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Software, Brainstorming, Brainstorming Techniques from Mind Tools, Flash Thoughts, Ideas Aloft, Infinite Innovations Ltd., The Beat All Brainstorming System, UK-IDEA Company
Concept Mapping
Software, Concept Mapping Homepage, Concept Maps as Hypermedia Components, Designing a Concept Mapping System User Interface, Embedded Interactive Concept Maps in Web Documents, How do Preservice Teachers use Concept Maps to Org, Learning Skills Program - Concept Mapping, SMART Technologies Inc., The Theory Underlying Concept Maps and How to Cons, TouchGraph, WebMap: Concept Mapping on the Web
Innovation and Idea Management
BCG Publications - "Innovation", BMW Virtual Innovation Agency, BPM Helps Grace Chemical Innovate - eWeek, Bringing Ideas to Life: Seven Principles for Pulli, BRINQ - Innovation & Toys from the Brink of th, C. W. Prather & Associates, Corporate Innovation Blog, CREATEProject, Creative Advantage, Directives Enterprises
Mind Mapping
Avant4u - the mind mapping software company, AWS Training, BrainStorm, Buzan Centres, CoCo Systems Ltd., ConceptDraw, Expanding Paradigms, FreeMind, Graphic Organizer, Grokker
Problem Solving
Critical Path Analysis, Decision Trees, Root Cause Analysis, TRIZ, Avoiding Mental Error: General and Professional, Change Magic - organisational problem solving and , Concept Star - Idea Analysis and Decision Support , Follow The Clues To Solve The Problem, Help Making Decisions, Mycoted Ltd, Problemistics, Progress towards wise decision-making and problem-, Success Formula - Free Knowledge Exchange, Synapse Decisions
Facilitates innovation, business development, new ideas and concepts. Features events and a newsletter.
Business Thinking Implementation
An article by Hidetoshi Shibata in 1998 that describes creating leadership and organizational knowledge. Provides some information on how knowledge creation is key to successful management. The article is mainly about implementing good business thinking.
Centre for the Development of Creative Thinking
The COCD creativity site offers creativity tools and training. Web site is in English and Dutch
Create-It! Inc.
Our mission is to help growing businesses use creativity and technology to chart a course for the future using innovative strategies. We serve a diverse roster of clients through consulting, training, seminars and keynote speeches.
Creative Center of the Universe
Roger von Oech thinks this site is one of the most comprehensive web-sites around on the subject of creativity. It is a little whacky but full of good stuff that does make you think including the creative timeline of the world.
Stimulate personal or group creativity and innovation through seminars, workshops, and creative thinking books that Roger von Oech has written. This is his company web site.
Creativity at Work
A resource for training and development in creativity and innovation in organizations. Has a newsletter, and some articles and essays by 'Corporate Alchemist' Linda Naiman.
Creativity Consulting: Proactive Solutions
We have assisted individuals, small businesses, companies, and corporations with insight, and innovative thinking.
A guide to creative thinking for serious people, and the eight basic heuristics of directed creativity. This is the web site for Paul Plsek & Associates in Roswell, Georgia, USA. Heuristics are a key to good higher-order thinking and knowledge creation. See that section in particular.
Executive Development Inc.
A training and development company providing workshops and software around decision making, problem solving, team skills, creativity, and meeting management.
HBS Working Knowledge: Innovation & Change
The Harvard Business School's Working Knowledge web site has long been recognized as a good resource for more practical business fare than usually found in the Harvard Business Review, which makes this section on Innovation and Change articles of particular relevance to Innovation managers.
How Much Information?
Attempts to measure how much information is produced in the world each year by looking at media and other variables. Produced by the School of Information Management Systems at the University of California, Berkeley. Charts and graphs that show comparisions with various forms of knowledge whether digital or print, books vs. magazines, and on PC's vs Enterprise databanks. A participative ongoing study that welcomes input.
Illumine Ltd
Training in Creativity, thinking & learning for business & the public sector. In-house and open courses in Creative Thinking, Innovation, Mind Mapping, Speed Reading, Accelerated Learning, Study Skills & Stress Management. Certified by De Bono & Buzan
Innovation Centre Europe
Helps companies with 3rd millennium thinking and creative ways to change.
Innovation House
Brainstorming, creative thinking and problem solving for business including free resources and access to Innovation Toolbox.
A collection of personal thoughts about learning, community and social affordances for knowledge creation, by Denham Gray. Features archives.
Offers knowledge creation services help to accelerate corporate business development. Offers a description of services, and contact information.
New IQ
Discusses thinking skills, innovation, and organizational improvement. Reports current events involving thinking skills and training services.
An open source project developing an integrated repository for storing arbitrary knowledge as an object model. Features a mailing list, participation, and general information on the project.
Some Thoughts About the Relationship Between Infor
Michael O. Luke. The influence of increasing the amount of information, increasing the effectiveness of information mining tools and ways of organizing information to aid the cognitive process are briefly discussed.
The Innovation Conversation
What's the conversation about inside your company? Creativity and speed -- or cost cutting and risk avoidance? New ideas and new opportunities -- or the stock market and layoffs?
The Official Website For The Ohio Cognetics Progra
The site for any and all Cognetics or Cognetics related activities in Ohio. This site was designed to answer any questions you may have about the program.
The Thinking Business
The Thinking Business is an international brain training company specialising in thinking skills including creative thinking, strategic thinking, mind mapping and thinking styles profiling
Thinkshop is an innovation consulting company with Seattle and New York offices. ThinkShop consults clients on creativity, innovation, naming, strategy and training projects.
Vital Enterprises
Develops world-class performers-- people who create desired results with minimal resources and who empower others with their knowledge, skills, and character to do the same.