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Animal Assisted Therapy
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Chats and Forums
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Lost and Found
Animal Planet: Missing Cats, Austin Lost Pets, AWOLPET.com, Bird HotLine, Bring Maggie the Shiba Inu Home!, Canada Strays, catfinding, Cats in the Bag, Cats Reunited, Chester Lost Pets
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Animals at Heart Organization
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Pet Food Preparation
BARF Diet, Cats, Dogs, Home Made Dog and Cat Food, Home Made Special Diets For Your Pet, Homemade Chow Can Be the Cats Meow, How You Can Make Your Own Pet Food, Natural Recipes, Pet Food Recipes, Pet Food Recipes, PetDiets, Recipe Goldmine, Recipe USA
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Animal Characters
List of books with memorable animal characters plus list of pet-related sites.
Animal Finder
Service for pet owners and for those who wish to be. Has a vet referral service, and shelter index for European countries.
Animals Online
Informational article about the online animal world, including links to favorite pet sites, provided by Computer Partners.
ASPCA Animaland
Games, cartoons, polls, stories, and pet care guides for kids.
Bow Wow Meow
Dog and cat names, their popularity, meanings and ratings.
Breeders Club
Provides listings of breeders of dogs and cats. Also offers pet merchandise, vet advice, and tips.
Pet photos, tips and chat. Offers free web pages for pets.
Buzzle.com: Animals and Pets
Articles and links to information on various family pets and animals.
Detailed information about all animals kept as pets anywhere in the world.
Dog and cat chat, articles, breeders, breed information, rescues, clubs, products, and links.
Deb's Pet Place
Tips on the care and feeding of cockatiels and gerbils, photos and links.
Disabled Animals' Club
Provides point of contact for owners of animals with disabilities and offers links to eGroup contact, information and support sites.
Fluffy Fables
Focused on anthrozoology, the study of human/animal bonding and interaction. News, short stories and selected readings.
Furr Angels
Stories of adopted dogs and cats, along with information about shelter pets, feral cats, and health, and chat forums.
A membership club for pet owners with articles, pictures, tips, and message boards about pets, discounts for members to pet supply stores and pet insurances.
Hammies and Horsies
Pictures, trivia, and information on different kinds of animals, including hamsters, horses, and hermit crabs.
Pet care tips, stories and anecdotes.
Index of Famous Critters
Reference for names of animals featured on TV and in movies.
Listening To the Animals
Information about the true animal stories books edited by Phyllis Hobe. Accepts story submissions.
Love My Pets.Com
A pet lovers community with interactive features such as games, chat, electronic postcards, and online articles.
Names 4 Pets
Female and male names sorted as either human or fun, and a pet of the month contest.
Resources for new and soon-to-be pet owners including choosing the right pet, care and ownership costs, discussions, safety precautions, pet adjustment, housebreaking, feeding, grooming, travel, names, photographs, and stories.
Chat forum for pet owners and animal lovers. Noticeboard, surveys and articles.
Pawsperous Pets
Features a place for pet lovers to celebrate their love of animals through pet stories, humor, and articles.
Pet by Net
Breeder listings for dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles, and other small pets, classified ads, and health information.
Pet Gallery
A celebration of cats, dogs, and other pets as personalities. Profiles with photographs, memorials, book store, and links.
Pet Guardian Angels of America
General and health articles about pets, book recommendations, and links.
Pet Love Shack
Includes cartoons, recipes, pictures, and information about animal care, pet welfare and shelters.
Pet of the Day
Features a new pet story and photo each day. Pet owners may also nominate their pet for consideration.
Pet Palace
Features image galleries, discussions, polls, links, health information, sound files, instant messaging and chat room.
Pet Parade
Information about a variety of types of pets. Includes free pet pages, memorials, database of pet names, contacts for many US animal organizations, and message boards.
Pet Pics
Pet photographs, stories, and jokes.
Classified ads for pets and supplies. Paid registration required to place an ad.
Offers general information on pet care, along with a vet locator, ask the vet area, pet of the week, and a newsletter.
Offers advice and articles on adoption and health, along with picture galleries, news, forums, and links.
Pets: Part of the Family
Information about the books and public television program. Includes answers to pet related questions written by vet and behaviorist specialists.
Pound Pet
Picture galleries, with short profiles, of pets which have been adopted.
Offers forums, articles, and picture galleries of reptiles, marine and freshwater fish.
Ruling Cats and Dogs
Humorous photos, stories, graphics and wallpapers; links to shelters, pet care tips.
The American Animal Awards
Nominate individuals, organizations, and the like for outstanding service to animals. Animals are eligible for nomination in categories such as most pampered pet.
The Furry Critter Network
Features animal classifieds including ads for rescue organizations, animal adoptions, pet adoption and pets for sale.
The Pet Professor
Provides articles about dogs, cats, fish and birds, along with listings of kennels, pet sitters, vets, groomers, and trainers, free pictures, graphics, screen savers, and electronic postcards, and chat forums.
The Pet Project
Information and advice on various pet species, contests, and book reviews.
The PetWork
Lost and found listings and a directory of pet businesses, animal shelters, vets, and animal organizations.
The Rattie Refuge
Personal site with information and pictures of pet rats, ferrets, birds, dogs, and a hedgehog. Also offers small pet hammocks, tubes, and bags.