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Australian Plaiters and Whipmakers Association, Whip Enthusiasts, Wild West Arts Club
Bullwhip - Faster than Sound
Picture and information about bullwhips and sonic booms, presented by Nova Online.
Bullwhip Essay
Short pensive essay about what a whip means, plus photo.
Bullwhip Home Page
Site focuses on terminology, safety, history and physics.
Drew's Whips
Includes general information on whip construction and what makes a whip crack.
Matt's Whip Fan Site
Includes photos, safety tips and glossary.
Matt's Whip Page
Tips for cracking, list of training videos, book reviews and pictures provided.
Morgan Whips
Offers custom handcrafted nylon bullwhips and snakewhips.
My Whips
Gives a general overview and history of whips. Also provides information on getting started with collecting or use of whips.
NPR : The Shape of a Cracking Whip
Scott Simon talks with math Professor Alain Goriely about his explanation of what makes a whip crack.
Taipan's Sled Whips
Find information on the making of nylon whips along with pictures.
Whip Care
Offers a brief description on whip care.
Whip Care and Repairs
Information on general care, cleaning and dressing with pictures and list of helpful books provided.
Whip Guide
Presents general information on whips, their history and the explanation of what makes a cracking sound of whip (including photos). Also gives some useful hints and tips for whip collectors.
Whip Maintanence
Tips and tricks for breaking in and caring for new whips along with information how to make popper provided.
Whip Page
Types of whips and how to determine distance to target.
Whoosh: Whips in Xena Warrior Princess
Fanzine discusses the whips used in the television show, but focuses more on how to choose a whip, crack a whip, and tend to a whip. Offers related links.