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Data smog: newest culprit in brain drain, Dying for Information?, Experts: Information onslaught bad for your health, High-Tech Cars Could Bring Overload
Email Overload
Controlling Listserv Overload, E-mail Overload in Congress: Managing a Communicat, See the Destruction of Email Messaging from the Co, Tips for Overcoming Email Overload
Abora Hypermedia Project, Assoziations-Blaster, Bill Kennelly's History of Hypertext, Bootstrap Institute, PyWiki, The Big Picture, Udanax, Virtual hierarchies and virtual networks: some les
Relevance Filtering
Augmenting Information Seeking on the World Wide W, Collaborative Filtering Research Papers, Drowning in Infoglut? Intelligent Filters to the R, Minimizing Information Overload: The Ranking of El, Personal Information Intake Filtering, StumbleUpon, The Mole
A Few Thoughts on Cognitive Overload
This article by David Kirsh, which appeared in Intellectica, distinguishes supply related overload from demand side overload and how environments must be designed to minimize overload's negative consequences.
Agents that Reduce Work and Information Overload
Article discussing how artificial intelligence offers some solutions to problems of actively managing information.
Change and Information Overload: Negative Effects
Even the intellectually most advanced groups, the researchers, educators, managers and technologists, often feel overwhelmed by the changes in their domain.
Deep Thinking and Deep Reading in an age of InfoGl
Schools must make a dramatically expanded commitment to questioning, research, information literacy and student-centered classrooms. Students will need a radically different skills array to negotiate this new information landscape.
Desperately Seeking: Helping Hands and Human Touch
Looks at a number of solutions, including "agency," agent-like applications, improvements in the information chain and information brokering, which may help deal with information overload in the online marketplace. By Bjorn Hermans.
eCFO - Fighting Information Overload
Knowledge management software helps find the most relevant, most useful data.
How Much Information
An attempt to measure how much information is produced in the world each year. [Results are available in multiple formats and levels of detail.]
Information Management
Information Overload. Info-glut. Infobog. Data Smog. As information proliferates so do the labels for this malaise of the "Information Age." In this half-century, for the first time in history, the capacity for producing information is far greater than the human capacity to process it.
Information Overload - An IR problem?
An abstract of a study by M.Montebello. Proceedings of the String Processing and Information Retrieval: A South American Symposium. A downloadable copy of the entire study is available in .PDF format.
Information Overload Annotated Webliography
Information Overload is a unique problem. Information tends to be everywhere and we have problems even to remember where we put it, much less what it is. Here is a small collection of links to increase your information overload about information overload.
Information Overload: Fighting data asphyxiation i
By William Van Winkle from Computer Bits magazine.
Informing Ourselves to Death
A speech given by Neil Postman, German Informatics Society.
Infoworld.com - Overcoming Information Overload
Although technology is causing information overload, it can also offer ways to combat it.
Managing information
Ways to assist a person in deciding what information is actually needed.
Managing Information: Infoglut
New tools can help tame an ocean of data. By John Foley.
New Age Heralds End of Information Overload
Reuters, the global information and news group, has published international research revealing pronounced differences in the way that nationalities around the world are coping with the information age. The research shows that while some countries are now leaving the age of information overload behind them, others at much earlier points on the evolutionary curve are only just entering it.
NYTimes.com - Digging for Nuggets of Wisdom
Text mining is becoming a viable option for everyday citizens seeking to read, summarize, or analyze large numbers of documents. [Requires free nytimes.com registration to view.]
Spinning Around
Information overload isn't just sending individuals around the bend, it's hurting productivity, writes David Adams. [The Sydney Morning Herald]
The Register - Data Dyspepsia Blights the Workforc
Research from Gartner has found that 90% of companies believe they get too much information pumped through to them on a regular basis.
The Role of Contextual Clues in the Creation of In
This paper presents the results from, and analysis of, a case study of a perceived problem of information overload from e-mail in a large international organisation. (Acrobat File).
We Have the Information you Want, but Getting it W
Research paper discussing overload and possible solutions. Time Utility. Volume. Verifying Accuracy.
We Have the Information You Want, But Getting It W
Scholarly article with definitions, statistics, problems and processes, trends, suggestions, conclusions, and references for further reading.