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Communities of Practice
Communities of Practice (CoPs), Communities of practice and organizational perform, Communities of Practice and Pattern Language, Communities of Practice Discussion Forum, Communities of Practice News Weblog - GuerrillaKM., Communities of Practice: a social aspect to virtua, Communities-of-practice Starting Page, Community in the Workplace, Cpsquare, Efios knowledge management
Computer Mediated Communication
An overview of Distributed Collaborative Work, Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine, Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, Team Knowledge Management: A Computer-Mediated App, The Sociology of Culture in Computer-Mediated Comm
Hoarding and Sharing
ARPA Knowledge Sharing Effort Public Library, Dealing with Knowledge Sharing Hostility - Insigh, Dismantling a Culture of Knowledge Hoarding, Enabling Technology for Knowledge Sharing, Incentives for Sharing, Knowledge Hoarding, Sharing Leads to Abundance, The Three C's of Knowledge Sharing, Trust and Knowledge Sharing: A Critical Combinatio
Knowledge Markets
Kaieteur Institute For Knowledge Management, Online Knowledge Markets: How Do They Work?
Chicago Storyworks, IBM Research: Knowledge Socialization, Minding the Company Lore, Storytelling in Business & Knowledge Managemen, The Springboard
Suggestion Solicitation
BrainBank Inc, Center for Suggestion System Development, Employee Innovation Network, IdeaBox, Ideas Management
A Theory of Implicit and Explicit Knowledge
An article on implicit knowledge, memory, cognitive development, visual perception, and artificial grammar learning written by Zoltan Dienes and Josef Perner. Published in Behavioral and Brain Sciences.
Bottom-Up Knowledge Capture
Article describes the benefits of inverting the process of knowledge capture. By Peter Dorfman, originally published in Knowledge Inc.
Dynamic Models of Knowledge Flow Dynamics
Working paper describes a research approach and modeling environment that enables the dynamics of enterprise knowledge flows to be formalized through computational models. By Mark Nissen and Raymond Levitt, Stanford University. [PDF]
Following the Knowledge Flow
Article discusses how knowledge exchanges may provide organizational alternatives closer to the real flow of knowledge. By Rishab Aiyer Ghosh, in Electric Dreams.
How Does Knowledge Flow? Inter-Firm Patterns in th
Research examins knowledge-sharing patterns in the semiconductor industry. By Melissa M. Appleyard. Features survey results and references.
How Does Your Knowledge Flow?
An interview with John Seely Brown discusses the implications of knowledge flowing easily within specialties, but not across them.
Knowledge Management: Recognition & Reward
Transcript of Prabhu Guptara's presentation at The Economist Conferences' 1998 Conference "Knowing More than your Competitors: Putting Knowledge Management to Work." Includes contact information.
Off the Charts
Article describes how IBM improved the functioning of a project team by mapping the informal, shadow networks that lie behind the organizational charts. By David Stamps, in Training.
Salmon Migrate from Stream to Sea and Back Again:
Study examines how understanding how knowledge flows gives insight into ways in which scientists can work with communities and foster a mutual learning environment. By Leanna Boyer, Wolff-Michael Roth and Yew Jin Lee. [PDF]
An approach to thinking about and implementing communication research and practice and the design of communication-based systems and activities. Features articles, bibliographies, dissertations, events and syllabi.