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A humorous weekly feature on any one of a variety of sports issues.
90 Proof Sports
Unapologetic sports commentary with a vindictive twist.
Around the Wicket
Caricatures and cartoons about cricket by Phil Holt.
Ballmaster Sports
Sports, football, basketball, skateboarding, fishing and bikinis.
Jokes, quotes, stories and one liners about the sport, its players and teams.
Beer Pong
The rules and history of this little-known sport.
Beez Art Books
An original comic book about basketball. Site features example strips and character biographies. Requires flash.
Buck-Monkey Online
Humorous deer hunting and deer camp stories.
BunkoSquad SportsBlog
Daily ruminations and observations about the world of sports, particularly Boston-area teams.
Canyon Football
A parody of a typical High School football website.
A brutal and probably dangerous sport for those who want to test their manhood.
DoubleOdd Sports Cartoons
The cartoon with sports celebrities and celebrity caricatures.
Drunken Edge
Wrestling-related humor and comment.
Extreme Accordioning
A crossover musical/sporting event using a musical instrument with dozens of keys.
eXtreme Disk Ripping
Information on this new extreme sport. Includes safety guide and links.
Fishing Jokes
Jokes and other humor relating to the pastime of fishing.
Fun Football
Soccer and American football jokes and humor.
Funny Bicycle World Records
Information on the cycling-backwards-playing-a-violin world record. In English and German.
gorilla v bear
Information and celebrity comment on this rare form of animal sport.
Grudge Match: Super Bowl
The Buffalo Bills and the Minnesota Vikings finally get a realistic shot at winning a Super Bowl, by playing each other.
Hirer Education
Satirical photo essay on college sports.
Hockey Snacks
A weekly e-zine of NHL and ice hockey humor
Horse Racing Jokes
A collection of jokes and funny stories about horses, racing and equestrianism.
I Hate Kickers.com
Providing news and humor from the sports world with a special emphasis on the NFL.
KidsSportsNet: Jokes Vault
A collection of clean sporting jokes.
Left Field Sports
A humorous look at sports, presented as a weekly installment of satirical news stories.
Mangold Hurling Association
Traditional English sport from the county of Somerset. Includes history and comprehensive rules.
Melbourne Hash House Harriers
Australian-based alcoholic athletics group.
Mount Pleasant LTC - Fun Stuff
Tennis jokes, funny photos, audio and video clips.
Phootball Fhotos
A place where football pictures are used to make you laugh a lot.
Pro Sports Hall of Shame
Dedicated to preserving the side of sports and sportspeople that some would sooner forget.
Proptalk Rugby
Rugby stories dedicated to the fraternal order of idiot brothers, the front row.
Right Field Sucks
A site for Chicago Cubs fans and bleacher bums around the world.
Rowing Geek Test
Take this silly test to see if you're a rowing geek.
Students' Political Organization Resisting Team Sports - site has an anti-sports theme and explores the negative effects of competitive sports in a humorous way.
Say It Ain't So
Satirical publication devoted to baseball, football, golf and other sports.
Secrets of the Peloton
A humorous look at the world of professional cycling in the form of cartoons.
Ridiculing sports figures with satire and humorous pictures, plus editorial comment.
Sport Non-Sport
Determine and argue about what constitutes a proper sport and what doesn't.
Sporting Doubles Game
Answer a series of simple psychological questions to determine your exact double in the sporting world.
Sports Geekz
Satirical coverage of a range of sports, including the NFL, college football, NBA, MLB and NHL.
Sports Jokes
Humor and jokes relating to over twenty different sports.
Sports PhDs
Humor from the point of view of postgraduate sports students.
Satirical comment on sports and the people who play them.
Swagger Says
Light-hearted commentary on college sports.
The Becker Sports Report
Satirical sports journalism, covering a wide range of sports subjects and personalities.
The Commentary Box
Sport, politics and dead celebrities. Comedy, humor, parody, satire and writing on the Internet.
The Heckle Depot
Baseball heckle instructions, jokes, and humor from MLB games.
The Mountain Biking Madness Album
Humorous articles and funny pictures about mountain biking, written by a freelance writer.
The Spitter
Satirical baseball magazine, poking fun at players, owners and fans.
The Sports Cliche List
Large collection of tired, old sports cliches, lingo, and jargon.
The Sports Curmudgeon
A humorous and slightly slanted look at the world of sports from one of its most literate, if not a little grouchy, members.
True Biking "Storys"
Funny true stories about bicycles, by Don True.
TwistedFans, The World's Funniest Athletic Su
Sports Parody, Satire and Humor. Spoof sports news.
X-Ball Online
The official site for all the latest news and information on X-Ball, the most violent and popular sport in the world.
Yank This!
Humor for Red Sox fans and Yankee haters everywhere.
Yankees Newswire
For people who love to hate the Yankees.