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An VRML rendering of the 15-91 interchange, Corona
A 4-level stack with one loop. Requires a VRML plugin to view.
California Freeway Interchanges
Chris's UK Roads Directory - Bad Junctions
This page shows various badly designed interchanges.
Continuous Flow Intersections
Engineering firm page illustrating the connections in this feature. Includes illustrations and a video demonstration.
Highway Feature of the Week
Large archive of maps and descriptions of unusual or complicated facilities, primarily in the United States.
Images of Britain - Spaghetti Junction
The M6 at the A38(M) in Birmingham.
Interchange of the Week
Detailed entries for locations in New York State, using official state aerial photography.
Kurumi's Field Guide to Interchanges
Descriptions and diagrams of many types.
Michigan Left Turn
Describes how this unusual intersection feature works, including history.
Museum of Dumb Highway Design
Aerial photos of and commentary on various interchanges which the author finds unusual or substandard.
NCRoads.com: The Interchange Museum
Diagrams of unusual interchanges in North Carolina.
The Echelon Interchange
Professional paper on this part-at-grade, part-grade-separated intersection.
Unusual Interchanges
Diagrams and commentary of various ones in the East-Central U.S.
Contains aerial photographs and descriptions of unusual or complicated facilities in the United States.