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Am I A Man Breatsed God Or Not?, Am I a Scary Clown or Not?, Am I Bin Laden or Not?, Am I BIOS or Not?, Am I Blue or Not?, Am I Fugly or Not?, Am I President or Not?, Am I Redneck or Not?, AmIAnnoying.com, FuckingBent.Com
'Am I Hot or Not?' Is Red Hot, Online Magazine's Take on the AmIHotOrNot Phe, Rating Spot
10 Quest
Stigma-free rating and dating site, with 1-10 and thumbs up/down, neutral rating systems. Includes top 10 and messaging.
2 Rate Me
Rate pictures of guys and girls. Top 11 list.
People rating site for the African-American community.
Always Babes
Rate babes or hunks from 1 to 10. View the top 10 or submit a picture.
Am I a Celebrity?
Users can rate photos based on their resemblance to celebrities. Includes an online gossip forum.
Am I a Look Alike?
Rate the similarity of contestants to celebrities. With online submission and top 10 lists.
Am I Goth or Not?
Rate how goth photos are on a scale of 1 to 10. Visitors can also submit their own pictures.
Users can post public comments and rate the pictures. Categories include sports, babies, people, objects, couples, automobiles and pets.
Vote yes or no and leave a comment.
Beauty or the Beast
Rate pictures from 1 to 10, and decide if they are beauty or the beast.
BellaOnline Rate My ...
Rate photos of prom dresses, wedding dresses, cats, dogs, boyfriends, babies, hairdos. Users can send their photos and see how well they compare.
Bike or Not
Users can rate bikes or submit their own bike to be rated. Includes classifieds and top 10.
Pictures taken from mobile phones with build-in cameras.
Cute Meter
Users can submit their own photos to be ranked, see latest members or participate in the chat room. Who is cuter and 1 to 10 ranking.
Cute or Not!
Family-friendly photo rating site for men, women and pets.
Cyber Societies
Picture rating with comments, user journals, chat, e-mail and on-site messages.
Desi Faces
A place where Desi's post their pictures and visitors rate them.
Bengalis, Indians and Pakistanis picture rating. Includes tops 10 lists.
Image voting with top 10 and recent 10 lists.
Eyeball Me Rate A Pic
Submit a picture or rate others. With list of Top 10 girls and guys.
Rating of member profiles, with instant message addresses and chat forum. Requires registration.
View images of other people and grade the pictures or upload a picture and see what other people think. All images can be commented on by registered users.
Fun Interactive
Post, rate and comment on funny pictures. Categories include cute, funny, sexy and weird.
Rate photos on a one to ten scale. Features search by keywords, sex, and location.
Groovy Booty
Rate pictures and send personal messages.
Hot or Not?
Visitors can vote for the attractiveness of ordinary people on a scale of 1 to 10 - or submit their own picture to be judged. Includes general forums.
Darwinism of the dating pool. Submit a photo and be rated.
How Hot Am I
Rate photos or submit a photo. Top 10 list available after subscription.
Rate more than 10 qualities of people all over the world.
Find out if a submission is hot or not. Chat forum and submit an opinion.
Indian Celeb
Indian based picture rating system where users can upload their picture and let others rate them.
Rate pictures and profiles of men or women. Journals, top 10 and matchmaking.
Users can rate photos of men or women and read submitted comments.
Users can vote for the most popular boy or girl or submit their own photos. Includes forums and member profiles.
Look at Me
Features uploaded pictures of Swedish web users and rating system.
Picture rating where submitters also rank themselves.
Make You Content Vote
Users can rate photos of men or women. Features top 10 lists.
Me or you.com
Rate pictures of two celebrities or regular people to determine who is the better looking.
Me You See.com
Picture rating with comments, profiles and contact facilities.
Mirchi or Not
View the desi people and rate them for the best there.
Mobile Asses
Submit photos from a mobile phone of people's bottoms to have rated. Monthly contests and top ten list.
My Bodypart
Users can rate or submit bodyparts.
Norwich Top Ten
Ratings of people from Norwich, England.
Rate and meet college aged people. Includes top 10 lists.
Rate pictures, profiles, instant messages, live chat, guestbooks and diary.
Rate photos of people with underwear on their heads. Includes archives.
People With Signs
Rate photos of people with signs that express their inner thoughts or submit a picture and create one's own sign. [Requires Flash].
Photo War
Vote for cooler of two photos. Visitors can add their own and see how they fare.
Photos Rating
Rate men and women on the internet. Submit a picture to be rated.
Pic Rank
Rank pictures or others or submit pictures to be rated.
Pic Votes
Vote or rate the pictures of other people and get a submitted one rated too. Top 50 men, top 50 women and member profiles.
Rate, upload, and send greeting cards with pictures of anything ranging from people to cars.
Pick The Hottie
Instead of rating pictures from 1 to 10, visitors are presented with two random pictures and simply have to choose the best one.
Pics 4 Rating
Picture rating and match making. Top 10 male and female lists, member profiles and chat room.
Planet Face
Visitors rate members pictures on a scale of 0 to 11. Features top 11 women and bottom 11 women pages.
Vote images from 1 to 5 stars or a user can upload their own. Includes top 25 and recent images.
Pose With Your Toaster
Submit one's own toaster-posing picture and vote for a friends' pictures. Features top 10 and picture of the week.
Prejudge Me
Photos are rated on a variety of questions involving appearances.
Rank My Looks
Rate photos, make comments, or submit own photo.
Rank My Photos
Submit and rank photos on 1-10 scale, hot or not and a shootout mode. Has top ten or bottom ten ranked photos, and categories for men, women, couples, bikini shots, bare-chested men and cars.
Rank My Tattoos
Show and have pictures of tattoos voted and commented on by other users. Leave messages for other users. [popups]
Rap Hunnies
Vote on and rate pictures of Rap Hunnies. Features top and bottom 10 lists.
Rate a GI
Rating web site for soldiers in the armed forces, started by 8 soldiers while serving in Iraq.
Rate a Player
Rate men or women. Displays the time since the person last checked their score.
Rate and Date
Rate pictures with profile search and horoscopes.
Rate and Meet
Rate and meet people in a given area. Search by age, area, male/female or interests.
Rate Desi
Rate pictures of fellow desis. Features hottest males and females lists.
Rate Me Down Under
Rate photos of Aussies, and submit a photo for rating.
Rate My Body
Member pictures and profiles. Discussion forum and chat. Search by sex or location.
Rate My Face
Includes listings of top 100 guys and girls. Registration and photo required to vote.
Rate My Face Off
A new twist on the old rating concept where two faces faceoff and a user votes for the favorite. [popups]
Rate My Kang
Rate upload, rate and comment on submitted pics. Includes funny pics and photoshops.
Rate My Lawn And Garden
Rate pictures of lawns and gardens around the world, or post a photo for others to rate the yard.
Rate My Noise
Post both pictures and a sound clips. Includes top list for girls and guys.
Rate My Pecs
Show a love for pecs by viewing and submitting pictures of pecs.
Rate My Phat Ass
A thong and derrière photo rating site.
Rate My Picture
Rate the attractiveness of people on a scale from 1 to 10. Pictures are sorted by score. Includes personal profiles and personal message boards.
Rate My System
Upload an image of a PC System, or PC Case and rate it compared to others.
Rate My T-Shirt
Decide whether the featured t-shirt designs are cool or not. Purchase tee shirts or upload images of shirts to sell.
Rate My Tattoo
Rate photos of tattoos, classified by picture type.
Rate People
Rate people's pictures that they have submitted, or submit a picture to be rated. Semi-anonymous email, notes and local searches.
Rate Pictures
Rate girls or guys. Top 10 lists for girls, guys and newest members.
Rate This Asian
Rate Asian photos, or upload a picture. Features ethnicity filter.
Rank photos of people and read their biographical information.
Rate pictures of kissing couples. Features top kissers list.
Rating Art
Rate pictures of art on a scale of 1 to 10, or submit artwork to be rated.
Rating Babies
Rate pictures of babies on scale of 1 to 10, or a user can submit tehir own baby photo to be rated.
Rating My Looks .Com
Users can vote on photos of men and women or upload their own pictures and get them rated. Includes top ten lists for males and females.
Rating People
Rate photos of people on scale of 1 to 10, or submit a picture to be rated.
Rating Pictures.com
Rate and meet people. Allows members to post their picture, profile and chat.
Rating You
Rate pictures or submit one for rating. Includes chats, forums and top 5 lists.
Sex and the City
Rate pictures between 10 (Hot Body) and 1 (Not). Features top 20 list. [popups]
Sex in the City
View pictures and profile. Submit a rating and leave a message.
Rate people from one to ten according to their beauty, try to guess their age and choose the most attractive person in combat mode.
Shag or Gag
Rate pictures and submit comments. Features top 100 guys and top 100 girls.
Show Your Pic
Rate people's pictures or submit a picture to be rated. Includes discussion forum.
Picture rating with 24 categories including animals landscapes and trains.
Style Judge
Users can submit and rate photos of art, cars, people and pets.
Test Your Ego
Rate photos of people, and find out what types of people find a user attractive.
The American Hottie
Submit photos and rate photos of others; winners and losers receive a cash prize.
The Internet ClubHouse
Community that features picture rating, message forums, user profiles, buddy list, live chat, email and user-contributed articles.
Undress Me
Photo rating with a thumbnail chart. Add public comments, send private messages and play "Guess My Age".
USA Dream Girl Model Search
Rate aspiring models competing in an online model search between 10 and 1.
Vintage Photo Contest
Rate old photos and story. Includes top 10 list.
Vote For My Photo
Rate the visual appeal of people, or upload a picture and get it rated. Includes a top/bottom list for males and females, personal message boards, and a regional/age search feature.[popups]
Vote Monster
Vote for the attractiveness of ordinary people on a scale of 1 to 10. Includes general forums.
Who's Sexier?
Users select which of two pictures is sexier. Can also upload pictures and initiate contact with other users via Let's Meet feature.
Wonderful Moments
Users can view and rate snapshots of everyday life or upload their own.