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Guides Australia, Ark Royal - Ranger Unit, Guides Australia, Box Hill 2nd - Brownies, Guides Australia, Eastern Hills 1st - Guide and Sc, Guides Australia, Goodwood 3rd - Guide Unit(5-15),, Guides Australia, Hackham 3rd - Guide Unit, Guides Australia, Jilalan - Ranger Guides, Guides Australia, Malanda 1st - Looney Tune Guides, Guides Australia, Wyndhamvale - Guide Unit
Guides Australia
WAGGGS member association.
Guides Central Australia
Information on desert and outback Guides, "How Guiding began in Alice Springs".
Guides New South Wales
Includes mission statement, program information, resources, contacts and links.
Guides Queensland
Training, international opportunities, programs, and forms.
Guides South Australia
Notice board, training, program ideas.
Guides Victoria
Program information, history, Guide Shop, camp sites.
Guides Western Australia
Program information, events, information for Leaders.
Sutherland Shire Region - Guides Australia
New South Wales Guiding, includes regional contacts, camps, activities, community programs, guide shop information, contacts and links.
Trefoil Guilds of Australia
Once a Guide, Always a Guide, national information and directory of the Guild.
Victoria Youth Executive - Guides Australia
Includes forum, Queen's Guide Award information, links, and contacts.