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120s List
Information and pictures of 120 mm brands around the world.
Anti-Cigarette Crusades
An essay about the two great anti-cigarette crusades.
Bright Leaves
North Carolina State University's collection of tobacco related materials, including information about the history of tobacco and cigarettes.
Discussion forum on cigarette smoking. Also has news links and censored cigarette commercials.
Eclipse Cigarette
Age-restricted marketing site for R.J. Reynolds's new Eclipse cigarette.
Forces International
Home page for a pro-choice on smoking organization.
In Defense of Smokers
Online book by Lauren Colby.
My Smokers Rights
Information on legislature, excise taxes and laws on smoking for each of the U.S. states plus ways in which smokers may contact state and federal representatives. Sponsored by R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company.
New York City CLASH
A non-profit grassroots organization of private citizens involved in fighting for the rights of smokers.
Smokers of the World Unite
Smokers' rights site that asks smokers to unite in the battle against the anti-smoking campaign.
Smokers United
Smokers' rights advocacy site.
Smoking Causes Web-Links
Links to pro-smoking sites, smokers' rights groups, tobacco companies.
Smoking From All Sides
Links to pro-tobacco and anti-tobacco sites. Also information about the history of tobacco.
Smoking Policies at a Glance: Airline Information
Overview of the smoking policies of airlines around the world.
The Smoker's Club, Inc.
Smokers' rights site. Home of the United Pro Choice Smokers' Rights Newsletter.
The Smoking Section
Home page of Smokers With Attitude, a pro-smoking organization.
Tobacco Award
Award for sites that provide information and help to tobacco consumers.
Tobacco Heritage
Information about the history of tobacco use and manufacturing.
Tobacco Manufacturers' Association (UK)
Age-restricted site for UK residents. Information about tobacco in the United Kingdom.
Tobacco Merchants Association
Home of the Tobacco Merchants Association.
Current events related to tobacco.
World of Tobacco
Site devoted to information about tobacco use in Russia.