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Girl Scouts and Guides
Favorite URLs Compilation, Girl Scout History, Girl Scout Service Unit Home Pages, Great Links for Leaders, Guiders' Resource Page, Scouting Web, South Africa Guiding Directory, WAGGGS-L Favorite URLS, Web Guides
United Kingdom, United States, New Zealand Scouts and Guides on the Web, ScoutNet Malaysia, Scouts and Guides in Canada, Scouts Australia Home Pages, Tely's Scouting Guide
Web Rings
Brownie Girl Scouts WebRing, Junior Girl Scout Webring, Ring of Scouting, Scouting across the World, Scouts R Us Webring, The Ring Of Scouting Webrings, The Scouting Network, The Scouting Webring, The Scouting Webring Directory, The Scouts Webring
An Internet Scouting Web
Classified compendium of scouting sites.
Global ScoutNet
Main website of Global ScoutNet. Provides services to the Scouting and Guiding community, full searchable databases about homepages, and file directory.
Links to Scouting and Guiding Resources
A classified collection of Links.
Rover Scouts Around the World
Index of sites in several countries.
Scout Engine
CHSSSCOUT search resource.
Scout Links
United Kingdom scouting directory.
Scouter Interactive Compass
Scouting links search page.
Scouting Associations
Lists all scouting associations in every country with affiliations noted.
Scouting Bear's Cave
Scouting directory of resources and links by Scouter Gary Yerkes.
Scouting Resources on the Web
Contains Boy Scouts of America and Order of the Arrow directories of high adventure, camping, advancement, leadership, and other resources for Scouts and leaders.
Scouting The Net
A portal for the scouting community including camps and camping, knots and lashing, games, songs, skits, crafts, projects, pow-wows, round tables, training, uniforms, and ranks -- from Tigers to Webelos, Tenderfoot to Eagle.
Links to more than 600 web pages all over the world.
Directory to reunite and find old friends in Scouting, Girl Scouting, and Guiding. United States oriented but coverage is world wide.
ScoutNet's Scouting Spider
The Scouting Spider of Global ScoutNet provides a full searchable database for Scouting and Guiding related pages on the world wide web, a free access counter for homepages and a Scouting and Guiding Webring feature to connect pages together.
Smith Links
Directory of scouting links.
SOSSI Associates
List of scouting philatelic organizations.
The InterNETional Scouting Pages
International index of Scouting sites. International Events and Electronic Scouting to Scouting Skills and Patch Trading and everything in between.
The Scouting Directory Project
Categorized directory.
The Scoutmaster's Rocking Chair
List of internet sites with resources for Boy Scouting.
Guide to popular Scouting site
University Scouting Groups
Worldwide rover and varsity crews at post-secondary institutions.
US Scouts
A web portal for scouting information, contains links and complete information guide to cub scouting.
Worldwide Scouting Links
A classified collection of directories and major scouting sites on the web.