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"Oh my God! There's an axe in my head.&q
How to say this phrase in various languages.
A Collection of Word Oddities and Trivia
Includes book of word records, palindromic words, pangrams, most beautiful and ugly words, Scrabble words, and Bible word trivia.
A Flock of Segers
Wordplay combining titles and names of bands and movies.
Answers to Rhetorical Questions
Covers a wide-ranging number of subjects.
Before and After
The object is to fill in the blanks. Example: "____ day ____" becomes "Sun day light", that is, "Sunday" and "Daylight".
Beggar's Opera and its Sanskrit Wordplay
Offers linguistical evidence that John Gay's classic contains wordplay based on the ancient Hindu language.
Humorous new words and phrases created to define various important and unimportant concepts.
Condit's Linguistical Predicament
Shows how the Latin word, "condit", typifies the political woes of Gary Condit in the Chandra Levy matter.
Offers collections of word play, insults, riddles and jokes.
Dave's Fun Words
Categorized list of words which are fun to say.
Dictionary Of Wordplay
A collection of puns, tomswiftys, jokes, tongue-twisters, double entendres, homonyms, and homophones.
Dislexicon Word Generator
Contains Dislexicon, which generates new made-up words and definitions for them.
Euler's Day Off
Rearrange a five-by-five grid of letters to form words in crossword fashion. There is a daily puzzle with no registration.
Family Travel Games
A book of family-oriented wordplay to occupy time during road trips, from easy to challenging. No additional implements needed.
Faulkner or Machine Translation?
A quiz to determine whether literary passages are the Faulkner originals or ones machine-translated from German into English.
Fun With Words
Heteronyms, contronyms, eponyms, word/letter frequencies and other trivia.
Dedicated to oddities of the English language plus various types of wordplay.
Funny Names Site
Contains names like Justin Credible and Mandy Lifeboats.
Gadzillion Things to Think About
10,000+ rhetorical questions. Accepts submissions.
Humour Articles
Collection of various forms of wordplay: puns, deft definitions and anagrams.
Language Fun
Shows how English can be distorted, corrupted or misinterpreted under numerous circumstances.
LazrChet's Rhetorical Questions
Questions designed to open one's mind, even if no answer is expected.
List of Silly Names
Includes towns, marriages, silly science and universities. Accepts submissions.
Loquacious Lipograms
Information and links on lipograms, works of fiction that omit a single letter.
Lost in Translation
See what happens when an English phrase is translated by computer back and forth between 5 different languages. Confusion results.
Oxymora, famous last words and Confucius Says are just some of the wordplay included.
National Public Radio
New York Times and Weekend Edition puzzle editors present a weekly wordplay challenge.
Obfuscations of Celebrated Oracular Utterings
Rewords familiar phrases, idioms, and aphorisms with grandiose, academic words and descriptions.
Includes wordplay and oddities, mathematica, theologica, computica, scientifica, and other humour.
Article lists some of the more amusing phobias, like arachibutyrophobia-- fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth.
Piece of Pi MadLibs
Site featuring a collection of madlibs.
SadMan Software: Wordplay
Software for the word-puzzle enthusiast.
Sanskrit Humor
Wordplay in, about or involving Sanskrit.
Sayings and Rhetoric
Mind-wanderings and rhetorical questions.
Science Wordplay
Deals with conversion of measuring units from a scientific angle.
Scorpio Tales
Collection of anagrams, pangrams, eponyms, heteronyms, contronyms, homophones and mangled English.
Similes Galore
A book of the author's own personally-created similes, catch phrases, and one-liners.
Sources of the word Yahoo
Claims that Jonathan Swift used various words that look or sound like "Yahoo", including Chinese, Greek, and Russian.
Stink Pink
Questions have answers with two rhyming words.
Stupid Questions
Asks for your opinion about and submission of rhetorical questions.
Text Messages
A collection of symbolic "smiley" messages.
The Collective Noun Page
Entertaining and annotated listing of collective nouns such as 'a murder of crows' and 'a pomposity of professors'.
The Fictionary
Contains new, made-up words which are combinations of other words. Accepts contributions.
The Hooter List
Joe Bob Briggs offers a list of synonyms for the female breast.
The Tate Family Members
Plays on words using "Tate" as a last name.
The Word Spy
Explains new words and phrases with new entries added regularly, plus archives of previous entries.
Thinking on Words
A whimsical view on some words and expressions.
Unscramble, find, rhyme or define various words online.
Untruisms and One-Trick Words
Phrases that are only used when they are untrue, and words that can only be used within a cliche'.
Vocab Vitamins
A new word each day, plus the tools to enable you to use it.
Vocal Names Riddles
Guess a celebrity's name which is actually made of various words.
Wireless Power Word Game
Challenging word jumbles posted every week.
Word Games Software
Created specifically for Scrabble players, a downloadable English thesaurus and dictionary for Windows.
Word Masher
Scrambles your text but leaves the first and last letter of each word intact. The result is readable if you have a good vocabulary.
Word Soup Without Vowels
A 12x13 diagram contains various letters in it--without vowels. Find as many words in the diagram and e-mail in your answers. Also Spanish-oriented.
Unscramble mixed-up letters dealing with sports, books, music and miscellaneous. Click on the scrambles to find their answers.
Wordage: The Game of Words
Has three levels of difficulty to challenge the average player as well as any lurking wordsmiths.
The viewer competes against a computer in a baseball-like word-game.
A repository of newfangled words with mangled or meandering meanings created by wordpeckers.