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Visitors can submit and rate ideas and random thoughts.
A View on Buddhism
A Buddhist organization's quotes on the human world.
Aardvark Archie's Quotes
Covers sex, religion, celebrities, death and other topics.
Amusing Quotes
Quotes by the famous and not-so-famous, sorted by category and author.
Best of Celebrities Quotes
Fifty categories of quotes from famous people.
Confucius Says
Family-friendly, user-submitted quotations and sayings.
Cool Quotes Collection
Quotes from movies and poetry to laws and religion.
Creative Wit
A large number of quotes listed by subjects and authors.
Dan Quayle
Quotes from George H.W. Bush's Vice-President.
EntRainbow Quotes
Quotations from the famous, listed by author and topic.
Famous Quotes
Quote collection listed by subject and author.
Fortunes Page
Quotes by famous people such as Mark Twain, H.L. Mencken and Abraham Lincoln and others.
Funny Quotes
Over 830 humor-related quotes to entertain and amuse.
Funny Quotes
Humorous quotations from Groucho Marx, Mark Twain, Woody Allen, Oscar Wilde and many more people.
Funny Sayings
A small collection of funny and thoughtful sayings.
Generation Terrorists
Collection of humorous and serious quotations arranged into categories.
Serious and silly quotes, and funny thoughts from all over the world said by famous people.
Goonia.com: Quotes
Categorised by various topics, including relationships, work, life and death.
Index of Quotes
Sayings from Mae West, W.C. Fields and Groucho Marx.
Kuljo's Distilled Quotations
Quotations on a variety of topics, arranged by subject.
Nuno Crispim's Quotations
Contains Nuno's own quotes and those of Woody Allen, Douglas Adams, David Letterman and others. Requests submissions.
Online Quotation Puzzles
The letters of a quote written in a crossword-style grid are transposed; the solver uses our unique Quotation Puzzle program to reconstruct the original.
Paul Tomko's Quotes
Alphabetized list of quotes by famous people. Sign up for a Quote of the Day Club.
Quintessential Quips
A collection of quotes and quips organized by author and subject. Also home of QeQ, a quote-email list.
Quotations by Sam Ewing
Includes many published quotes and articles from veteran humorist Sam Ewing.
Quote DB
Humorous and clever quotations from historical figures and celebrities.
Quote Machine
Database of amusing quotes, featuring a random quote generator.
Quotes from politics, movies, teachers, and everday life.
Quotes 'R' Us
Collection of quotes said by your friends, roommates, and relatives.
Quotes Unlimited
Quotations by real people and imaginary characters. Submissions requested.
Quotes, Oneliners and Jokes
A small collection of quotes and other humor.
Rated quotations and sayings arranged by categories, subjects, authors and rank. Includes free homepage tools, mailing list, download.
Russ' Cool Quotes
Quote generator that allows visitors to search for or randomly find humourous quotes and classic movie lines.
Tax Quotations
Quotes from tax analysts.
The Fortune Cookie
Send a virtual fortunes and jokes in an interactive format.
Things People Said
Collection of funny quotes taken from real life situations.
Vesstonian HumorScope
Contains quotes attacking new technologies, such as the airplane, radio and phone.
Witty Quotes
Small collection of thought-provoking, humorous, and ironic quotations on several subjects.
Witty Quotes
A list of several hundred sayings.
Witty Quotes Haven
Quotes from headlines, mysterious sources, military, answering machines and famous people.
Words Of Wisdom
Dedicated to education and humor through the use of quotes, slogans, taglines, epigrams, and bumperstickers.
You Can Quote That!
Humorous quotations of the famous in no particular order.