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1999 Republic of Chris Road Atlas
For a fictional country.
A Modest Proposal on U.S. Highway Numbering
Discusses renumbering all Interstate and U.S.-numbered routes as a single system.
Fictional Freeways
By Adam Froehlig. Exit lists of Avenue of the Saints (I-37) and other corridors.
Fictional Freeways
By Steve. Includes NJ 55, I-895 Philadelphia, and multi-state route 777.
Fictional Freeways
By Swamphen Publishing. Southern United States, primarily Florida.
James Republic Committee of Transportation
Transportation area of a fictional country.
List of Fictional Interstates
Gives text exit listings for new U.S. Interstates and other routes as well as extensions of existing ones.
The Fantasy Page
Includes a few new facilities as well as others' renumbering.
The US Highways that never were
By Robert V. Droz. Alignments for US 0, US A1A, US 39, US 47, US 88, US 100, and US 402. Also, there is a list of the US highway numbers still not used.