of bragging, using real life examples.
Preparing for emergencies
By the HM Department of Vague Paranoia. Advices nobody should really follow.
Project Bike Hotrod
Spoof of government conspiracy to cover up the existence of 'Above Top Secret' hypersonic craft.
A parody on Corporate America, its business practices and products.
Real Ultimate Power
The ultimate website dedicated to all things ninja. Includes ninja adverture tales and humor.
Reuben Kinkade - Painter of Stuff
Parodies of Thomas Kinkade paintings, featuring the work of his long-lost brother, Reuben (formerly manager of The Partridge Family).
Spoof charity: the Society Against The Absolutely Needless Kicking Of Canines, Kids, Handicapped, Old, and Retarded people.
Savannah Says
Romance advice no-one should actually take.
Save Barbie
Parody site about a Barbie doll who is in serious financial debt.
CEO cyberpanhandling to move operations offshore at the expense of domestic workers.
Scott Loeb's Comedy and Parody Songs
Parodies of songs by people such as Toto, Radiohead, Oasis, Bob Dylan.
Sloan Squared - Scottish Humour
Kids rebelling against popular programming, mark hamill haters, people who like to rant. Consequently quite a bit of immature swearing.
Spaz Out New York
Part parody and part satire, with a humorous look at life for urban New Yorkers.
Technical Virgin
Site exploring alternative means for teenagers to keep their virginity while still having fun. Includes bogus TV ads.
Homeland Alert System parody.
The Big Box
Fictional large retailer, operating mega-malls that close all other local businesses down.
The Brothers Grinn Reams O' Fun Websiteorama!
Parodies, spoofs and interviews with people like Scott Kurtz, creator of the web comic PvP, and Robert Darden of The Door Magazine.
The Helium Boob
A novel approach to surgical augmentation by using lighter-than-air gas.
The International University of Nescience
The leader in apathetic and agnostic education since the second Millennium.
The Jokery
Offers jokes, photos, articles, news, and cartoons.
The Lair of the Vermicious Kanid
Professional wrestling spoof site.
The Mantis Society Member Homepage
Site of group that revolves around an insect, the Preying Mantis.
The Many Faces of Chris
Chris lends his face to parody famous people. Includes a poll.
The Official Musical Sciences Web Page
Comedy, fake movie news and video clips.
The Onion
Weekly news with a satirical twist guarenteed to make you laugh.
The People's Republic of Crumm Mountain NY
Offers a mecca for freaks, intellectuals, punk rockers, anarchists and those disaffected with society in some way. Offers news, history, government information and articles.
The Salvation Marines
A militant division of the Salvation Army.
The Slingshot
Parody of British Victorian and Edwardian juvenile periodicals, featuring thrilling and unlikely adventure stories and articles.
The Source
A parody of personal websites and the horrors that lurk within them.
The Temple of the Gods of Coffee
This is a site for coffee fanatics, the temple for the worshippers of the Holy Elixir. May the Holy Bean guide you.
The University of Lucastan
A parody of a full-featured institution of higher learning.
The VanderHawk Pages
Offers self-hypnosis and dream analysis. Includes a crossword puzzle.
The White House
Parody of official White House web site. Includes spoof news and gossip.
These Weapons of Mass Destruction Cannot Be Displa
Spoof of Microsoft's error message page. Includes remedies for George Bush, the United Nations and Western European countries.
Thinking About Stupidity In Our Scholars
Parody of "Thinking About Violence in Our Schools" by Barry Kort PhD and Nancy Williams MS.
timiCom's global web presence for all its constituent brands, including software, careers and news.
Twisted Humor - The Parody Pages
Original humor and satire including the Psychic Blackmail Network, Subliminal Apathy, The Application to be God. Plus movie parodies such as Feed Willy and You've Got Spam.
Vicious Reality
A site created to make fun of the pitiful, disgraceful sites on the web.
What Would Dave Do
Agony uncle, you can e-mail him your questions. Just don't expect a serious reply.
Spoof product enabling you to empathise with the suffering of people portrayed in the media.
Wisdom of Confucius
Offers a short collection of pseudo-quotes, mostly about men.
Woburn Tiger
Offers demotivational posters for the South Carolina Gamecocks. Includes a message board.
A hilarious and sometimes irreverent parody of WorldCom and MCI.
Wow - Whatta Dorcus!
Offers a collection of men's fashion photography from the 50's, 60's and 70's. Includes company history.
YD Industries
Features a pseudo-company that skewers the heart of consumer culture. Offers a catalog of products, advertisements, and company bulletins.
You're Probably Lost
Parody articles and items. Home of "Insensitivity E-Cards," "Snag-a-Dolphin Kits," "Perpetually Young Lion Cubs" and much more chewy fun stuff.
Zebramoth Security Escorts
Mad Max style vehicular security escorts through the wasteland. Protection from roving highway bandits, road pirates and hijackers.