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Astrofunny.com, Cosmic Debris, Space Jokes, Spacecraft Manual and Survival Hints, StarKeith.net, The Galactic Core Gazette
A New Application of Darwin's Theory, Biology Karaoke, Biology poetry, Brain Songs, Cell Bio Personals, Cicadaville, Cooking with a Scientist, Curiosities of Biological Nomenclature, Developmental Biology Online: Humor, Dolly's Cloning Emporium
ACS Joke-a-Rama Chemistry Humor Page, Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide!, Coalition to Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide, Comical Compounds Gallery, Dihydrogen Monoxide Research Division, EddNet Chemistry, Got a Problem? Ask Chemists, MDeA's Chemistry Fun Page, Molecules with Silly or Unusual Names, Musical Chemistry
Career Guide for Engineers and Computer Scientists, Engineering Humor, Engineering Joke of the Week, Engineers Explained, Patently Silly, Profession Jokes - Engineers, The College of Pragmatic Engineering, You Might Be an Engineer If...
Flaming Pop Tarts, Advanced Rutabaga Studies Institute, Beer Me Diet, Characterization of Organic Illumination Systems, Fun with Grapes, Making Ice Cream With Liquid Nitrogen, Organization for Eco-Enlightened Protein Consumpti, Unwise Microwave Oven Experiments
Agent North Seven East, Earth Science Jokes, Geology Humor, Paleo Humor - Part of Kuban's Paleo Place, Songs of Geology and Chemistry and Other Science-R, The Adventures of Rock
Health and Safety
The Material Safety Data Sheet Fun Page, The Selman-Troytt Memorial, Toxic Trivia
007 News WWW Edition, 36 Methods of Mathematical Proof, A Treasury of Mathematical Humour, Acme Klein Bottle, Fun With Math, Gary Ramseyer's First Internet Gallery of Sta, How to Memorize Pi, Icecube's Keep, International Number Registry, Ivars Peterson's MathTrek
Angels on a Pin, BBspot - Half-Life 2 Physics Engine Contains Grand, BBspot - Overclocker Creates Rift in Space-Time Co, Buttered Cat, Doug Craigen's Huge Physics Humor Collection, Einstein, Heisenberg, Tipler, Evil Squirrels and Physicists, First Atomic Clock Wristwatch, Furniture Physics, Love and Tensor Algebra
Dr. Mezmer's World of Bad Psychology, Encyclopedia of Psychology Humor, Humor Psychology, Psych Jokes, Psycho Humor, Psychology humor, PsycHumor
Ask Dr. Science
America's foremost authoritarian on the world around us. Or at least the world around him.
Bad Science Projects
The scientific method gone terribly, terribly wrong. Scientists with too much time on their hands.
Best of RHF: Computer, Science and Math Jokes
A selection from the rec.humor.funny newsgroup.
Blunders and Mistakes of Science
A compilation of mistakes which are the result of misapplication or ignorance of science and engineering principles.
Bob Meyer's Premier Web Pages
Americans for Cloning Elvis (ACE), Americans for Cloning Dead Celebrities (ACDC), Bob Meyer's Compendium of Elvis Sightings.
Comic Brian Malow hosts a live daily webcast featuring interviews with scientists, authors, techies, artists, musicians and others.
Casebook of the Queer and Strange
A non too serious study of the UFO, crop circle, supernatural phenomena and a look at the so-called Apollo moon landing hoax.
Causal or Casual?
The relationship between strep throat and Italian restaurant food.
Science cartoons indexed by category: physics, chemistry, life sciences, medicine, and computers.
Eric Schulman's Science Humor
Includes "How to Write a Scientific Paper," "The History of the Universe in 200 Words or Less," and other articles and essays, most published in The Annals of Improbable Research.
Flaxon Alternative Interface Technologies
Home and underground research and development facility of the Evil Doctor Flaxon, located in the heart of the Nevada nuclear test site.
Frodsham Amateur Ghost Society
Off-Beat look at Paranormal Investigation focusing on alleged apparitions of dead celebrities in the Frodsham area.
Fun Science
A small collection of rather pointless experiments.
Goclock Web Clocks
Clocks relating to a variety of scientific phenomena, historical events and environmental topics.
Good Science Jokes
Scientific humor, jokes, and cartoons organized by topic.
HotAIR: Annals of Improbable Research
International science humor magazine, rival to the Journal of Irreproducible Results, AIR chronicles genuine and concocted research from Earth's best and worst scientists and science writers, and administers the annual Ig Nobel Prize ceremony. Many articles online not in the print version, and vice versa.
IG Nobel Prize
Awarded every year at Harvard University for "achievements that cannot or should not be reproduced."
Institute for Parallel Studies
A collection of odd, Frankenstein-like images and peculiar essays.
Intellectual Hair
Humanising scientific discovery and achievement by way of light hearted and somewhat scientific entertainment.
Metric Conversion Chart
For those of us who hate conversion problems (and who doesn't?), here are some conversion factors that are much more enjoyable than what we usually see in the back of the textbook.
Middle School Science Humor
Statements taken from the work of middle school students.
OmniResearch, Inc.
The Journal of Omniresearch Online publishes original humorous research articles in a broad range of scientific topics. [Contains fictitious information.]
Reality Carnival
A news site that explores the edges of science: altered realities, near-death experiences, unsolved mysteries, exotic sushi, parallel universes, religion & science, weird & fun, sex, beauty & brains, fantastic memes. Edited by science writer Dr. Cliff Pickover.
Save the Electrons
A campaign to save the uncountable numbers of electrons that are wasted everyday.
Science and Math Jokes
A weird and wacky place filled with links to all sorts of science jokes.
Science Entertainment
Home of Lynda Williams, the Physics Chanteuse.
Science Humor
Quotes from 11-year-olds' science exams, and what NOT to do/say at your Ph.D Defense.
Science Humor Webring
This ring is intended to join websites with humor about science and scientists, so that you can wander forever along the science humor sites.
Science Jokes
Jokes about the sciences and mathematics arranged by topic.
Science Jokes (Joachim Verhagen's site)
Collection of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, geology and university humor. It also includes humorous quotes, rhymes, mnemonics and anecdotes about scientists
Science Maniac
Miscellaneous jokes and trivia about astronomy, Einstein, animals, and plants.
Scientific Quotes Gathered on the Net
Miscellaneous quotes, including: what in the world is electricity, and where does it go after it leaves the toaster?
Prompted by a letter from Dr. Eugenie Scott in Science News noting that the creationists have all the good songs, Dr. Stephen Baird decided to address the long neglected problem of scientific gospel. Includes music, quotes, and merchandise.
Society for Scientific Exploitation
Promoting the belief in exotic, aberrant, or supernatural explanations for ostensibly anomalous or paranormal phenomena.
Solar Death Ray
Using the power of 112 suns to burn, melt, and destroy things.
Sometimes Science Sucks
Webcomic about science and the situations that occur when it all goes wrong.
South Pacific Institute of Nolledge
Te Ngstitute Pikamanaga O Pasifika. A satirical look at modern corporate research institutes: nolledge, boffins, sustainable managers, ambush marketing, and electron retrospectroscopy.
Stop the Spin
Satiral organization dedicated to stopping global warming by stopping the spin of the earth.
Strange But Untrue Science
Explore the three key areas of Science (Phydlstics, Pharmacy and Squidgy Things) with a mad scientist.
Super Awesome Time Machine Thinking
Experiments in time travel.
Science-related fiction, journal and images.
The Dark Sucker Theory
Dedicated to those hardy, brave souls who know the deeper truth and aren't ashamed to admit it: that so-called "light sources" are really dark suckers.
The Deirdre Project
An investigation into a spatial and temporal anomaly, a dish which refuses to clean itself.
The Final Front Ear
Ramlings on SETI-related topics.
The Magic of A.I.
Entertaining tidbits from the realm of Artificial Intelligence.
The Metric System Sucks
A unit conversion utility, message board, a comparison the two systems of measurement, and a look at who uses this system.
The Quantum Theory of Econodynamics
Imagine a cross between economics and thermodynamics...
The Sciencist
A satirical journal of science featuring groundbreaking research, experiments and reports.
The Straight Dope by Cecil Adams
"Education and Condescension" - Fighting ignorance since 1973, Cecil Adams takes questions from the teeming millions, spewing forth correctness week after week in his replies.
The Underwater Mouse Project
Documents an underwater mouse. Plenty of pictures and illustrations are included.
The V. Excellent Dictionary Group
An unusual collection of words and quotes depicting the lifes of three ordinary teenagers during their A-level science courses.
This Week In Science
Web site and online audio archives for the weekly TWIS science radio show. A humorous and irreverent take on the world of science.
Why Is The Sky Blue
Features funny scientific misinformation and silliness.
Yes, It's Patented
List of strange inventions which have actually been patented.