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Abiator's Weirdo City
Humorous and brain-teasing pictures.
Art Of The State
A collection of bizarre and unrelated photographs.
Blinky's House of Mirrors
A gallery of crossfading random images.
Strange and bizarre pictures of the antics of storage room junk.
Caricature Zone
Six hundred caricatures of international stars and easy-to-use method of sketching faces with a few clicks. In English and French.
Celebrity Goo Gallery
Morph and manipulate pictures of celebrities.
Smart and funny images that may or may not offer deep and meaningful insight into life.
Dago D-Day
Satirical cartoons portrayed by a small bird-man.
Ghosts Caught on Camera
A gallery of possibly fake ghosts turning up in photographs.
Glitter's Cap-Page Board
Humorous captions for screengrabs from TV, movies, and other media. New galleries posted daily, and remain available for a week.
Showcasing animated GIFs, computer games, a plasma jukebox, music files and humor. Javascript support required.
Have a Goo
Featuring interactive manipulation of various images by the viewer.
He Looks Like
The morbid game of psychoanalyzing strangers in pictures.
Visitors can customize different images, adding text and visuals to them to create humorous pictures.
High Fives For Jesus
Funny photos of people with the messiah.
The paintings of Edward Hopper remixed.
Is this True Art or a Fake?
A brief visual quiz to try to determine if a picture is a masterpiece of modern art, or not.
Actual pictures of bowel movements. Not for people with weak stomachs.
Naked Birds
Featuring pictures of completely nude birds.
Oligarchy Signage Gallery
Strange and unusual signs from around the world.
Ortico Melbourne
Surreal sketches, skits and video.
Photo Adventures
Mostly-true stories and digital photo illustrations. Stars Ghetto Neel, Wafro, and Terrance Pterodactyl, among others.
Photos and Icons
Weird, comedic photos, icons, and links.
Visitors can view and submit captions for photographs of well-known politicians and celebrities.
Silly photoshopped photos, flash animations and links.
A gallery of shaken faces. Visitors can upload their own images.
Skwingars Playhouse
Pictures of mullets, unibrows, plus offbeat humor.
A gallery of unusual or experimental facial expressions.
So Last Year
Amusing, odd, and cute pictures with captions.
Spot The Doc
Spot hidden cans of Dr Pepper in photographs of famous scenes.
Strange Signs
A collections of strange billboards, road and street signs, and business signs. Visitors can vote for their favorite signs.
Stupid Pictures
View funny pictures and doctored images, featuring famous people, animals plus classic faked photos. Visitors can submit their own material.
Telly gunge
Disturbing video clips of men getting pied and slimed on television.
The Bumper Banner
Free, printable humorous and unusual bumper stickers. Requires Flash.
The Daily Picture
A unique site where people draw pictures in paint which are usually either funny or offensive.
The Flip Page
An archive of middle finger pictures.
The God Forsaken Place
Experiments with Microsoft Paint and other strange and unusual visual creations.
The Great NoHoHon Adventure
The adventures of a little green Hidamari no Tami (also known as Sunny People or Nohohon) and his friends.
The Mime Box
Mimed pictures plus captions.
The Rabbit
A bizarre, surreal comic strip starring everyday objects.
Sultry and exotic pictures of domestic birds.