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A DailyConfession.com, All Is Forgiven, e-admit.com, iConfess, The Confessional
Humorous stories, funny advice, and the jackass awards.
Absolute Robeo
Clean humor and humorous, original short stories written by Robert Byron.
Absurd Humorous Stories
Humorous original short stories on a variety of items, including the news.
Adventures of Swoozie True
The humorous adventures of an offbeat chick from birth to celebrity.
Aejotz' Fables
Anthropomorphic animals illuminating human foibles in these modern day fables.
Ah, Life!
A large collection of short short stories.
Airline Humor
Airline employees can add their humorous or dark stories here.
Alarmingly Strange Stories
Reader submissions, humor, horror, fantasy, and science fiction.
All the Best Drinking Stories
True, embarrassing stories of over-indulging, pictures, quotes, links, and mailbag.
A collection of short stories on unusual topics.
Angela Gillaspie's SouthernAngel
The "Redneck Bombeck" takes you all through the interesting feats of Southern motherhood.
Angela's Humor Columns
Humorous stories and commentary on a variety of subjects.
Annoying Neighbors
Read stories and post your own about bad experiences with neighbors.
Anonymous Revenge
Read these stories of revenge sent in by our readers.
Stories of tragedy, disaster, wombats and embarassment.
Beard-o Project
Stories of a beard, and its various humorous adventures.
Benjamin Timothy Dyer
Tales on a variety of topics, including humor, romance and science fiction.
Beryl the Gnome
Stories and general humor related to this species of little folk.
BG's Place
BG shares excerpts, funny short stories and her irreverent take on justice and truth.
Big Brown Cow
A humorous story-in-progress about the adventures of a cow and an opossum.
Blue Monkey
A blue monkey, his friend, and their search for their lost pink emerald.
Bob's Party Searching Travels
Visitors can guide Bob's story through different scenarios in an attempt to find him a good time.
Bob's Photographs and Stories
Silly short stories to make you either giggle or groan. Includes photos.
Brainwoofer Travel Humor
An archive of collected funny stories from travels around the world.
Campfire Tales
Trivia, and short stories about the Old West.
Captain Snappy's
A world of biting sarcasm and senseless humor.
Carbuncle Corner
Nick Harvey's comment and the old groaner, plus the correspondence Column.
Tales of a diverse collection of fictional dragons.
Silliness, whines, and random profound musings by three 40-something girlfriends.
Chimney Fishing
A collection of humorous short stories, plays and personal narratives.
City Folks in the Country
Stories of the misadventures of city folks transported to country living, including the skunk dog, the parade donkey, and Lunch the pig.
Clean Funny
A collection of clean, funny stories, jokes and links.
Cold Bacon
A collection of rants, essays and other attempts at humorous writing.
College Stories
A collection of stories from the college life. Topics range from final exams to fraternity pranks.
Conspiracy Revealed: Mars Pathfinder Mission
These slightly adjusted genuine pictures from the Mars Pathfinder Mission reveal a government conspiracy. There is life on Mars.
Country Whispers Stories and Humor
Country western fun and entertainment stories.
Cutting the Cheese
Story outlining the happenings in a fictional gay community.
Cynical Psychosis
Features stories from a perspective, slightly off center.
Don's Dizzy Dragon
Humor magazine of original stories, satire, fables , and games.Updated weekly. A jokes library.
Dumbass Chronicles
A collection of humorous factual stories.
Eight Minute Masterpieces
Read the bizarre results of having three people collaborate on a short story in the span of eight minutes. Visitors can submit their own stories.
Embarrassing Moments
Stories of real-life embarrassing moments. Submit your own.
Enna and Robbette's Story
A twisted, funny, ironic story of two insane girls' lives with '90's pop culture references to boot.
Fairly Twisted Tales
A short collection of well-known fairy tales that have been warped into a twisted mess.
Fisherman's Guidebook of Jokes and Humor
Original stories and humor about fishing and the outdoors life.
Francine Magazine
Chronicles the life of a fictional cartoon character named Francine. Includes short stories, animation, tips, quizzes, horoscopes, movie reviews, and book reviews.
Original musings, rambling, and creatives of an eclectic collective.
Funny Stories
This site contains over 50 funny and humourous stories from short stories to long stories.
Funny Stories
Collection of short funny stories.
Funtime Sindy
Humorous picture stories featuring this iconic doll.
Gentry's Portfolio
Comedy monologues, humorous quotations, serious writings and downloads.
Goofiness Ramblings
Humorous but often pointless and charmless ramblings focused intently on nothing in particular.
Grab Bag
Humor columns penned over several decades by James H. Jones.
Grave Times
Humorous stories, including a little vasectomy operation...
Hectic Planet
Collection of humorous and weird stories. Vote for your favorite and submit your own.
Humor Is Relative
Locate humorous collections of stories about the one thing we all have in common: family.
Humorous stories on a variety of topics, plus pictures, observations and links.
I Used to Believe
Over 8000 examples of common or bizarre childhood beliefs, organised by topic.
Imitation Pickles
A life-changing, emotionaly charged collection of bizzare tales, java games and things written by Philip the man Hassey.
In My Place
Improvised web sitcom featuring assorted characters.
In Passing
Bizarre, tragic, true and sometimes hilarious things a college girl overhears during the course of her day.
Indignant Humor
Rotating features including news-satire, sadistic serials, sarcasm-riddled short stories, and a travelogue.
It's In My Pants
Collection anecdotes, stereotypes, bias, and vanity.
James Cole
A collection of humorous and lewd stories involving women, alcohol, or otherwise random occurances in the life of one rather unfortunate individual.
Japan Lite
Amy Chavez's weekly humor column from the Japan Times.
Jaron's Wacky Tales
Humorous columns written by Jaron Summers who is author of "The Whooping Moose" and "Become a Published Author" - print your opus for the cost of a Big Mac".
Jim Loy's Humor Page
Original fiction, non-fiction, and essays.
Jitters Vacation Stories
Humorous stories of the travels of the Caribbean cafe's mascot.
Kat's Korner of the World
Humorous and satirical column, plus the Pet Peeve Patrol.
Kevin Ginsberg
A collection of short stories with a very unique style.
Kids With Tasers
Online humor, magazine-style, discussing pop culture, and politics.
Life of Bob
The sad story of a loser and his feckless friend.
Living With Agoraphobia
Humorous stories about Agrophobia and other anxieties.
Lowest Common Denominator
Features humorous stories, interviews, columns, and links.
Man 1, Bank 0
The story of a man who deposited a junk mail fake check for $95,000.
Marton Harry's Column
An archive of humorous writings from a civil servant stretching back to the 1980s.
Matts House
Read "The Cause" and "Jigoku-Sama's Restricted Romance."
Mission Implausible
Follow humor writer Suzanne Schlosberg as she attempts to compensate for 33 years of irrelevance by going on a wild binge of volunteering.
Stories from a fictional Irish town.
Explores the meaning of life, the universe, and our all too human condition, through music, art, poetry, and the time honored tradition of story telling. We also offer high quality midi files of rare music and lyrics.
More True Stories
Features weird and humorous true stories.
Humorous articles and online book titled "The Thing That Would Not Graduate."
Mr. Misadventure Strikes Again
A work in progress about a particularly angry and unpleasant individual who seeks vengeance as he sees fit.
Muddled Ones, Inc.
Humorous stories and poetry by Bobert Fishbone and friends.
My Two Cents Worth
Articles, reviews, commentaries and essays with an irreverent view of the world.
New Orleans Bar Stories
Humorous tales from the pubs of New Orleans.
Nonsensical Nonsense
Stories, activities and weird stuff.
Humorous articles and stories with a bizarre take on Movies, TV and everything else that matters.
Outtakes of History
History as it was never taught....
Pen & Pixel
Hard-to-believe true stories and could-be-true fiction, humor, satire, and silliness written by humorist, Mitch Lemus.
Pete TV
Features the "lost" Seinfeld episode, the Weekly Pete, Barfly, and the Dear Abby prank.
Stories that have what people find annoying, bizarre, mundane, or just plain ridiculous in life. Visitors can also submit their own stories.
PR Bop
Weird and wonderful things that are sent over the PR wires. The following wires are used: PRNewswire, Business Wire, AScribe, MarketWire, and Newswise.
A humor site where people who work in retail can post their anecdotes about their jobs, and customers.
RLA's Joywagon Spectacular
Both chapters from RLA's commentary on life, and writings from other visitors.
Rocket Car Story
A possibly true story about four guys who attach a jet engine to their car.
Rotating Mothers-in-Law
Laugh at other people's in-law problems and forget your own. Jane, small, nerdy and a born underdog, is dumped on by large, rich relatives. But she has a secret weapon...
Rowena's Page
A continuing series of mostly humorous short stories about a young woman's life.
Sarr Chasm
Short stories, micro-fiction and personal observations.
The Lads from Lagos - a collection of funny scam letters (supposedly from the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation).
Marshmallows for the mind. A remedy for information overload.
Scum Cabbage 13
A heroic tale of a fearless detective.
Seagull's Humor Page
A well laid out site full of many humorous stories and anecdotes
Selected Works of Henry E. Panky
Features articles, reviews, shorts and archives. Includes author biography.
So Anyways
Weekly columns and daily musings about life, family, friends and pets.
A collection of short stories with a humorous twist.
Stories by Mike Hogan
Humorous short stories from one who has it all wrong. Includes revealing theories on life's little embarrassments, large surprises and extra large underpants.
Stories To Brighten Your Day
Animated, musical humor and whimsical stories and story poems, plus a holiday page for each month.
Storyhoc Network
Small-town newspaper written by a small group of high school students.
Monthly humorous column, evaluating life's frustrations, anticipations and aggravations.
Thats Embarrassing!
Collection of stories from work, relationships, family and school.
The Asylum
A few funny stories, including a star trek spoof, hercules fan-fiction, and links.
The Big Big Planet
A respository of humorous observations, open to contributors from around the world.
The Damnedest Things You Have Ever Seen
Ten pages of amusing and embarrassing stories, and a few pictures. Submissions encouraged.
The Dream Realm Saga
A silly and surreal story containing flying cows, shaved frogs, and invisible turnips.
The Farcical Dilettante
Includes the Dilettante litmus test, short stories, time travel conversations, evil television, and pontifications.
The Flurby Jim News Site
Flurby Jim, Herby Flo, Bill, BatBloke, and Dobin, do their thing here.
The FunnyGuy
Lampoons love, psychology, business, politics, and positive thinking!
The Hammerheads Adventures
Originial humorous stories from Cumbria, UK.
The Little Engine that Could
Stories related to a high-mileage Mazda saloon.
The Magic Man
Creative nonfiction writings by George McClure.
The Mentally Ill Custodian Online
A Harry Potteresque talk on the odd life of a janitor.
The Most Embarrassing Moment of my Life!
Extremely embarrassing things that happened on dates, during sex, at work and in college. Send in your own most embarrassing moments.
The Powers That Be
Humorous and satirical short stories by Doug Powers.
The Sickest Thing
A tale of gender confusion and dangerous obsession.
The Strange Case of the Lost Elvis Diaries
Mystery parody about a reporter's search for the legendary lost diaries of the King of Rock-and-Roll, by Barry Willis.
The Stupid Page
A collection of funny stories about people, silly signs, and ridiculous product warnings.
The Tennessee Firefly
A weekly humor column, jokes, archives, and cartoons by Sheila Moss.
The Tragedy of Fargon the Wizard
A humorous sword and sorcery saga with grown-up themes.
The Vomitorium
This is a place for people all over the world to share their humorous vomit stories.
The World According to Squarf
Everything you always wanted to know, plus rants, raves, photos and hilarious stories.
Thin Pink Line
Romance, a floating madam, a cop, a mechanic, and an eight year-old pyromaniac star in this online comedy.
Three Students' Revenge
Three college students relieve stress by holding a book-burning at the end of the semester.
Ticktalk Publishing
A wide selection of humorous and non-humorous writings from different authors.
True Stories
Many more short stories.
True Tales of the Redneck
A collection of short stories based on life in the south.
Unspeakably Stupid Stories
A twisted, immature individual's adventures.
Vikram Chauhan
Short humorous tales from India.
Vitriol and Old Lace
Fictitious correspondence between bewildered elderly people.
Weird Stories and Stuff
A collection of strange stories and jokes collected from e-mail over the years.
Whisker's Corner
Collection of writings and ramblings by various authors.
Written Humor
A collection of original humorous writing organized by genre.