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AAAI Symposium Series, FOIS 2004, ISMIS 2005, Ninth International Conference on the Principles o, ODBASE 2003, OTM' 04 Federated Conferences
Languages and Standards, Published Ontologies, Software and Tools, Tutorials, Buffalo Ontology Site, CO-ODE, European Centre for Ontological Research (ECOR), Knowledge-Base and Ontology Projects Worldwide, On-To-Knowledge, OntoLex'2000 - Workshop Proceedings, Ontology Engineering: a survey and a return on exp, Ontoweb, Resource Guide for Semantic Web Developers, WonderWeb : Ontology Infrastructure for the Semant
Common Sense Problem Page, Enabling Technology For Knowledge Sharing, Knowledge Engineering Part A, Networked Knowledge Representation and Exchange us, Organizing Thoughts into Sequences, Hierarchies, a, What is a Knowledge Representation?
Research Groups
Context Aware Architectures, FORWISS, Information Systems Laboratory, KnoW - Knowledge on the Web, Knowledge Representation Laboratory, KVO, Laboratory for Applied Ontology, Natural Language and Knowledge Representation Rese, Stanford Knowledge Systems Laboratory, Systems Modeling and Realization Technologies Lab
Semantic Web
2nd International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC200, A simple, prima facie argument in favor of the Sem, Annotea project, Big Fractal Tangle, Building a Semantic Web Site, Conceptual Graphs and SWeb, cwm, EpiSEM-ACTION project, Euler Proof Mechanism, Gnowsis
Classic Knowledge Representation System, CLIPS, Context Broker Architecture, DAA Solutions, FramerD, Knowledge Explorer, MOTEL, OMCSNet, Project Halo, SATEN
Topic Maps
Examples and Use Cases, Forums and Mailing Lists, Software and Tools, Specifications and Standards, Technical Papers, Vendors and Consultants, Working Groups and Committees, Easytopicmaps, The TAO of Topic Maps, Topic Map Links, Topic Maps Bond University, Topicmap.com, Topicmaps.net, WebLogs of TM Bond University, XML Cover Pages - Topic Maps
Conceptual Graphs Home Page
Features introductory material and bibliography, standard notation, events, projects, tools and researchers.
John Sowa on Knowledge Representation
Provides background material and tutorials on ontology and related topics in logic, conceptual graphs, and natural language semantics.
Knowledge Interchange Format (KIF)
A DARPA project. KIF is a language designed for use in the interchange of knowledge among disparate computer systems.
Knowledge Representation Resources
A list of knowledge representation resources, part of the AI Education Repository at the University of Southwestern Louisiana.
KR, Inc.
Charitable organization concerned with fostering research and communication on knowledge representation and reasoning. Features conferences, educational materials and mailing lists.
Modeling and Simulation
Resources and links published by INSEAD on Knowledge Representation and Exchange, Ontologies, Simulation.
Tockit Project
Aims to create a framework for conceptual knowledge processing in terms of social structures and a common code base. Features software description and contact details.
A set of tools using Conceptual Graphs formalism for building and documentation of knowledge bases, indexing or connecting elements of WWW-accessible documents.