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Arts and Environment Initiative
Part of the Center for Economic and Environmental Development at Allegheny College in Pennsylvania. Page shows recent projects including two involving the sculpting of road signs into art ("Read Between the Signs" and "Signs and Flowers").
Australian Signs & Signals
Extensive photo collection of australian signs.
Bartolomeo: Traffic Signs of the World
Examples of child crossing, construction, and falling rock signs worldwide.
Chinese Traffic Signs
Some images of Chinese signs, but the text is in Chinese.
Danny's Daily's The "Sign" Col
Humorous examples.
Diamond Signs
Photograph collection of warning signs.
Dutch Traffic Signs
Good collection of Dutch Traffic signs.
Evaluation of Traffic Signal Displays for Protecte
Research project studying controls for this movement, addressing such principles as the "left-turn trap". Includes animated graphic examples.
France Road Signs
Large collection of French road signs.
German Traffic Signs, Signals, and Markings
Illustrations and detailed commentary.
Hawaii Road Sign Photos
Many standard and unusual examples.
Highway Route Markers
Contains hundreds of images from around the world.
Icelandic Road Signs
In Icelandic but some interesting sign variations.
Interstate Highway Control Cities
Covers all 2-digit and major 3-digit U.S. Interstates and gives some explanation as to their selection. Transcription of an AASHTO document.
Italian & International Road Signs
Images of Italian signs with english descriptions.
Italian Road Signs
Most Italian road signs.
Japanese Traffic Signs
Three pages of Japanese signs with English descriptions.
Manual of Traffic Signs
A comprehensive listing of those most commonly used in the United States.
Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices
The standard for signs, signals, and pavement markings in the United States. Includes HTML and .pdf versions.
Men at Work
Dozens of variations on the "Men at Work" theme.
Unofficial traffic signal simulator available for download. Uses Java.
Motorway Signs
Photos of approach, advance direction, exit, reassurance, and overhead signs on motorways in various countries.
My Crazy Hobby
Photograph inventory of a large personal collection.
New Zealand Road Signs
Images of common road signs.
Old California Traffic Signs
Photos of signs from the early 20th century.
Proposal for a Flashing Green Arrow to Indicate Pe
A private citizen's presentation on having this feature adopted.
Ramp Meters
Contains a list of all cities that use ramp metering systems.
Road Sign Images
Various graphic files of U.S. examples, some fictional.
Road Sign Math
Website that accepts submissions of photographs of sign assemblies whose numbers can be arranged to form a mathematical operation.
Road Signs in Italy
Images and descriptions of most Italian signs.
Road Signs of DPRK
North Korean road signs.
Road Trip America Signs
Hundreds of funny road signs by category
Roadsigns and Signals
Basic European signage.
Shields Up!
Generates graphic route markers.
Sign Language
Many humorous road signs.
Sign Post Forest in Germany
Tourist attraction composed of donated road signs. Site includes visiting information.
Photos of an extensive collection of signals and signs, many vintage, plus a gallery of photos covering many geographic areas.
Java applet letting users create highway sign graphics.
Signs on Nova Scotia Roads and Highways
Describes the unique attraction signage on freeways of this Canadian province. Official page of the provincial Department of Transportation and Public Works.
The Great International Highway Makeover
What highway signs could look like.
The Highway Code
Official document of the United Kingdom. Includes illustrations and usage of signs and signals.
The National Campaign to Stop Red Light Running
Advocacy group based in Washington, D.C., U.S. Site includes news, events, articles, and links.
The Open Road
Photos of and commentary on current and old signs and signals throughout the U.S. and Canada as well as welcome signs.
The Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directio
The standard for signs, signals, and pavement markings in the United Kingdom. Includes graphics.
Traffic & Road Signs in Malaysia
Malaysia signs and signals.
Traffic Control Devices
Texas Transportation Institute page. Includes historical and research documents.
Traffic Sign and Signals
International overview, emphasizing the Vienna Convention of 1968 standardizing traffic control. Thorough links section.
Traffic Signs in Lebanon
Images of most Lebanese signs.
Traffic Signs in Seoul Korea
A few good pictures of Korean signs and signals.
Watson Lake Sign Post Forest
Gives the background on this feature in the Yukon Territory of Canada consisting of thousands of donated road signs.
Western New York Signals
Photograph collection. Also covers the Central and Capital/Adirondack regions of the state.
Worth1000.com - Scary Signs 4
Entries into a contest dealing with humorous alterations of photos. Also provides links to earlier Scary Signs galleries.