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Cigar Connoisseurs
An educational resource with information on how to choose and how to smoke.
Cigar Divan
Contains general information as well as an online community.
Cigar Dossier Book
A palm (PDA) application designed to track and rate prices as well as tastes.
Cigar Handbook
An educational resource for the smoker. Includes information on the history, the manufacturing process, and how to prepare for smoking.
Cigar Jack's Blog
A weblog focused on reviews and news.
Cigar Pass
A community that allows groups to form with the purpose of sharing with one another.
Cigar Smokers Forum
A community and discussion forum. Topics include general discussion, advertisements, and trading.
Cigar Snobs
Discussion forum that includes chat, passes and trading.
Cigar Utopia
A bulletin board system that allows discussion between enthusiasts.
Cigar Weekly
Site offers reviews, forums, related links, and a guest book.
An online community. Rate brands, discuss favorites, and find general information.
Online community and discussion forum with many topics to choose from.
Cigars UK
Information for the enthusiast. Contains history, reviews, tips, news and a message board.
Cuban Cigar Reviews
Web site where the aficionado can post their experiences.
Cuban Leaf Cigars
Includes information on Cubans, a humidor FAQ, pictures, and a top ten list.
Daniel's Humidorguide
Has information on humidor construction, design preparation, tips and how to store cigars.
Festival Del Habano
Informational site about this annual event. Has an archive of schedules, contests, and topics from past years.
Holy Smoke
Contains links to friendly establishments, articles about manufactures, and general information.
Louisville Cigar
Chat with locals in the message boards. Find friendly restaurants, clubs, and bars.
Plantation House
Describes the techniques and necessary materials to hand roll.
The Cigar Diary
Keep notes online and read others remarks. Features calendar, message board, banner exchange, and poll.
The Ultimate Counterfeit Cuban Cigar Primer
Tips to identify genuine Cuban cigars.