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2 Transform Business, BeyondThe.Biz, Coherence Group, Inc., Community Intelligence Labs, Consilium Services Inc., Crisis Management Consulting, Davis Consulting Services, Daybreak ICS, Decision Modelling Systems, Denali Partners
AlphaPort Ltd.
Offers services to shape communities of practice, develop people and enable technologies. Includes information on tools offered and founder profile.
Arabian Advanced Systems
Company specializes in information services and library automation. Offers news, client testimonials, as well as contact information. Based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
Canadian Institute of Knowledge Management
Offers software and services. Features pricing and contact information.
Comprehensive Solutions
Project management and information technology consulting services for disaster recovery planning, database design, schema analysis, performance tuning, and benchmarking. Offers white papers and company information.
Datum Consulting
A software development company specialising in Knowledge, Brand and Media Asset Management solutions, providing IT development, project management, consultancy, implementation, and support for business solutions on the Web.
Providing online-based information services to organizations in such fields as business, science, engineering, finance and law.
Diversified Technology
Specializing in helping organizations understand and leverage technology by providing consulting and training. Features technology news and a library of business links.
Company specializes in research and implementation of KM, as it relates to executive education. Features an overview of services offered, company profile and contact details.
Edge Training and Consulting
Firm in Vancouver, BC that uses Knowledge Management principles to enhance service. Offers an overview of the company, testimonials, career opportunities, and contact details.
Enterprise Knowledge
Firm offers services in strategies and implementation of knowledge bases. Features a description of services, a list of clients, membership in professional organizations, as well as information about the company and contact details. Based in Melbourne, Australia.
Entovation International
Firm offers products and services related to knowledge in innovation systems. Features testimonials, information about the company and contact details.
Epistemics Ltd.
A company specialising in the management and engineering of knowledge-intensive systems.
Ficks Communications
Offers assistance with surveys, tracking and update systems, as well as customized content management. Features company profile, contact information, press releases, and case studies.
Provides enterprise services, products and solutions to organize, store and disseminate corporate knowledge. Features company profile and contact details.
Network of consultants that conduct trend analysis to help organizations make pivotal decisions and achieve their strategic objectives. Features forecasting news and discussion forums.
Full Knowledge LLC
Works to fill the needs of managing knowledge projects in corporate environments. Features overviews and contact information. Located in Hillsboro, Oregon.
Futron Corporation
A technology management consulting firm that offers business and technical decision support solutions. Features news, career opportunities, white papers, and information on the company.
Company which creates online databases of corporate documents. Examples, pricing information, frequently asked questions.
Developer of web-based learning, collaboration and performance support solutions. Includes case studies.
Company offers custom software for employee learning, organizational knowledge and customer support. Features product descriptions, company profile, news and events.
IdeaHouse Group Development Inc.
Provides products, services and resources to increase creativity, innovation and the management of change. Offers case studies, publications, and client testimonials.
Offers services in using data for corporate strategic planning and management. Features case studies, glossary, description of methodology, and company profile.
Ikhaya Knowledge Management
Supports companies and organizations in creating, transferring, sharing and maintaining information and knowledge. Features articles and contact information.
Information Mapping
A professional services firm specializing in knowledge management and e-content solutions. Provides public seminars, software and publications.
Analyzes markets and competitors, teaches intelligence-gathering methods and assists with information needs. Features company profile, contact information and public archives.
Consulting firm and developer of corporate portals that emphasizes best practices in technology. Offers contact details and information about the company.
InfoTerm Global Group
Offering training, dictionaries, software and consulting in the field of terminology and information management. Founded by UNESCO to bring people and organisations together worldwide and help to reduce misunderstandings.
A software products and services company, offering solutions for suggestion systems, customer feedback, employee recognition, and organizational self-assessment. Offers product data sheet.
Jackson Begg Limited
Canadian firm which specializes in municipal government IT solutions, including electronic document management. Features company profile, sample projects and contact information.
JigZaw, Inc.
Creates, develops, and deploys time and knowledge management software that will facilitate a synergy of personal and professional priorities.
K-solution Ltd is a subsidiary of Avant Holdings Limited, majoring in Knowledge Management solutions providing products and consulting services.
Offers consulting in process engineering and software development in knowledge discovery and application. Features company news and a brief discussion of knowledge applications.
Knowhow Consulting Ltd
Firm specializes in document management. Includes company profile, testimonials and contact details.
A strategic capabilities and innovation focused portal that supports organization development through applied knowledge management.
Knowledge Messenger
Subscription-based service for managing FAQs and for adding knowledge base functionality to an existing web site. Features a demonstration of the service, description of the company, and contact information.
Knowledge Outlook
Specializing in information design, content management solutions, and structured on-the-job training development. Offers company and contact information.
Knowledge Transformation International
Solutions provided by the outsourced BP Amoco Corporate KM Team. Proven application of advanced knowledge based business transformation and organizational learning.
Lotus Development Knowledge Management
Knowledge Management is about helping people communicate and share information in context. Technologies, products, services, and customer references.
LSI Consultants
Specializing in organizational and profit improvement, servicing clients throughout the Pacific Rim. Features testimonials, staff information and recruitment details.
Offers services in group administration, communication, and collaboration. Features information on the company and contact details. [Only works with Internet Explorer]
Mosaic Consulting
Specializing in corporate legal matter management implementations, systems integration, database reporting and electronic invoicing. Features information about the company and offers online support services.
NextBrick Solutions
Technology services company focused on content infrastructure solutions. Features overviews and career opportunities.
NHConsult GmbH
Consultants, trainers and programmers in data logistics, data analysis and visualization, assessment of method goodness, and the ability of explanation. Features firm overview, topic information, news and contact information. [English, German]
Office Coach
Firm offers training for knowledge workers to better organize their paper and electronic based systems. Features company profile, mission statement and contact details.
Performance Solutions Architecture
Offers assistance with user interaction design, assessment of products, and support technology transfer, as well as workshops and program development. Features details about the company and informational brochures.
Predictive Research Group, LLC
Provides competitive and business intelligence products and services.
Process Edge
Designs and supplies systems, re-aligns key departmental processes and helps develop new organizational structures. Features overviews and contact information.
Progressive Practices
A management consulting practice that works with organizations to have them become knowledge-based enterprises. This involves building competencies in leadership, collaboration, intellectual capital, knowledge management, business process management and measurement.
Proosto Technologies
Specializes in consulting, implementation and integration of Knowledge Management Systems. Offers software development, information about the company and contact details.
Exploring the management, use, and impact of information in the knowledge-based society.
Semantic Research, Inc.
Works with integrators, consultants and others in specific markets to customize solutions based on the Semantica architecture. Features an FAQ, news and contact information.
Smart-text Solutions Inc.
Offers systems and services which create electronic libraries that automatically integrate graphics and audio/video. Features databanks, links and contact information.
Produces knowledge maps for corporate clients. Offers a sample knowledge map, contact details, an overview of services, and information on the company.
Smith Weaver Smith
Knowledge management resources and services for educational, cultural, and service industry leaders and social entrepreneurs.
Stanford Solutions
Knowledge management products, such as knowledge audit and knowledge mapping workshops, for special libraries and other business units offered by Stanford Solutions.
Stratevative Learning International
Consulting and training firm that specializes in strategic and organizational development. Features descriptions of sample projects, company news and events, as well as contact information.
Firm specializes in knowledge management, process improvement, web solutions, documentation and training. Serving Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.
Ta-dah Innovations
Offers customized suggestion system and idea management software and new process development auditing services. Features information on the company and privacy statement.
TermNet - The International Network of Terminology
Austria based firm offering services information and terminology management. Features company profile, publications and events calendar.
The Center for Business Intelligence
Conference company focuses on producing high level programs for executive decision makers who face strategic issues in domestic and international markets. Features events, seminars and contact information.
Thomson Associates
Firm based in Scotland offering management and interpersonal skills training, coaching and organizational development. Features client testimonials, company profile, as well as contact information.
Software and consulting services to leverage know-how and expertise by connecting peers in high-value online networks that let them share and find knowledge, locate experts and have conversations. Features product, services and contact information.
United States of the Organization
Creates an ecological view on business, serving as an overview of knowledge management and a virtual meeting place for exchanging ideas and perceptions.
Verna Allee Associates
Offers consulting and custom software for the creation of value networks within organizations. Features articles, list of publications, news, and contact details.
Vuwa Information Services
Consulting firm offers business intelligence and product development services. Provides an overview of the company, services description and contact details.
Professional services regarding organizational and technical knowledge management and E-business solutions in the Benelux.
Zovaya Corporation
Firm offers services in Business Intelligence, Knowledge Management, and data storage applications. Features job opportunities, company profile, methodology, and contact details.
[Q]nowledge BV
Provides information on Quaestor, access to service and support and explanation on implementations and consultancy services. Features a portfolio. [English/Dutch]