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E-Z Pass
Electronic toll collection system that is common in the Northeast U.S., based in New Jersey.
Halifax-Dartmouth Bridge Commission
Authority for the Angus L. Macdonald and A. Murray MacKay Bridges that connect Halifax to Dartmouth in Nova Scotia.
HowStuffWorks: How E-ZPass Works
Fully illustrated tutorial explains E-Zpass, an electronic toll-collection system consisting of a 900-MHz band car transponder, antenna, lane controller, LAN and host computer system.
HowStuffWorks: How Intelligent Highways Will Work
Graphic narrative shows the future freeway's new, cheaper technology and explains how ubiquitous digital devices will aid in easing our traffic woes, perhaps using triangulation.
International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Associat
Alliance of toll operators and associated industries. Includes news and resources.
Electronic toll collection system for bridges and tunnels in Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.
MACPASS - Automated Toll Collection System
MACPASS is a small transponder device that lets you pay your bridge tolls electronically and allows you to make quicker, easier toll payments without stopping to use cash or tokens.
Toll Facilities in the United States
Full and partial lists with details, courtesy the Federal Highway Administration.
Toll Roads of America
A list and detailed information about all the toll roads in the US.
Online private newsletter providing information and commentary.
Traffic Technologies, Incorporated
Consultants for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). Has links to clients.