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Adam's Page of Weird and Wonderful Limericks, Arthur's Limericks, Bill Daly's Home Page, Chastushki, Demon Peter's Limericks, Filthy Limericks, GrahamLester.com, Limerick o' the Day, Limerick Zone, Limericks and Links
'Twas The Night Before Christmas
A poem about Eminem and two obsessed stalkers.
A Poet Behaing Badly
A collection of humorous verse and pastiche.
A Walk in the Rain
Humorous poems about everyday life in Ireland.
Adopt A Bear
Offers a smattering of abstract poetry and art with the occasional normal entry. Visitors can submit their own works for consideration.
Amazingly Bad Poetry Journal
A collection of bad poetry and humorous comment on topical subjects.
Features new bad poetry by some of the nation's worst poets.
Brotherly House of Poems
Poems about personal relationships, friends and everyday life.
Decent's Poetry
Late night thoughts, preserved for posterity.
Dominic's Light Verse Sampler
Poetry with its hair down about people, things and minor outrages.
Humorous poems, about love, sadness, science, desire, passion, and politics.
Exquisite Corpse
Users can help to construct a Dada-type poem by contributing a line. Includes archives.
Featured Poetry
Weekly selection of humorous and inspirational poems.
Funny Poetry
We have some amusing poetry that cannot be taken seriously.
Funny Poetry
Light poetry, featuring Elas Giordano's chapbook "Love is All Box and No Cornflakes".
Happy Fun Time
Original, funny poems on a variety of topics.
It's Bullfrog!
Original verse by UK-based Dave Axton covering subjects as diverse as euthanasia, stick insects and washing cars.
Jeremy Impey
Humorous and offbeat poems, autobiography and travel photographs.
Krackatinni's Giggle Ya' Guts Out
Australian Bush Poetry at its best: Rodney John O'Brien
Loony Limericks
A wide variety of humorous poems. Visitors can submit their own.
Make 'Em Laugh
Collected humorous poems and musical monologues by a variety of writers.
Odes to Booze
Poems about the effects of drinking.
Peculiar Poetry
Poems for adolescents and adults covering love, life and the universe.
Poetic License
The humorous poetry of Felice Prager. Topics include pets, chocolate, relationships and family life.
Purple Ronnie
The official source of Purple Ronnie art, poetry, and philosophy. Requires Flash.
Reflections of a Recluse
Contains the poems of W.J. Mallory on recollections, youth, and positions on issues large and small.
Robert Muir's Poems and Doggerel
Original humorous poems.
Sensa Yuma
Comedy poems and monologues, written in Lancashire dialect by Stan Brown. Also some original MP3 recordings, performed by the author.
Smile Poetry
Family-friendly funny verse.
Spam Haiku Archive
Haiku, limericks, and sonnets devoted to the lunch meat. Links to other spam sites.
Steve Book's Perpetual Poetry Project
Humorous poetry, writing, puns and illustrations.
The 'Stute
A virtual hangout where a bunch of poets play a witty game with words and illusion.
The Bare Foot Health Workers Union
A collection of original poems and short stories on political and topical subjects.
The Socially Abrasive
Rude poetry and humor to mock all aspects of society.
Versicals simply means humorous verse.
What's in the fridge?
An obscure collection of rather wonderful fridge poetry produced by the Hairy Haggis Munching collective.