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Answers to Men's Questions
Answers to fifty questions asked of and about women by male readers of Maxim magazine.
Average Single Male
Insight into the lives and needs of these solitary individuals, and their efforts to find a partner.
Bash Sisters
Women rule the world, but there are more powerful women than the average woman: women who go by the name of Bash Sisters.
Black Hearts Party
A place for the bitter and jaded to celebrate the grim realities of love.
Blind Date Descriptions
Definitions to common descriptions of potential blind dates.
Blind Date Guess
Guess the personality characterstics of a friend's blind date.
Break It Off
Dedicated to stories of relationship break-ups - the good, bad, and ugly, as well as stories of revenge. Share yours, too.
Christine's Creations
Humorous, serious and romantic articles about relationships.
Classic Relationship Jokes
Categories including: dating, sex, in-laws, marriage, honeymoon, religion, men, women, jobs, politics, military and several others.
Date to Save
A quest to find hot guys and save their souls from hell.
Dates from Hell
Collection of user submitted worst date stories.
Includes a booty call agreement pick-up lines and drinking games.
Disaster Dates
A place for women around the world to share their most embarrassing and cringeworthy dating experiences.
Buy official dump certificates, publish your stories, and reasons for dumping.
Fun Stuff - Dr. Marian Stansbury
Humor, books, and articles about life and relationships.
Girls are Weird
Survival tips for girls in and out of relationships.
Guys and Girls Just 4 Fun
Find the rules of relationships, date ideas, finding a girl, and things every girl should know.
Intellectual Whores
Website dedicated to explaining the Ladder Theory of male/female interaction and how women can have male 'friends'.
Is He Gay?
For women wondering why their date hasn't kissed them yet.
Jeremy and Jared's Pieces of Meat
A blunt look at women and relationships.
Kiss-Off Letters to Men
A compilation of kiss-off letters designed to dump a man.
Ladder Theory
Funny and scientific explanation of how men and women are attracted to each other.
Laurie's Love Logic
Find answers to nagging love questions, or read about other people's horrible experiences.
Love, Marriage, Sex & Relationships Jokes - Ru
Archive of funny jokes and rude humor on love, marriage, sex, relationships, and romance.
Male, Female, Neuterale
A collection of jokes and pictures about relationships and gender.
MarriageRomance.com - Marriage Humor
Visitors may submit and read marriage humor writings or listen to them in streaming audio. Membership is required in order to access some content.
Marry an Ugly Millionaire
For those people to whom hard cash is more important than looks.
Men Still Think With Their Clubs
Excerpts from a humorous book featuring a the diary of a seductive stone age cavewoman and her exploits.
Men, Women, and Relationship Humor
Archive of jokes plus a mailing list.
Mood Swingers
A light-hearted look at what to do and not to do after you've been dumped.
Mother-in-Law Stories
Sharing fun stories about mother-in-laws.
Neopolitan Online
Working on the principle that all a guy needs is sex, sports, violence, and alcohol.
Pathetic Personals
Collection of pathetic personal ads with additional commentary.
Planet of the Exes
A comical look at divorce, breaking up, and relationships.
Platonic Relationships
Joelogon's Foolproof Guide to Making Any Woman Your Platonic Friend.
Stories about the good and bad points of mother-in-laws.
Quigley's Online Dating Blog
Adventures in trying to find a girlfriend online.
Rate This Chick
Personal ads deconstructed to try to find out what the featured women really mean and want from a relationship.
Realm of Laughter
Jokes about relationships and society.
RomanceStuck.com: Relationship Humor
Small collection of jokes about relationships, marriage, weddings, and divorce.
Rules 4 Dating
Brief advice from an experienced single.
Single Girls guide to Modern Man
Everything a dating girl needs to know.
Single Speak Decoder
Provides real-world translations of what men really mean on their online dating profiles. Also has a section for women.
Examines popular misconceptions about single people and looks at our culture's fear of being single.
Swami Baktanimbin's Love Letter Generator
Automatically generates random love letters for a named person of the visitor's choosing.
The Field Guide to North American Males
Browse a list of boy species organized according to the four families of artsy, gainfully employed, athletic and casual.
The Froy Marriage Test
Automated test to assess the risk of your girlfriend seeking marriage.
The Katessa Panel
A light-hearted advice column by a group of irreverent Aussies.
The Marriage Files
Musings about men, women and marriage.
The Messiah's and Fargo's Love Connectio
A humourous look at Redneck love and the online dating community.
Things My Girlfriend and I Have Argued About
Mil Millington's musings about his home life with German partner Margret, which spawned a Guardian column and then a novel.
Throw Me A Line!
Read and submit the latest (or lamest) pick up lines.
Visiting Mom
All you need to know about visiting your mother.
Why I Will Never Have A Girlfriend
A proof, using simple statistical calculus, of why it is impossible to find a girlfriend.
Why Should Someone Go Out With Me?
One man's collection of 389 reasons why women should date him.
Readers submit pictures and rants about their exes.
You Married Him.com
A humorous look at marriage from a woman's point of view.