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Afiliass, Click Monkeys, DeadHost, I Hate Computers, The Daily Durian, Yoohoo!
Bob The Frog, Crazyhobo.com, Death League, Electric Horse, Taliban Reunited, The Underworld Bar
Bert is Evil, The Dark Side of the Scooby Doo Gang, Time For Teletubbies, Who Wants To Be A Welfare Recipient
Political commentary and humor from both sides of the aisle. Includes discussion forums.
A Hopeless World
Murphy's laws, quotes, taglines, last words, sayings of losers, and funny definitions.
Homepage of Minneapolis writer Abe Welle, former KUMM radio host and newspaper columnist. With satirical media commentary and Bad Relationships comic strip.
Adventures in Advertising
Commentary about current events and pop culture, by an ad man.
Ahmed Kazikian Industry
Company offering waste removal, fine dining, unlicensed psychiatry, and bodyguard service and having the ultimate goal of world domination.
Al Qaeda News
Terrorist sleeper cell activation page.
Alliance of Black Lesbian Jewish Vegetarian Dwarfs
Asking for donations in the fight for rights.
Absurd coverage of real and imaginary news from across the country and around the world.
Asian Underground
A satirical look at Asian life through spoof news, personal views, and current affairs in the UK and South Asia.
Australian Times
Topical comment on news and celebrities.
Features commentary from Northern Ireland. Includes archives and links.
Banana - Coconut Magazine
News, commentary, and rants in an effort to combat ignorance and racism.
Bastard Powered
Ridicule and political commentary. Offers rants and discontent.
Biting Satire
Comment on popular culture, society and news.
Black People Love Us
A fictional white couple and their flubbed attempts to relate to black people.
Blue Collar
Journal of Cameron Davis, a beaver who spends too much time on the internet.
A flippant look at the Israel-Palestinian conflict, focusing on current news, events, and political leaders.
Bob's Fridge Door
Features include Skewpoint, Stuff, Not for Dummies, Parody Section and About Bob. Since 1999.
Boot Camp Daze
Features a gallery of photos with captions and letters home.
Bozo Sightings
Contains stories and recently taken photos of the clown haunting people.
Brain Bullets
Features articles and observations. Includes archive, family, comics and nutrition.
BrainBabble Online
Comment and rants about society.
Brightly Colored
A collection of sarcastic prose, rants and information.
Built for Power
A spoof celebrity.
Burned Out Match
Articles and comments. Features thought of the Week, Beyond the Boundaries, pictures and links.
Business Park Observer
Keeping an eye on a business park across the street. Offers observations from May through September 2003. Then the author had to move.
Canned Ham
Satirical British news by an insane monkey, a whiny liberal, and a scary robot.
Censored Porn Site
No pop-ups, no nudity, no bad language (only bad English), no links, no porn. Nothing.
Making fun of the stuff that makes up daily life. Features fake news, reviews, and Crudpants links.
Chew on This
Offers humor and criticism of everything from current events to politics, religion, and people.
Features editorials, cartoons, poetry and archives.
Departments include the Bush Dictionary, Korean emoticons, Great Moments, Up Close and archives.
Chuck and Cletus
Fake reporting, captioned pictures and commentary. Features thoughts, comics and stories.
Comedy Avenue
Offers a feature story, archives, and the Horny Men's Club Novel.
Cynical commentary on a variety of topics.
Conjecture News
Collection of stories and essays.
Crazy Auctions
Listing bidding on facetious categories including magic things, other persons, knowledge and sex.
Culture, politics, history and railways with a Sri Lankan theme.
Crumbs from Heaven
Selection of stories, letters, facts and reports.
Cyberpunk News Network
Features audiovisual burlesque.
DeadBrain UK
Spoofs British politicians and other global issues.
DeadBrain US
Spoofs current US events and politics.
Death In Douglas
Features quotes, polls, articles, and archives. Lawsuits welcome.
Denounce Newswire
Parodies of company press releases.
Different Gwavy
Collections of writing and articles featuring opinions and rants on various topics.
Digital Bitterness
Commentary and comedy of the jaded variety. Featured sections include games, rants, articles and ad-vice.
Dirt Central
Sections include top stories, politics, science and religion. Features an archive.
Disturber of the Peace Institute
Categories include buffoons, lawyers, know nothings and witches.
Disturbing Headlines from the Earth
Details the happenings following the 9/11 tragedies, including violent mobs and other bizarre tales.
Doagh Net
News site spoof featuring September 29, 2001.
Don Quixote Rides Again
Offers biweekly humor columns and commentary written by writers whose identities have been changed to protect the guilty.
Contains short stories, including wildebeests, cornbread stealing ghosts and an alcoholic teddy bear named Fromage Boudreaux that hires hookers, steals cars/planes, and eats rice. The content is updated daily.
A collection of how-to guides, quizes and commentary.
Dullard Times
Political commentary. Updated bi-monthly.
Features articles, audio and archives. Unsocial commentary on business, government and the media.
Duncan Expose
Sections include news, opinions, and columnists.
End Evil
Satirical news, political articles and quotes. Also features movie and game reviews.
Brand strategy offering a twist. Featuring the Nametron 3000.
Enraged Baboon Headquarters
Offers satirical commentary on current events, entertainment, celebrities and sports figures.
Entropy Effect
Features stories, pictures, police logs and sports figures.
Erick's Satire
Contains stories, political commentary and adventures. Focused on Israel.
Attacks on the most ridiculous aspects of popular culture. Including trends, celebrities, movies, and books. New articles are added each week.
Commentary on celebrities, events and current affairs.
Comment on politics and current events.
Features misfortune cookies, 101 least lists, and the giant angry weblog.
Fat Dancer
UK-based publication that features politics, sex, television and the cult of celebrity.
Features the pseudonews, opinions, letter, archives, and a message board.
FFS News
Subjects include natural disasters, marketing and crime.
Stories about a fictitious young journalist's struggle to make it in London.
Frankly Unfriendly Catholics
Religous attitudes examined and revealed, plus a quiz.
Franko's Trailer Park
Features bottom-feeder family and other freaks of this Texas community.
Fraudutek Industries
Spoof corporation presents goals and products.
From The Desk Of
Spoof memos from the desks of politicians and famous people.
Fungal Haven
The darkside of nostalgia, religion and wrestling. Features cartoon, game and toy reviews.
Funny Online
Offers columns ranging from how to cheat on a midterm to why we need a female president.
Get Odd
Bogus news featuring fun and games, pranks and tricks, and stories.
Global Village Idiot
Mockery, conspiracy theories, political essays and arts reviews.
God's Right Hand
Offers political rants, access of evil, and gallery of stories.
Directing anger at irritating and annoying people.
Grackle News
World events from a Texas perspective.
Group for Animal Emancipation
Mocking terrorism, extremism and the media.
Offers user articles, daily thoughts, polls and commentary,
Spoof of the supermarket gossip magazines. Features the wedding.
Home Despot
Features include rants, skits, dreams, politics, and short stories.
Home Of The Right Wing Conspiracy
Farcical monthly rant to members.
Horn Of Plenty
Pilloring news, dress, lifestyle and motoring.
Hugh Janus
Visual humor and satirical comment about Hong Kong and the rest of the world.
Humor Is Dead
Features social and politcal critique. Departments include an archive, movies, gallery and tech review.
Humor Me Online
Interactive commentary on current affairs, news, media and other topics. Visitors can submit material or take part in a contest.
Spoof company offers manned kites for flying in a hurricane. Features news history and terminology.
Hutchinson and Manning Studios
Commentary on people as well as random stories.
I'm Smarter Than You
Features opinions, editorials, reviews, and music.
iBob Entertainment
Provides satire, parody, and commentary on events and celebrities.
Features daily notebook, in the news, film reviews and today's rant.
Features commentary and Flash animations about celebrities, current event, politics and war.
Presents rants about life, automobiles, services and every day living. Features the WTF list.
In A Perfect World
Offers a monthly article and a history of the author.
International Jewish Conspiracy.
A satirical newsletter mocking white supremacists and other idiots - all from a particular perspective.
Islamic Press United
Lampoons issues of society, culture, and politics in the Muslim world.
It Sucks to be Joe
Features a so called real life soap opera. Offers a cast of characters and the stories.
Original articles, essays, fiction, urban legends and art.
Jesus is Hitler
Features include a rant, nazimail, a timeline, artifacts and FAQ.
Jesus Was A Homo
A re-interpretation of His sexual orientation.
Jiggs Casey
Targets include politics, movies, music, relationships, college life, and booty.
A look at politics, entertainment, and the internet.
Sections include essays, views, journal, movies and music.
Junk Brothers News
Features movie reviews, weather for the year, news stories and trivia tests.
Just Plain Pookie
Caricature of personal home pages. Features tongue-in-cheek funpages.
Just Ram It
Opinions and rants. Categories include TV, movies, music, people and politics.
Knives and Liars
Raw commentary on a variety of subjects. Features newsflash, sponsor parodies and back issues.
Kput Komedy Ink
Offers magazine covers, audio skits, and commentary. Featuring News, Views & Libel, Gulp Fiction, the novel and archives.
Lance and Eskimo
Features columns on movies and the media, reviews, Flash movies and games.
Les Pages aux Folles
Weekly topical rantings about politics, entertainment and the everyday.
Lethal Death
Commentary, reviews, essays, comics and advice.
Mad Dog's Leaflets
Collection of English version pamphlets offered to Iraq.
Mockery of real situations. Sections include front page, comics, editorials, horoscope and advice.
McLir's Synaptic Junction
Comment on under-reported news, satirical writing, images and parodies.
Merlin Foundation
Offers current news, psychic services, research library and breaking legislation.
Mind of Brian
Offers rants and commentary on sports, politics, society, the media and music.
Wide ranging spoofs and commentary on life, culture and business.
Rants, blog supermarket mag rip-offs. Features quick links and traveller's tale.
Mock Spatchcock
Features commentary on popular culture, history and the workplace.
Modern Dogma
Comment on current affairs, celebrities, relationships and everyday life.
Modern Mess
A collection of stories about this day and age. Includes an archive.
Comment, poetry and advice covering government and personal issues. Visitors can submit their own material.
Lampooning news worldwide. Topics include technology, business, food, culture and religion.
Movie Juice
Sarcastic reviews. Features a diary and archives.
Muskrat News
Features research reports and line of the day. Lampooning foreign affairs and ranting.
Features world news, stories, commentary and archives. From India.
Facetious, but realistic shops. Also features Store and Neurad Technologies.
Newsy News
Published weakly. Features rants and protests.
Offers spoof headlines, ticker, archives and votes.
Reviews and observations. Updated sporadically.
None But the Righteous
A source of fake news and commentary from the right point of view.
Fictitious company in the nonprofit sector. Features pricing, job opportunities, and a list of partners.
Offers stories, parodies of the news, polls and quotes. From Ireland about Europe.
Specializes in commentary, essays, freakshows, village idiots, and the curious.
Syndicated newspaper column featuring offbeat articles.
Featuring news by Kinky Soho Mark, spoof UK TV station Channel 23, the fish of knowledge, and random club generator.
Only in America
Offers droll reports on human activities.
Outside the Asylum
Features include worldviews, stray thoughts, women, sex and about the author.
Offers a view of the world, pop cultural and political commentary.
Paul and Carls Daily Diatribe
Features commentary and rants. Offers archives and links.
Perpetrator X
Departments include news, offers and about us. Customize the content and email links.
Features comics, rants, and poems of a crazed Irishman.
Pitabrunch, Satura Lanx
Satirical commentary about Israeli society.
Planet Trash
Features a sarcastic view of the world. Offers news, stories, and a message.
A mockery of the news. Features stories, top tens, dotcom disasters and TV shows.
A collection of corporate attitudes, press releases, and a mission statement. Includes a user liability statement.
Sarcastic takes on pop culture, tv, movies, radio, celebs.
Categories include archive, celebrity news, and rough planet guides.
Postcards from the Pug Bus
Commentary on news and current events.
Procrastinate Now
Offers the rantings of a legal clerk. Features include solicitors, the list, and general articles.
Comment on life, media and popular culture.
Raging Donkey
Comment on news, media and life.
Real News Central
A sarcastic look at the world of journalism.
RealBullshit International
Dedicated to political and social satire/humor. Includes press releases and an audio archive.
Reality Syndicate
A collection of articles, sound clips and movies. Requires Flash.
Republicans Get Caught With Their Pants Down
Reports on the sexual activities of over 100 Republicans; affairs, criminal arrests, and remarks.
Right on the Mark
Politics and social commentary. Lampooning of popular culture.
Rob Bloom
Humorous comment on news and current events plus original cartoons.
Sake-Drenched Postcards
Delivers a weekly column that features Japanese culture.
Articles, shorts and irrelevant information.
Spoof of news site. Includes stories, features, and gossip.
Original satirical comment from William Stockton.
Offers interplanetary, extraterrestrial paranoia.
The life and times of John Schneider. Features biopsy, interview, and Film/TV credits.
Features the lighter side of news, short stories, snippets and the comic strip Crackhead & Hatch.
Scum Online
Features business, bizarre, media and shite award.
Self Help
Commentary on cigarette smoking, obesity, drug addiction, depression, alcoholism, bad relationships, excessive gambling and hemorrhoids.
Offers fake news and tales of stupidity. Features archives.
Severe Tire Damage
Features articles from different authors on a wide variety of topics.
Sheep Overboard
Poking fun at world, national, and community issues, with a soft spot for things ovine.
A collection of articles, comics and forums commenting on the ordinary and the every day.
Siberia Gym
A look at a Russian club. Features pictures, history and testimonials.
Sister Randy
Sister Randy is a smoking nun who shoots from the lip and wears a sexy Freudian slip beneath her conservative black habit.
Sections include the arts, media, stories, politics and commentary.
A directory of unintended web humor. Features religious, the arts, the office, and the news.
So You've Decided to be Evil
Primer detailing the eight essential steps to becoming a successful member of the forces of darkness.
Featuring a gallery, downloads, humorous articles and rants.
A look at sports reporting. Features stories, radio, the wire, about us and archives.
Fake current events with a sports theme.
Sections include opinion, conspiracy, news and links.
Sticking It To The Man
Anti-establishment commentary featuring corporate greed and stupid businesses.
Studio 8 Entertainment
Features articles, TV show, characters, campus dirt, music, comics, reviews and special reports.
Stuff 802
Offers dark humour and social observations. Features include Potatoes Ate My Grandma and Modern Life is Rubbish.
Includes quotes from famous people, satirical commentary on politicians and other newsmakers, lists, news items, and facts detailing stupidity in the world today.
Super Spoof Productions
Global and Canadian news examined, fictitious dot coms and made-up movie reviews.
Tale Wins
Collection of stories by various authors.
Tales From The Sea Side
A collection of stories from the pages of The Tramore Strand, an Irish local magazine.
Sections include news, Canada, entertainment, and sports. Offers an archive.
Temple of Black Jesus
Features a homeless evangelical street preaching prophet.
That Be Bristle
Monthly tongue in cheek publication from and about Bristol UK.
The Asheville Disclaimer
Asheville, NC parody publication spoofs local and national stories.
The Australian Times
Topical comment on news and celebrities.
The Beige Site
Everything that you want to know about old people including how much does one cost.
The Biggins McMunch Corporate Experience
Offers services, careers and current affairs.
The BilgeBucket Gazette
Headline, archives and a disclaimer that promises to shovel it in the name of free speech. Features humor at the expense of deities, political parties, religion and humans in general.
The Bladder
An Australian site focusing on Cricket, Australian Rules Football and other sports.
The Boredom Times
Humorous and fake news articles; some satirical, some hysterical. Features include sports, health, politics and weather.
The Broderick Sheets
Humorous observations applied to current event photos. Updated weekly.
The Brushback
Online news magazine covering the USA sports scene.
The Bureau of Missing Socks
Devoted to solving the mystery. Features explanations, literature and questionnaire.
The Comedic Fabians
Offers weekly articles and rants, and a cartoon feature by James Simpson.
The Cool Guy Files
Explores cool male archetypes, sayings and lifestyles.
The Cougarstein Ramble
Song parodist and humorist. Features lyrics, news commentary, and CDs.
The Culture Department
Categories include high school correspondent, the guys, Dante's pit of advice, web cam and the Hollywood geek machine.
The Cynic's Sanctuary
Features an explanation, dictionary, hall of fame and message board. Includes things to be cynical about.
The Cynical Times
Offers feature articles and movie reviews.
The Cynical Web Site
A source quotes and Murphyisms. Features a dictionary.
The Daily Bull
Offers include latest headlines, articles and the Mobile edition. Features a forum.
The Daily Truth
Presents commentary and humor. Includes obituaries, archives and information about the contributors and Cowchip, Alabama.
The Devil's Digital Dictionary
Modern phrases and buzzwords explained and defined.
The Doublepatty Enquirer
Features articles of humour, a selection of rants and commentary on life. Includes a portfolio, movie reviews and a blog.
The Dumbing Down of America
Essays and ramblings by Val Peterson.
The Enduring Vision
Featuring satirical news stories, and humorous pictures. Updated weekly.
The Eschalot
Family-friendly news satire on popular topics.
The Fake News
A collection of stories and an archive.
The IK Files
Features a gallery of pictures, horoscopes, and rantings of a troll.
The Illander Newspaper
April Fools news parody from Pensacola Beach, Florida. 2003 edition.
The Landfill
Features articles, reviews, garbage and humchee survivor.
The Last Laugh
Political commentary on current events. Features articles, archives and Dr. Bill.
The Limerick Savant
Commentary about current events and popular culture in the form of limericks.
The Midway
Comments on the media, politics and current affairs.
The Misanthropic Bitch
Rants on a variety of topics, including current affairs, politics and social issues.
The Naughty Pig
Offers so called news stories, top nines lists, and archives. Australian-based.
The New Forum
Covering politics, current events, religion, media, science, and morality.
The Onion
A farcical newspaper featuring world, national and community news.
The Pothole Post
News, sports, movies, and general advice.
The Prague Stepchild
Collection of fictitious news stories from around the world.
the RE:public
Features a collection of articles and rants written by its members.
The Reader's Doglist
Sections include articles, recipes, and activities.
The San Fernando Valley Times
Featuring wacky ads, a local entertainment guide and love advice from the Elephant Man. Updated monthly.
The Satirical World of Colin Cohen
Offers video, animation, audio, and prose. Features Modest Proposal, The House of Kidz, and a biography.
The Satirist
Cultural journal. Features trends in arts, literature and politics.
The Shrubbery
Rants, raves, and comedy. Features columns, movie and music reviews, and archives.
The Simon
Weekly articles, stories and features. Includes an archive.
The Society For Chicken Love
Offers information on fighting for rights and justice for chickens.
The Southern Substandard
Poking fun at cultural and political trends of the day.
The Squirrel Nest
Offers articles and commentary. Features the song Baghdad Bob.
The Stray Lake Signal-Gazette
A fictional weekly newspaper about a small town and its citizens.
The Theme Farm Observer
Animated mockery of current events and opinions. Features top stories, forum and sneak previews.
The Toilet Paper
A collection of rants and stories from 1997-2000. Includes an award review.
The Toque
Offers stories, headlines, weekly news, sexual health and archives. Canadian source.
The Twinkles Hakim Archives
Features press clippings, articles and the personal scrapbook.
The Untrue North
Toronto's satirical, weekly online newspaper. Fake news, sports, entertainment, op-ed and more. We publish reader submissions.
The Unwanted Statesman
Social commentary. Offers a weekly feature and archives.
The Valley Online
Offers a rant, fiction and archives. Includes contact info.
The Van Gogh-Goghs
Essays, parodies, and sketch comedy. Features include Dr. Sodas, career slumps, and VGGTV.
The Washington Pox
News spoof, Features front page and archives.
The Witty Title
Features articles and editorials lampooning the ordinary. Includes archives and a forum.
The Wolf
Features a mockery of current events, Christian humor, computer stories and pictures.
The Wolf and Saddam
A modern fable featuring United States policy toward Iraq.
The Wondrously Random World
Features include the must-be-answered questions, the monkey page, boring, haggis, and puce.
The World According to Pete
Politics, pop culture, society-at-large, relationships according to the blog author.
The World Of Stanley Tuesday
Features a cartoon character and rantings about popular culture and other musings.
The Writing Works
A collection of sketches and scripts intended to ridicule authority and offend convention.
The Yam
Offbeat articles about world issues and personal stories.
Features social and political commentary, and humorous fiction. Also accepts reader contributions.
Commentary on current events and daily life. Features archives and contact info.
Categorized articles include news, sports, media, cars, sex, and food. A community effort.
Think Dammit
Offers biased views of current events, media culture, and foreign and domestic politics.
Thorax Corporation
Faux corporate lampooning bad web pages, ebusiness, and internet scams.
Toad a la Mode
Features a waiting and whine list, and a menu of articles, commentary and news.
Features the online ranting forum for the Wakendaw Bunch. From Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina.
Tomorrow's News
Features top story, Mr. Underwear Man, Mr. Manners, celebrity gossip and cartoons. Also an archives.
Total Manipulation
Offers sideways view of entertainment. Features rants, picture collections, and a blog.
Features news rants, movie ramblings, media and people.
Town Bike
Features comic headlines, articles, commentary and rants.
Truth Be Known
Features stories, random quotes and rants from Rabbit and Weasel.
Truth or Derrick
An archive of articles includes rants, film reviews and dear Santa letters.
Tudor Times
Stories and news presented as if written in 1400-1600 A.D. Also contains links to the actual inspirations for the articles, plus reference resources.
Turtle Portal
Features include Trans Global Chronicle, Time Machine Tribune, Godzorro, Kingpin Tin, Killer Greely and World Stealth. Offers animated presentations, magazine formats, commentary and stories.
Stories, comics and images illustrate a twisted look at reality.
Uncle Deercamp
An experiment in artificial stupidity. Features eye garbage and ear wax downloads.
Uncle Stupid
Tracks absurd news stories. Features include bizarre, quotes and opinions.
Under Construction
Spoof online newspaper. Includes British and world news, fake ads, and social commentary.
Map, facts and figures, information on cities, art, government, notable citizens, postal stamps, and sports of the imaginary country.
Utica Blows Productions
Dedicated to expose the hideousness through various forms of media. Features Welcome to K2 and The Unofficial Mr. X Web Page.
Features a collection of rants and opinions written by the members.
Vitreous Humor
Humorous and satirical cartoons, comedic articles and eyeball gloop.
Wasted Network
Satirical comment on life, current events and celebrities, plus parodies and jokes.
Weasel No More
Rants and social comment, plus a guide to identifying those people who are really weasels.
What Would the Fonz Do?
Features include parody and mis-information.
White Washed Web
Offbeat comment on current events, plus poetry and ramblings.
World War Bush
A collection of sarcastic rants on a range of subjects about the president.
Monthly features with a Scottish theme. Offers sports, lifestyle and news.
Youth Suicide
Features rants, reviews, and games. Offers banners and wallpapers.