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Opposing Views, 3rd wave, 50 Bad Ideas, Altro Volta, American Jackass, CakeJD, Chiseen, CKMS Vids, Crazy Shit, Dog Eat Dog, Dumb-Ass
Jedi Religion on Census Forms
About.com Urban Legends: Star Wars Religion Doesn&, BBC: Jedi e-mail revealed as hoax, BBC: Jedi makes the census list, BBC: The gospel according to Luke (Skywalker), CNet: E-mail stunt empowers Jedi fans, icSouthlondon: Jedi census reports not true, Jedi Master Am I Therefore Normal Rules of Grammar, Plastic: Reality Imitates Art -- 'Jedi Knight, Register: UK Jedi get green light, Register: Jedi Knights achieve official recognitio
Prank Calls
A1 Prank Calls Unlimited, Amery's Antics Online, Artistic Terrorism, Bill Corey, Brooklyn Telephone Theater, Buck: The World's Funniest Prank Caller, Chris' Prank Calls, College Sucks, Detonator, Disturbed Idiot Pranksters
AIM Conversations
Random AOL Instant Messenger conversations.
Ala Realm
A collection of links leading to various pranks and joke sites.
Aladdin's Magic Genie Lamp
The "Blue Screen of Death" prank, disguised as an animation of a magic lamp.
Bartender Magic
Magic tricks and jokes to play on other people.
Bluebottle Plus
Visitors can send prank emails to their friends with details of fake airline bookings, online shopping or pest control visitations.
Bought Thought
Prank letters, angry record reviews and rants.
Celebrity Prank Calls
Audio files of prank phone calls, with the voices of various celebrities. Features Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Clifhanger Pranks
A collection of Internet jokes which will keep the victim busy for a while. Miscellaneous pranks.
Crush 007
Trick a friend into detailing personal details and secret crushes.
Death By Laughter
Funny jokes, pictures, and quotes.
Find The Ginger
A test of the six degrees of separation theory.
Fizz Fun
Joke calls for pranks. Includes MP3 samples. Fee based service.
Funny Email Network
Humorous email generator covering love, hate and things in between.
Funny Practical Jokes
Gags to amuse or torment friends, family and coworkers.
Features a customisable personals page to embarrass yourself or a friend.
Enables visitors to get themselves or their friends in the news by creating a fake story as published in popular e-magazine.
Humor of Penn and Steven
Jokes, AIM conversations, and humorous pictures.
iGotLooks-Warped Pictures
Upload pictures of your friends and warp them into different shapes. Then, email them to people you know.
IQ Test For Free
Spoof intelligence quiz, designed to be emailed to others.
Label the Table
Visitors are encouraged to place secret labels under tables in bars, restaurants and other places of interest.
Lil Prankstar Jokes
Practical jokes are separated by category. These pranks can be played at home, school, or wherever a laugh is needed.
Loony Letters
Archive of prank letters written to UK companies, and their replies.
Lumpy Porridge
Send email pranks, computer pranks, or learn practical jokes.
Send e-mails which appear to be from someone else. A responsible prank e-mail system.
Monkey Doo
Assorted pranks and ideas.
Mooning of Amtrak Trains
Information on the annual Mooning of Amtrak Trains in Southern California.
Features prank calls, funny original videos, nasty humor for download and to be sent as greeting cards.
One Hundred Things to Do in an Elevator
Numerous suggestions of pranks to pull in an elevator with other people.
Original Pranksters Hangout
Site features original movie clips of pranks, a collection of funny videos, pictures and links to humor sites.
Movies of pranks involving destruction of mobile phones of randomly selected people. Requires Quicktime.
Practical Jokes
A small collection of pranks and practical jokes.
Prank Mail
Send a prank email to your friends, from the email address of your choice.
Choose a prank, enter details about your friends, and PrankBot will play a practical joke on them.
Visitors can share and discuss pranks, arrange into categories and rated for effectiveness.
Project Gaidaros
Follow college boys through their quest to prank New York City.
Pseudo Mailer
Allows visitors to send free email pranks from the email address of their choice.
Publish or Perish
The correspondence of fictitious journalist Graeme S. Marshall, detailing his efforts to get real-life media outlets to accept his bizarre story proposals and unorthodox applications for employment.
Purity Trick
Send a purity test to a friend, and discover their answers.
Email rejection service to enable users to give annoying or irritating people the brush-off while avoiding embarrassment.
High school students film themselves doing crazy pranks and stunts.
Rossford's Pranksters
Pranks executed by teens in the town of Rossford.
S.E.P Anonymous Email
Contains the option to send fake emails, hoaxes, anonymous emails, and receive replies to it.
Sign Stealers
Videos of a group of people who enjoy liberating street signs from their surroundings, plus a gallery of funny and disturbing signs.
An innocent looking video that makes the viewer jump right at the very end.
Play pranks on friends and coworkers with fake news reports.
Claims to be able to retrieve school photographs from all over the world.
The Center 2000
Online pranks and funny pictures. Also includes a webring.
The Farts
Offers stories, techniques, and sound files. Includes a message board. [English, Japanese]
The Phreaky 4's IM Abuse Page
Random AOL Instant Messenger users get pranked by the creator of this site. Read the conversations and have a good laugh.
The Prank Institute
Ideas for pranks, practical jokes, and mischief.
The Trouble Makers Guide to School
A collection of one hundred pranks aimed at school pupils.
Practical joke forum, where readers can share their ideas for revenge or pranks on other people.
Tin Foil Cubicle Office Prank
Detailed photographs of a prank involving a lot of tin foil.
Wally's Wide World of Pranks
A large collection of pranks for school, office, home, dorm or everyday life. Pranks are tested for usability. Samples and directions are included.
Visitors can send anonymous prank mails either written themselves or by using a template.
Who Dis?
Read prank conversations over AOL Instant Messenger.