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A 12th scale walled garden within a couty estate. With 12 inches to a foot, each foot is an inch high, it's a small world we live in here.
Bonedigger's Styrene Archaeology
A chronicle of modeling, with a strong focus on classic kits from the '60s-'70s. Features include detailed behind-the-scenes information about American model manufacturers, descriptions of kits, and photos.
Cincinnati Auto Replicas Model Car Club
Featuring updates on the club, pictures, and news.
Dean's Model Kit and Toy Museum
Collector and dealer of vintage toys, games, and models. Items are primarily from the 1930s-1970s.
Donald Smith Model Makers
Specialists in scale models, scale modeling, industrial models, industrial modeling, modelmaking and detailed models.
Ground Zero
Models from Wing Gundam Endless Waltz, Star Wars and the real world. Also, figures, space ships, cars, and tanks.
How to - Build Model cars
This is a place where you can learn important skills that will aid in the building of model cars.
Kriegsmarine Photo Archive
An online photo reference for ships weapons and men of the Kriegsmarine (German Navy in WW2). Many detail photos for scale model ship builders.
Large miniature amusement park entirely handmade with rides running like the real ones. Rides in kit available.
Martin Bower's Model World
Official site of Martin Bower, professional model maker on Space:1999 and the movie Alien. Features his work on Alien, Thunderbirds, Stingray, Capt Scarlet, Flash Gordon, Capt Zep, Dr Who, Tripods, Outland, and Space:1999.
Middle Tennessee Model Parts and Salvage
Model parts and discontinued kits. Light and heavy commercial trucks, pick-up trucks, and SUVs.
Mike Mini Shop
Photos of a professional model builders work.
Model Database
Free Access database with three pre-set reports to keep track of model inventory.
Offers complete building, painting, and shipping for people who don't have the time to build and paint models.
Nick Proach Models - Aerospace and Aircraft Scale
Custom built replica space models, built to scale, of anything that has flown or will fly in space - plus many aircraft.
Passion BTP - Construction Scale Models
A french web site about construction scale models. Many differents models, scoops, news and pictures.
Spencer's Model Page
Scale models of cars, trucks, and sci-fi in plastic. Also modified Star Wars figures and Trans-Formers.
The Modeller's Home
A collection of scale model aircraft, rockets, cars, and armor. Reviews and buildups are listed, as well as a brief table of manufacturer, price, and kit information for each kit.
Photo gallery, information, and links to other sites about the modeling of US trucks in (HO)1/87 scale.
Warplanes of the World 1914-45
Scale (1:18) models of aircraft made with Lego. Over 100 models made.
Wolters' Plastic Models
Includes a photo gallery of aircraft, armor, sci-fi, and other models. Also pages of tips and tricks, links, and a showcase of current kits as they develop.