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African Jokes
Jokes about African and Afro-Caribbean countries, people and culture.
South African humor site with urban humor, satire and comment on news and world affairs.
Chinese Jokes
Collection of Chinese and Asian jokes, humor, and pictures.
Features New Zealand, where kiwi humour and culture are found.
German Joke of the Day
Proper jokes, matching punchlines, helpful explanations. [English]
Going Dutch
Holland page introduces visitors in a humorous way to the Netherlands, and traits of Dutch inhabitants.
Hindustanlink.com Jokes Corner
Collection of Indian and other jokes.
Indian jokes, quotes and one-liners.
Laugh Maine
Stories, jokes, political satire, from the US state of Maine.
Parodic Social Anthropological Guide to the Swiss
A social anthropological field investigation of the Swiss.
Russian Humor in Anecdotes
Examples of Russian humor, arranged by topic.
Russian Jokes
Political, Chapayev, mother-in-law, and Hussar's jokes.
Soviet Political Jokes
Jokes about the Soviet Union, translated from Russian.
The World's Flags Given Letter Grades
Unscientific assessment of world flags based on aesthetic qualities and design competence.
Stories and humor from the deep south of the United States.
You Know You're From Northern Virginia If...
A list of things you might only do if from that part of the US.
Zimbabwe Jokes
Jokes by, for and about Zimbabweans.